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7 Best Strategy Games For Android And iOS In 2024


If you’re on the lookout for the best strategy games on Android and iOS, our list will help you. From the mini-simulation strategy of Fallout Shelter to the long, drawn-out drama that Subterfuge provides, there’s something for everyone!

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:29 IST
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    Company of Heroes
  • 2
    Civilization VI
  • 3
    Rebel Inc.
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  • 5
  • 6
    Fallout Shelter
  • 7
    XCOM: Enemy Within
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When you’re playing the best strategy games for Android and iOS, you’re playing games that will challenge your thinking. Strategy games often come with steep learning curves. Navigating through these curves can be challenging yet highly rewarding. There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing your tactics work out for the win. In fact, the satisfaction often trumps long gameplay hours. This is what keeps strategy games as an evergreen genre of video games.

With Android and iOS, the continuous renewal and refinement of both software and hardware open new avenues. The better the hardware, the more faith it gives developers to try something new. Moreover, with the increase in the popularity of mobile gaming, developers have even started to port older PC games or console games to the medium. This presents an opportunity for gamers who can’t afford expensive platforms to jump into the gaming bandwagon. The case is especially true for strategy games. While the tenets at the core remain the same, there’s the opportunity for variation that other genres may not have.

With that being said, let’s look at the best strategy games for Android and iOS.

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Company of Heroes

Company of heroes

The Company of Heroes franchise was initially introduced to the PC gaming world as an excellent World War 2 game. The genre of the game is known as RTS (Real-Time Strategy). Neither you nor your opponent takes turns making moves in this genre of strategy games. All the players can make changes to their field simultaneously. Company of Heroes is an iconic RTS game, and it’s now available on Android and iOS. Moreover, the developers have ensured that the best bits of the original game is available for all the mobile gamers.

They’ve added new features for making the game more intuitive to the users. Furthermore, the story is excellent – starting from the Normandy invasion in World War 2. If you’re a fan of historical games, you must try this out. Company of Heroes is one of the best strategy games for Android and iOS.

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Civilization VI

Civilization VI best strategy games for android and iOS

It would’ve been specific blasphemy if we didn’t include Sid Meier’s Civilization VI in this list of the best strategy games for Android and iOS. The Civilization series has always offered solid strategy gameplay and almost infinite possibilities. With each iteration, the game improved. Civilization VI is arguably one of the most refined strategy games that you can play today. Most of the mechanics from the PC version have been ported for the mobile version.

In this game, you start as a small community, thousands of years before Christ. You have to grow and expand your civilisation towards the future. How you play the game will determine your growth rate, economic, military, and social refinement. The game gives you opportunities to experiment and watch how your plans unfold as well. You could easily spend hours upon hours playing this strategy game.

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Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.

If you’ve heard of Plague Inc., then you must have heard about Rebel Inc. This game is by the same developers of the hit Plague Inc. game for mobile phones. However, things are pretty different in Plague Inc. Here, you’re given the job of an administrator who has to rebuild a region that suffered significant losses due to a civil war. You have to ensure that the community is up and running while also watching out for insurgent attacks. It’s a challenging game as you’ll have to make choices that could make or break the region. The game gives you a brief idea of how difficult administrators’ job in such areas can be and the adrenaline rush and strategy that comes with it.


DomiNations best strategy games for android and ios

If you like city builders, then DomiNations could become one of your favourite strategy games. The game’s ideology is simple. You’ll have to gather resources and grow your community. On the way, you’ll have to fight off invaders. You could also amass enough energy and resources to attack other nations and take control. The game gives plenty of freedom to players to do whatever they please. Of course, if they end up making difficult and poor choices, there won’t be much left to see. This game doesn’t have the highly intricate strategy elements of some games. However, it’s enough for casual and intermediate players to jump into.

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Strategy games require patience. This is common knowledge. However, very few games will test your patience as Subterfuge does. The game has been known for its real-time gameplay. Basically, the game takes place underwater, and you have to engage in naval warfare with submarines. Every command that you give will have to follow impeccable logic. This is more important as submarines are slow in carrying out orders due to their size and speed. Every decision takes a certain amount of time to see fruition, sometimes even hours. This is why every command that you give will have to be carefully planned out. Subterfuge takes plenty of time to show any amount of action. Regardless, you won’t be able to keep your eyes away when it does!

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Best strategy games for android and iOS

The Fallout franchise is one of the biggest in the gaming world. Bethesda has produced some exceptional RPGs under this banner. With Fallout Shelter, they step into the mobile gaming scene. If you’re familiar with the concept of the Fallout series, then you’ll understand the game’s concept quite easily. You’re tasked as the latest Overseer of a vault. In this vault, there are survivors who have struggled through a nuclear fallout. Your job is to ensure that all the people inside the vault survive the subsequent effects of the nuclear war. You’ve got your work cut out for you from assigning tasks to survivors to protecting the vault’s inhabitants. Even for resources, you’ll have to send capable survivors into the wild to search for food and other consumables.

This game also gives you some tough decisions. The inhabitants have their own issues, which you’ll have to work through. Overall, the gameplay mechanics are nuanced. This makes Fallout Shelter one of the best strategy games for Android and iOS.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within

The XCOM franchise has set impossibly high standards for strategy games on PC. With XCOM: Enemy Within, they bring the same standard to the mobile gaming scene. This game is full of complex turn-based gameplay. You have to work within a squad and ensure everyone knows their roles correctly. The only way to progress is through proper communication and decision-making. Moreover, you’ll have to ensure that your resources are invested in good, usable technology. A wrong move could set your squad back immensely. The storyline is magnetic and will hook you instantly as well. Overall, this game provides you with strategy gameplay that will keep you at the edge of your seats.

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So, these were our favourites for the best strategy games on Android and iOS. Of course, since this genre is evergreen, it will continue to surprise us. The developers always look for ways to make their games stand out from the current crop of the target genre. With strategy games, the freedom they have is unparalleled. Hopefully, this will prompt bigger and better strategy games in the future.

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