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    Looking For The Next Steam Sales Dates 2022? Here’s All Of Them!


    If you want to increase your game library without paying exorbitant prices, then the next Steam Sales dates 2022 are for you. We’ve listed all the major Steam sales and their tentative dates for you to check and start saving!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 22nd Apr 2022 19:06 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Steam Lunar Sale 2022
    • 2
      Steam Golden Week Sale 2022
    • 3
      Steam Open World Sale 2022
    • 4
      Steam Season of Pride Sale 2022
    • 5
      Steam Summer Sale 2022
    • 6
      Steam Halloween Sale 2022
    • 7
      Steam Autumn Sale 2022
    • 8
      Steam Winter Sale 2022
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    Highlights of the Story

    • The next Steam Sales dates 2022 provide us with heavy discounts on games of our choice. Most of us tend to miss these sales because we’re not aware of the sales dates.
    • However, for 2022, you don’t have to miss any of the major sales as we’ve listed their tentative dates here!

    The next Steam sales dates in 2022 will help you complete your game library. Steam sales occur throughout the year and allow us to buy some excellent games. Moreover, the Steam sales tend to have even AAA games at heavily discounted prices. These dates will present the perfect opportunity to get a game you’ve always wanted.

    Moreover, the collection of games on Steam is absolutely massive. You can get any game that you want. Have an itch for playing the next Call of Duty game? You got it. What about indie titles like Dead Cells? They have that too. Why not test your competitive edge through games like CS: GO? Well, Steam has that too, for free! Overall, the next Steam sales dates 2022 give us gamers a chance to let loose without burning a hole in our wallets.

    With that being said, let’s look at the next Steam Sale dates 2022!

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    Steam Lunar Sale 2022

    Steam Lunar Sale

    Dates: January 27 – February 03

    The Steam Lunar Sale 2022 is the first big sale conducted by Steam in the new year. Usually, this follows the larger Steam Winter sale. If you’ve missed your chances in the Steam Winter sale, Steam offers the Lunar Sale with its collection of games and great discounts. Moreover, you get culturally appropriate Lunar Sale stickers to use in chats.

    Steam Golden Week Sale 2022

    Steam Golden Week

    Dates: April 29 – May 05

    These are the next Steam Sales dates in 2022 that you need to watch out for. This Steam sale is going to be huge and provide an opportunity for people who are a fan of anime. The Golden Week represents a series of dates that harbour multiple Oriental and Japanese festivities. Steam offers discounts on Japanese games published by developers like Capcom and Bandai Namco to commemorate the festivals. If you’re lucky, you might get a few AAA games from Square Enix at huge discounts too.

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    Steam Open World Sale 2022

    Steam Open World Sale

    Dates: May 22 – May 30

    As the name suggests, Steam Open World Sale 2022 will bring attractive discounts on open world games. We’ve also listed a few open world games that you must play on PC in 2022, so be sure to check them out. Apart from that, this Steam Sale also brings some livestreams of multiple titles that will go on discount. You can check the livestreams and gameplay if you’re unsure about a particular game. While this Steam sale replaced the Spring Cleaning Event the previous year, we’ll have to wait and watch to see if this sale returns.

    Steam Season of Pride Sale 2022

    Steam Season of Pride Sale 2022 next steam sales dates 2022

    Dates: June 9 – June 23

    Pride Month returns in June and celebrates people regardless of their orientations. Steam also caters to the people this month with an extensive sale that goes on for almost two weeks. You’ll find multiple indie titles and other games that include LGBTQIA+ characters. This makes it one of the best next Steam sales dates in 2022.

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    Steam Summer Sale 2022

    Steam Summer Sale 2022

    Dates: June 23 – July 07

    Right after the Season of Pride Sale, we’re likely to see the return of the Steam Summer Sale 2022. This is another vast sale Steam conducts in the middle of the year. This is one of the most significant next Steam sales dates in 2022 and offers you the best chances to grab a AAA game at excellent discounts. Moreover, there are multiple events you can participate in and win attractive prizes!

    Steam Halloween Sale 2022

    Steam Halloween Sale 2022 next steam sales dates 2022

    Dates: October 28 – November 01

    After the Steam Summer Sale 2022 ends, you’ll have to wait for quite a few months to get your hands on discounted games again. By the end of October 2022, the Steam Halloween Sale 2022 is slated to make a return. You’re likely to find good discounts on games in the horror genre during this time. Furthermore, there are events to be completed for decent rewards. If you’re fortunate, some non-horror games will also be available at discounts this time. Remember to check those out too!

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    Steam Autumn Sale 2022

    Steam Autumn Sale 2022

    Dates: November 24 – December 01

    Quite late for an autumn sale, you might say. Well, better late than never, right? The Steam Autumn Sale 2022 is one of the next Steam Sales dates in 2022, and it happens right before the onset of winter. Games are available for discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates at this sale. Keep an eye out at this time for heavy deals on great games. You can also start voting for the Steam Awards that will take place at the end of the year!

    Steam Winter Sale 2022

    Steam Winter Sale 2022

    Dates: December 22 – January 5

    These are the biggest next Steam Sales dates in 2022, bar none. At the end of the year, all the gamers round up on the games released throughout the calendar year. There’s a voting process for the Steam Awards. The votes are counted, and the winners are declared. An extensive number of titles are on their most significant discounts at this time of the year. So, there’s a good chance you’ll be burning a hole in your pocket after all!


    So, these are the next Steam sales dates in 2022. Remember that these dates can be changed according to Steam, so they’re not set in stone. These estimates are based on the 2021 Steam sales dates. However, the difference in days won’t be too much, so you can start saving for your favourite Steam sale date at roughly around the same time. Happy videogame hunting!

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