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New State Mobile Update Brings A Horde Of New Impressive Features


The PUBG: New State Mobile Update for June 2022 brings in a Line Friends collaboration as well as weapon updates. Check out all the information here!

- Updated: 27th Jun 2022, 22:10 IST
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    Line Friends
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    Survivor Pass Volume 8
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Although BGMI‘s popularity still trumps that of PUBG: New State Mobile, the latter still has its loyal fans. In fact, PUBG: New State Mobile has been increasing its player count, thanks to the new features and the constant updates. While New State Mobile has been relatively silent in recent months, Krafton has finally released a new major update for the game. If you’ve started playing the game recently or have been playing it for a long time, you’ll be excited by the new features and changes it’s bringing. This article will give you the essential details of the latest PUBG: New State Mobile update.

Line Friends

Line Friends

If you haven’t heard of Line Friends, it’s a global character brand that produces unique characters for various outlets. This time, PUBG and Line Friends collaborated to bring new characters to the game. These characters will bring in multiple new content to the game until July 21, 2022. This means you can now play the game and unlock various Line Friends-themed skins for your costume, helmets, vehicles, and melee weapons. Moreover, certain patches of the game’s maps have been updated to include Line Friends memorabilia. One example of this would be the Mall area in the Troi map, with a significant chunk of it now sporting a Line Friends store. You can also complete multiple daily challenges to get Line Friends-themed rewards for your profile, such as a profile image, BP random crate, chicken medal, title, and profile frame effect.

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M16A4 customisation

While no new weapons have been introduced to the game, two very popular can now be modified even further. The Micro UZI and M16A4 are two immensely popular weapons that the PUBG: New State Mobile faithful have been using for a long time. This update also adds further customisation slots so that you can add more attachments to the weapons. The Micro UZI now has a customisation slot for adding a laser sight.

For the M16A4, two customisation slots have been opened up for the barrel and the grip. The barrel can now be changed to an enhanced barrel, increasing the firing rate of the gun’s burst mode. The second customisation slot provides a grip that reduces the vertical recoil significantly, adding more accuracy to your gunplay.

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Survivor Pass Volume 8

A new Survivor Pass has also been added to the game. This one is inspired by Alex May from the Strategist faction. You can complete all the new Story Missions and earn Alex May’s costumes and appearance aesthetics as rewards. Furthermore, if you have a Premium Pass, or upgrade to a Premium Pass, you’ll be given the Alex May’s signature Moonlight Goddess costume and appearance set. While these changes are cosmetic in nature, they’re worth the effort if you’re a fan of the Strategist faction.


While this update doesn’t bring in too many gameplay changes, the rewards on offer here are excellent. The customisation slots to the weapons will bring in more versatility to the gameplay, and the cosmetic rewards give players more incentive to customise their characters. What do you think of the update so far? Have you gathered any of the cosmetic sets on offer here? Let us know your gaming experience with the PUBG: New State Mobile update in the comment section below!

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