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Attention Apple Users! Your Device Can Get Hacked; Save It Today

- Updated: 21st May 2022, 01:33 IST
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    CERT Vulnerability Report: Are Apple Users Safe?

CERT-In, aka, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, has released a couple of vulnerability reports. Sadly, these reports are bad news for Apple users. It is surprising as Apple is known for its really tight security. This shows that no user is actually safe from risk as big as a digital security breach.

For those unaware, CERT is a body that functions under the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Their primary objective is to secure the Indian cyberspace and work towards the Digital India initiative.

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CERT often takes to their official Twitter handle to actively roll out posts concerning the digital security of Indian citizens. You can often see posts to spread digital security awareness. Now, they have released some concerning vulnerability reports revolving around multiple Apple devices.

From iOS and iPadOS to Apple Watch and more, multiple kinds of Apple device users are in trouble. However, there is a way that Apple users can actually secure their devices. The real question is, are Apple users actually safe or these are early signs of the Apple security ecosystem falling apart?

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CERT Vulnerability Report: Are Apple Users Safe?

Apple Vulnerability Report For Apple iOS, iPadOS

The CERT report clearly lists the severity rating of these vulnerabilities in Apple devices as HIGH. Going by the official reports, the software affected are:

  • Apple iOS and iPadOS before 15.5
  • Apple WatchOS versions previous to 8.6
  • Apple tvOS versions before 15.5
  • Apple macOS Catalina before the 2022-004 security update
  • Apple macOS Big Sur versions before 11.6.6
  • Apple macOS Monterey versions before 12.4

The good news is that Apple users can actually work around these vulnerabilities. All that they have to do is update all their Apple devices to the latest versions released by Apple. This simple trick can save an Apple user’s device from getting hacked. So, if you are one, update today and be on the safe side of things.

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Highlights of the Story

  • CERT has released multiple vulnerability reports that reveal multiple Apple devices are at a high risk of getting hacked.
  • The vulnerability reports include iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Apple Watch, and tvOS.
  • Currently, the severity rating has been marked as HIGH in the vulnerability reports.

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