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Sony State of Play Reveals Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay: Know More

- Updated: 20th Mar 2022, 01:15 IST
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    Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage from Avalanche

Avalanche Software revealed 12-minute gameplay footage of the Hogwarts Legacy game in the Sony State of Play broadcast. Besides the gameplay, the broadcast also included in-game cinematics captured on a PS5 dev kit. Read on to know more about the game background and what you can expect when the game officially launches.

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The game follows the story of a young witch/wizard as they start their journey in the famed school of magic in the fifth year. This is an open-world RPG and we can expect players to be able to explore beyond the Hogwarts grounds and into Hogsmeade and even beyond.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage from Avalanche

From the gameplay footage, Hogwarts Legacy seems to be an exceptionally solid offering with mind-blowing combat scenes. With the story being based in the 1800s, players might find them familiar places from the movie look quite different. As soon as players arrive at the school, they would be sorted into one of the four houses in the Sorting ceremony. Each house would have its own dormitory and common areas. Places like the Hufflepuff dormitory would be seen for the first time ever in the game.

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The primary antagonist of the game is a goblin who has allied with dark wizards and witches to bring about a revolution. As the players start schooling in their fifth year, they have a lot of catching up to do. The Room of Requirements plays a major role in the game. Players can customize and practice spells, brew potions, and do lots of interesting stuff in this room.

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There has been no official notification regarding the exact release date of the game. Alhough the launch is scheduled in 2022, we cannot expect it to be any time soon since the gameplay was from a PS5 dev kit. Furthermore, there is a high chance that the final build of the game could be different from the gameplay reveal.


Highlights of the Story

  • A 12-minute long gameplay footage of Hogwarts Legacy was revealed during the Sony State of Play broadcast.
  • The game is scheduled for launch in 2022, but exact dates have not been announced.
  • The gameplay was from a PS5 dev kit, so we can assume the game is still quite a bit away from launch.

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