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7 Best Simulation Games For PC In 2024


Tired of the same old action games? Need something more relaxing yet challenging? Try our picks for the best simulation games for PC!

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:30 IST
  • 1
    Farming Simulator 22
  • 2
    War Thunder
  • 3
    Cities: Skylines
  • 4
    Kerbal Space Program
  • 5
    Football Manager 2022
  • 6
    F1 2021
  • 7
    Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • 8

Want to know the best simulation games for PC? we’ve got you covered right here. From the best and most complicated simulation games to simulation games that are constantly modded by the community, there’s something for everyone. There are simulation games for PC that cater to such a niche community that you wouldn’t even know they existed.

The best simulation games for PC are those that challenge you and entertain you simultaneously. These games bring in hardcore simulation elements that you have to keep an eye on all the time. They also continue to engage through excellent game mechanics to keep you hooked. Simulation games target a long-term commitment from the player. The best part is that they also reward the player in the long run. You may not find instant satisfaction with them. However, when a small decision you make early in the game works better hours later, the satisfaction levels are unparalleled.

With that being said, let’s look at the entries!

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Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

If you love the idyllic countryside and think of the life of a farmer, Farming Simulator 22 will bring you close. You’re tasked with taking care of your fields and upgrading your equipment. While you’re at it, you can also watch the lush green hills surrounding your farm and take in its beauty. This is a slow game – especially since farming is a long-term activity. Moreover, there are multiple aspects to the game. Animal farming, forestry, and general agriculture form a considerable part of the game. Lastly, there are seasonal cycles that you’ll have to plan toward as well. Overall, this is one of the best simulation games for PC you can find today.

War Thunder

War Thunder Best Simulation Games for pc

If you geek out over the history of the World Wars and love the idea of dogfighting in the air, you should try War Thunder. This MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game features excellent mechanics that will reel you in instantly. It’s pretty easy to get a grip on, making it extremely fun to play. This doesn’t mean it won’t challenge you or make you think of your equipment. These are also essential aspects of the game. War Thunder boasts of over 300 aeroplanes that you can fly. These aeroplanes have their unique perks and statistics. If you’re unsure about the first few matches, you can try the arcade controls. However, it’s best enjoyed in the simulation format.

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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

When it comes to building entire cities (in-game), it’s a long-form commitment. With Cities: Skylines, you start small. However, as your planning improves and the wealth comes in, you’ll have to turn your small town into a massive metropolis. In the beginning, with lesser households and amenities, it’s somewhat easy to play. A basic level of planning works perfectly well. As time moves forward, so does your city. You’ll have to start monitoring aspects such as population and income more thoroughly. Planned the sewage treatment poorly? An entire area of the city could be cordoned off.

Moreover, you’ll have to keep the city’s aesthetics in mind. If you’ve got the basics right, but your city looks like a block of LEGOs, the population’s happiness will take a toll. This is one of the best simulation games for PC you can play today!

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program best simulation games for pc

A simulation game for PC can be quite realistic. However, can it be so realistic that NASA and Elon Musk are interested in the game? This is what happened with Kerbal Space Program. Don’t fall for the cute aesthetics. This game has a challenging physics-based system that will make you tear out your hair. You’ll have to design a complete spacecraft, keeping in mind every little detail that you possibly can. It’s also got a ton of mods from the community. Remember The Martian movie? You can play a simulated version of it through Kerbal Space Program. Currently, NASA is collaborating with the developers to create game missions based on NASA‘s real-life missions. Quite a game, isn’t it?

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Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 22

There’s no better simulation game for PC football fans worldwide than Football Manager 2022. While FIFA‘s Manager Mode did a good job, it could never bring in the nuances of an actual managerial position. If you want to be the next Pep Guardiola or Sir Alex Ferguson, Football Manager 2022 gives you that chance. The managerial gameplay mechanics are intricately detailed. You could choose to overlook the development of both the first team and youth team. Scouting networks can be tweaked to look for the exact player you need in your team. Matches are simulated based on tactics. You can’t use the same tactics against all the teams as they will adapt and improvise. The transfer systems are also highly detailed, with Agent’s fees and commissions also playing a factor. Ultimately, this is a more holistic approach to the Manager Mode.

F1 2021

F1 2021 best simulation games for pc

If you’ve been a follower of Formula 1, we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of F1 2021. Codemasters’ excellent F1 series keeps getting better with each iteration. In the latest F1 game, you have an enthralling single-player experience. Here, you can build your F1 career from the ground up and engage in storylines with the biggest names in world racing. Create new rivalries and reignite them years down the line. The game’s visuals, sounds, and gameplay are fantastic. More importantly, the game’s controls can be changed to a simulation base. While this increases the difficulty, it’s a far more satisfying experience. You’ll have to fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle if you plan to become a household F1 name.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

We’ve saved the best for the last. Microsoft‘s Flight Simulator franchise has always provided an excellent pilot experience. This is regardless of whether you’re flying an Airbus A320 passenger flight or a cargo flight. Microsoft has taken it up a notch with the latest iteration in the series. The game features beautifully rendered real-world locations and aeroplanes. Each aspect of the flight can be controlled and has to be monitored. The world around you is living and breathing, and the game’s engine uses cloud computing to render realistic graphics. It’s one of the most beautiful games you can play today, especially if you have a modern gaming PC. Moreover, if another wave of the pandemic hits, it’ll be the best and safest avenue for travelling worldwide.


So, these are our top picks for the best simulation games on PC. If you think these games are too challenging for you, you could also go with something more lighthearted like Goat Simulator. Meanwhile, if you haven’t played any of these games and want a rewarding, long-term experience, the games we’ve listed are an excellent place to start.

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