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Shocking Tesla & Microsoft Bugs Found – Know The Startling Story

- Updated: 21st May 2022, 13:19 IST
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    Pwn2Own Hacking Competition: Unveiling Ubuntu, Microsoft & Tesla Bugs

Trend Micro, the IT security company, started their Zero Day Initiative Pwn2Own Hacking Competition 15 years ago. The entire point of starting this hacking conference was to find vulnerabilities in the various systems and this year, Ubuntu, Microsoft and Tesla Bugs were found. What will surprise you, even more, is how much the payout for the competition in 2022 was. Without any further ado, here are ALL the details!

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Pwn2Own Hacking Competition: Unveiling Ubuntu, Microsoft & Tesla Bugs

Ubuntu Bugs Demonstrated During Hacking Competition
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The Pwn2Own hacking competition is a three-day conference. It kicked off on May 18, 2022, and lasted till May 20, 2022. In these three days, a total of a whopping $945,000 was paid out to the hackers who unveiled the vulnerabilities as rewards. Day one saw Hector “p3rr0” Peralta showcase a Microsoft Teams bug which earned him a staggering $150,000. This is roughly Rs. 1.1 crores in the Indian currency.

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Further, Masato Kinugawa, another noted hacker, was able to showcase another Microsoft Teams bug. This earned him $150,000 as well. Manfred Paul, another hacker, bagged $100,000 for demonstrating two Mozilla Firefox bugs. Meanwhile, hackers from STAR Labs showcased two zero-click Microsoft Teams bugs and earned $150,000.

Moving on to Day 2 of the hacking competition, hackers from the security company Synacktiv were able to demonstrate two distinct bugs in the Tesla Model 3 Infotainment System. This allowed them to take home $75,000 which is roughly Rs. 58 lakhs.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Pwn2Own hacking competition is organised by Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative.
  • The primary objective of the competition is to detect vulnerabilities in leading software and report them to the tech giants who own them.
  • This year, the conference saw a payout of a staggering $945,000 (roughly Rs. 7 crores), for demonstrating Tesla, Ubuntu and Microsoft bugs.