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5 PUBG: New State Tips And Tricks To Dominate The Match!


Finding PUBG: New State too difficult as a beginner? We’ve provided a few immensely helpful PUBG: New State tips and tricks that you can implement to elevate your gameplay experience!

- Updated: 1st Jun 2022, 12:15 IST
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    Landing fast
  • 2
    Choose your first gun wisely
  • 3
    Check the Training Ground if you’re new
  • 4
    Do not rush enemies unless absolutely necessary
  • 5
    Loot while checking your surroundings
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After Krafton‘s success with PUBG Mobile, it was only a matter of time before a new PUBG game was introduced to the fans. At the tail end of 2021, Krafton released PUBG: New State. This next step for PUBG brought plenty of new features, with bigger battles, more mayhem, and significant levels of content. Just a month after the game’s launch, it had already been downloaded over 50 million times. This speaks volumes about the game’s popularity and how many people loved the game. As is the case with games of this nature, there are many new aspects to explore. Whether you’re a beginner to battle royale games or a veteran, these unique aspects can be daunting. So, we’ve brought you some essential PUBG: New State tips and tricks to make your transition to the game much more accessible.

PUBG: New State‘s gameplay features multiple new factors. Now, the game is set in 2051. This means that the old military weapons are no longer the norm. Instead, you’ve got access to futuristic arsenals and vehicles. Moreover, the game environments can be destroyed to suit your purposes. Other additions include new abilities, such as recruiting “downed” opponents into your team and an updated Erangel map. Considering how many new aspects are added to the game, newcomers will need all the help they can get.

So, without further ado, let’s check the PUBG: New State tips and tricks!

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Landing fast

landing from the plane pubg: new state tips and tricks

A few spots in every PUBG: New State map are perfect if you want some excellent loot. However, the main issue with these spots is that you’ll have to fight other opponents to get the best loot. Since everyone knows about these locations, getting loot works on a first come first serve basis. So, your only option is to land fast from the plane at the beginning of the match. There’s a particular way to ensure that you land exceptionally fast in any location, and we’re going to reveal it to you.

Choose your drop location. Once the plane nears 800 meters to your destination, jump from the plane. Set your drop angle to anywhere between 20 to 30 degrees. This will help you reach a drop speed of 215 kilometres per hour. Open your parachute once you’re 200m above your destination and land safely. This technique ensures that you’re always one of the first players to land at a particular spot. Moreover, landing fast will give you more time to arm yourself and choose your loot.

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Choose your first gun wisely

choosing a gun

While the gun you pick up first after landing may not be the gun you end the game with, it’s always a good idea to pick a gun that works for you. After all, choosing the right gun at the beginning will go a long way in settling you down for the match. However, if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t go for particular guns due to a high recoil. Avoid guns like M249 and S686, as they have high reload times and a strong recoil. You’re better off picking up guns like the SCAR-L, as assault rifles of this type, or submachine guns (SMGs), will be easier to use. Pick up these guns first, as this will make your entry into the map much easier.

Check the Training Ground if you’re new

Training ground pubg: new state tips and tricks

Getting used to the new mechanics in the game can take some time. If you’re someone who wants hands-on experience, you can learn the mechanics after playing the first few matches. This becomes easier if you’ve got teammates to play with. However, if you’re playing solo, it’s a good idea to get some rounds of practice in the Training Ground. When you’re at the Training Ground, play around with the guns to find which suits your playing style. This will help you understand their accuracy, firing rates, and recoil. Learning about the item descriptions will also help you know which items to use in particular situations.

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Do not rush enemies unless absolutely necessary


When you’re a newcomer to this game, it’s best to lay low in the first few matches. Since your opponents are probably more experienced than you, you should only take your chances if you’re sure of them. Your best bet would be to scout the situation and check the enemies’ locations. If you find yourself in an advantageous position, where you can easily pick off enemies, you can make your move. Rushing onto an enemy without scouting your surroundings will lead to instant death. Even if you can kill one enemy, their teammates could be hiding around the corner, leading to a sticky situation.

Loot while checking your surroundings


There are specific unspoken rules to looting that newcomers aren’t often privy to. When you’re looting, try to loot in a space that provides you ample cover. Looting usually takes your attention away from your surroundings. As you’re busy checking the items and attachments you’d want to add to your arsenal, it’ll be easier for enemies to spot you and kill you. Moreover, if you’re looting from a crate in an open space, use the crate itself as a cover. Remember not to spend too much time looting, as this will leave you as an open target. Take only what you need and run towards shelter or a closed space as soon as possible.


So, these were our top PUBG: New State tips and tricks. Implement these tips if you’re a newcomer to the game, and your gaming experience will be much easier. Moreover, making a few of these suggestions as your gameplay rituals will help you transition easier into the new gameplay mechanics. While PUBG: New State comes with new features, these basic tips are essential for newcomers to follow, as they’ll help them better understand the fundamentals of the game.

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  • PUBG: New State brings some important changes to the game mechanics.
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  • These PUBG: New State tips and tricks will see you through if you’re a beginner!

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