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Apple Services Unavailable: Details Here

- Updated: 22nd Mar 2022, 10:36 IST
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    What Services are Outage?

As of Monday night, some of Apple’s Services are Unavailable, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, the App Store, Podcasts, Contacts, and Apple Arcade, which are down in some world regions. In addition, according to Apple’s service uptime monitor, users in India may be having problems utilising various iCloud features, such as Calendar, Contacts, Private Relay, Apple Maps and the Find My network. Let us look at the issues in detail.

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The problems appear to be cascading, with different system parts unavailable at different periods. For example, people in other world regions have gone to social media.

What Services are Outage?

Apple Services Unavailable

To complain about even more widespread Apple outages, Including those impacting the App Store, Device Enrollment Program. Apple School Manager, iTunes Store, Apple News, and other services.

Podcasts, music, and an arcade were among the 11 outages lists on the company’s system status page. It stated that Apple is looking into the problem and that services may be sluggish or unavailable.

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More than 4,000 customers experienced trouble accessing Apple Music, while almost 4,000 reported problems with iCloud, according to outage tracking website Users also reported issues with “Find My iPhone,” the Apple Store, navigation, and customer service.

Downdetector keeps track of outages by compiling data from various sources, including user-submitted faults on its site. As a result, the blackout may affect a more significant number of people.

According to the article, Apple told employees that the outage by the domain name system, or DNS, is an internet address book that allows computers to match website names with the appropriate server.

DNS difficulties triggered significant disruptions on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram last year and brought down airline and bank websites for several hours.

According to complaints on Twitter and other platforms, affected services and apps include the App Store, iCloud, Siri, iMessage, iTunes Store, Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple TV+, Find My, FaceTime, Notes, Stocks, and many others. In addition, due to server difficulties, Apple’s developer website is also unavailable.

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