BGMI is still one of the most famous battle royale games you can play today. Despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Garena Free Fire and Apex Legends Mobile, Indian gamers are sticking to the realism provided by BGMI. There are good reasons for this too, considering the amount of content that goes into the game. One type of content that’s been doing exceptionally well is gun skins. This article will look at some of the best gun skins in BGMI so that you know which gun skins are worth the effort to unlock.

Gun skins offer a level of customisation that helps you stand out from the crowd. After all, millions of players are in the game, and each battle royale match features up to 100 players. With unique gun skins, you can show off your achievements. Moreover, most gun skins can be upgraded with UC to include effects and advanced forms. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best gun skins that BGMI has to offer!

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M416 Glacier

M416 Glacier best gun skins in BGMI

The M416 is one of the best assault rifles you can find in the game. It’s well balanced, provides decent accuracy at close to medium range, and its damage output is better than most assault rifles in BGMI. With the M416 Glacier skin, the upgrades to your M416 will elevate your gameplay experience and gunplay. Its On-Hit effect is one of the cooler effects you can see upon firing bullets (pun intended). You’re lucky if you were able to unlock the skin on time, as it’s not available in the game at the moment. However, considering how popular it has been, there’s a good chance that the developers might issue a return for this gun skin meant for icy-veined players.

M416 Flamewraith

M416 Flamewraith

We now move from the chilling effects of the Glacier M416 skin to the fiery depths provided by the Flamewraith skin. Although not as popular as its counterpart, this skin has been one of the better skins in the game. You can unlock the gun through the Flame Devil Lucky Spin event. Moreover, you can either stick it on your M416 temporarily or permanently. However, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of UC either way. Our verdict on this skin? It’s excellent if you want to add a menacing look to your gun, especially with the gun’s magazine resembling a dragon’s claws.

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PMGC Prestige Scar-L

PMGC Prestige Scar-L best gun skins in BGMI

The Scar-L is another solid assault rifle and a close competitor of the M416. This skin for the Scar-L was available through the PMGC event through a special crate that you can unlock by completing the event objectives. While the skin doesn’t have too many advanced effects or upgrades, its rarity makes it one of the better skins in the game. The skin does provide a hit effect though, with bursts of colour raging through the opposition’s body when you shoot them. This skin is meant for players who want to have as many collectibles as possible in the game. So, if you’re a collector, this gun skin is meant for you.

Ryomen Sukuna Groza

Ryomen Sukuna Groza

The Groza is an excellent assault rifle that offers immense accuracy over close to medium range. Professional players often slap on a bigger scope on the gun and snipe with it as well. Since the Groza is this popular, there’s no doubt that the developers have and will release more skins for this fantastic gun. It’s one of the best Air-Drop weapons in the game, more so due to the fact that it can be upgraded to a significant extent. The skin lends the gun a spine-chilling appearance, with the crimson eyes on the gun’s body. This skin was available when BGMI collaborated with Jujutsu Kaizen, a popular anime, in the Jujutsu Discovery event. If you’ve managed to pack this skin, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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Evangelion 4th Angel AUG

Evangelion 4th Angel AUG

This skin comes through another BGMI collaboration with a popular anime franchise. The skin is available through the Evangelion Discovery event and can be upgraded to a crispy level 5. Moreover, the AUG is already a superior gun, thanks to the fact that it’s available only through Air Drops. So, when you combine a highly upgradable gun skin with a weapon that’s already at a special tier, you get one of the best gun skins and guns in BGMI. However, the only way to upgrade the gun skin is through UC. Considering the amount of customisation and upgrade levels this gun has, you’ll be spending a lot of in-game currency to bring this gun and skin combination to its best!


So, what did you think of our picks for the best gun skins in BGMI? Have we missed out on any of your favourite gun skins? Let us know in the comment section what’s your favourite gun skin and why. Considering the game’s popularity, there are bound to be more gun skins in BGMI quite soon. So, keep your eyes on this post as we’ll continue to update you on the best gun skins in the game!

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