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Demonic Grin FAMAS Gun Skin Garena Free Fire MAX: How To Unlock?


If you want to amp up your Garena Free Fire MAX gun skins collection, you should get the Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin immediately. We’ve given the detailed method to acquire this gun skin right here!

- Updated: 27th Jun 2022, 21:51 IST
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    Faded Wheel events
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    How to get the FAMAS gun skin
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    Gun attributes
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Garena Free Fire MAX has plenty of cosmetic items that you can purchase. The best part about these cosmetics, whether for the character or for your gun, is that they provide stat upgrades too. This is why completing the events for cosmetic items in the game is so important. The latest gun skin available in the game for the FAMAS gun is the Legendary Demonic Grin. This article will tell you exactly how to get the Legendary Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin, as it can be a nifty gun to have in your arsenal.

Let’s check out the method, shall we?

Faded Wheel events

Faded Wheel

Garena Free Fire MAX tends to have a lot of events up and running at a single time. The Faded Wheel event is part of the game’s Luck Royale section. This event occurs occasionally and repeats itself after a certain period of time. At the moment, the current Faded Wheel events provide a couple of useful accessories. However, these accessories can only be purchased through diamonds. As we all know, diamonds can be hard to come by in Garena Free Fire MAX. If you’ve got enough diamonds to spare, you should definitely check out this gun skin offered through the Faded Wheel events.

Since the event ends soon, this is your last chance to grab the gun skin. The Faded Wheel will offer ten items. Out of those ten items, players will have to remove two of them. Each time you spin the wheel, the cost of the subsequent spin rises (in terms of diamonds). So, ensure you’ve got a large pool of diamonds if you want to get the Legendary Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin.

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Let’s check the prizes that are available in this Faded Wheel event.

  • Diamond Royale Voucher (expiry date is 30 June 2022)
  • Carved Horns
  • Sauce Swagger Skyboard
  • Jester’s Trick
  • Demonic Grin Parachute
  • Cube Fragment
  • Demonic Grin FAMAS
  • Demonic Grin FAMAS token

Now that you’re aware of the prizes that are up for grabs, you should know about the price for spinning the wheel as well. For this Faded Wheel event, you need to make eight spins in total.

Cost of spins

  • First spin – Nine diamonds
  • Second spin – 19 diamonds
  • Third spin – 39 diamonds
  • Fourth spin – 69 diamonds
  • Fifth spin – 99 diamonds
  • Sixth spin – 149 diamonds
  • Seventh spin – 199 diamonds
  • Eighth spin – 499 diamonds

As you can see, the cost of subsequent spins rises exponentially. So, gather all your resources and ensure that you’ve got plenty of diamonds in your bag.

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How to get the FAMAS gun skin

Now that you have a basic idea of what the Faded Wheel event entails, let’s see how you can get the gun skin.

  • Open the Garena Free Fire MAX application on your mobile phone. In the game’s lobby area, you’ll find the Luck Royale option. Tap on this.
Luck Royale
  • Navigate to the Faded Wheel option on the left side of the screen and tap on it.
  • You’ll be shown a list of ten items. Choose two items that you don’t want and remove them.
Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin
  • For the rest eight items on the list, you can spin the wheel eight times until you get the Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin.

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Gun attributes

After you’ve acquired the gun, you’ll require Carved Horns to upgrade it. There are seven upgrade levels to the gun as well. Each new level will upgrade the gun in multiple ways, such as giving it a new look and Kill Effect or Hit Effect. You can even double the damage output of the gun through these upgrades. Moreover, the rate of fire will also be increased. However, to stop the gun from becoming overpowered, the developers have ensured that the reload speed of the gun reduces at higher levels.

Nonetheless, the gun is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced players of Garena Free Fire MAX. We’re assuming that most beginner players will not have the resources to participate in the Faded Wheel event and acquire the gun skin.

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While the Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin is likely to run out soon, we’ll be expecting it to make a comeback considering its popularity. However, there’s still time to get the gun skin before the Faded Wheel event ends. So, collect all your resources and boot up the game as soon as possible to get the gun skin. We’re sure that you’re going to enjoy both the cosmetics of the gun and the upgraded damage output that it provides!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Demonic Grin FAMAS gun skin is available through the Faded Wheel event.
  • It sports a frightening look, along with huge upgrades to firing rates and damage output.
  • Check out the method to get this gun skin right here!

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