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Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes: June 2024


Who doesn’t like free goodies? If you like them and play Call of Duty: Mobile, check out the redeem codes shown here. They’ll provide you with some exciting in-game items to use in your next matchup!

- Updated: 2nd Jun 2024, 12:50 IST
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Call of Duty: Mobile, like every other battle royale game, has plenty of items that the players can unlock. These include cosmetic items such as gun skins and character skins. In fact, the developers keep updating the content with new events and rewards to keep the players engaged. However, you have to spend in-game resources to acquire these skins. While some of them may be affordable, a majority of them are not. This is when players shift their focus to redeem codes. These redeem codes help you get free loot and cosmetic items at zero cost. So, we’re going to provide you with the Call of Duty: Mobile redeem codes for June 2022.

These redeem codes are often provided by the game partners on social channels. These include influencers who have collaborated with the game and are giving away free goodies for followers. You’ll have to keep in mind that they can expire at any time and may not work on every account. These parameters keep changing. So, your best bet is to try these redeem codes one after the other to see which works for you.

Let’s take a look at them right now!

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Redeem codes

Below, you’ll find all the Call of Duty: Mobile redeem codes that have been gathered for June 2022. Let’s check them out.

  • 67VHL8XS2SZ1
  • USU261863H287E8
  • BEI25I3Y2BDI7829
  • EHEUUE73I63UT6  
  • RIEJ1572HE51GE
  • NSHIW629RU2N85

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How to use redeem codes?

Now that you have the redeem codes, you need to input these codes at a specific place in the game. Thankfully, Call of Duty: Mobile has made it much easier to enter your redeem codes through a Redemption Center. Follow these steps to redeem the codes and get some free goodies.

  • Open Call of Duty: Mobile on your smartphone.
  • On the main menu, you’ll find the profile section in the top left. Tap on it and open the profile section.
player profile
  • Ensure you’ve copied the UID from your Player Profile before proceeding to the next step.
  • Open the Call of Duty: Mobile Redemption Center. You can use this link.
redemption center
  • On the Redemption Center page, you can find boxes for UID, Redeem Code, and the Verification Captcha.
  • Enter all the relevant details in the space provided.
  • When you’re done, select the Submit button.

Note: Your Call of Duty: Mobile game must be updated to the latest version to redeem any codes. To find your free loot, open the game and check your in-game inbox. All your free loot should be provided in this space. Quite easy, isn’t it?

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Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games for a reason. Not only does it provide excellent gameplay and remarkable content to the players, but the redeem codes also give a good opportunity for new players to get some free loot. However, since these codes have timers and are dependent on accounts, not all of them will work for you. We’ve provided you with all the Call of Duty: Mobile redeem codes for June 2022, so you can check each of them individually and see which one works for you. Enjoy the free items, gamers!

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