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Silly World Finally Gets Squid Game Inspired Red Light Green Light Game Mode!

- Updated: 16th Nov 2021, 10:58 IST
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    How to Play Red Light, Green Light Game in Silly World?

Previously, we already got to know that Silly World is preparing to bring Squid Game inspired game modes to the game. Now, that has finally become a reality and players can finally enjoy the brand new Squid Game-inspired Squid Royale game modes in this Made in India game!

Pretty recently, the Silly World makers posted a teaser for Squid Royale. This teased the Red Light Green Light game mode from the hit Netflix show. However, that will not be all. In the coming weeks, more games from the series will make it to the game. These include Tug of War, Dalgona Cookie, Glass Bridge and more.

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However, there is a catch. In order to play the new game in Silly World, you need to complete a set of objectives first. This is to primarily spread the word around about the game and help it grow. Once you are done with these simple and straightforward objectives, you can finally get into your very first Red Light, Green Light game.

How to Play Red Light, Green Light Game in Silly World?

You need to complete five objectives in total to get access to Silly World’s Red Light, Green Light game in Squid Royale. To unlock access:

  • Play 10 games in Silly World
  • Add five friends in the game.
  • Get 1200 IQ
  • Share the game on Instagram

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Another thing to note here is that the players who play the early access Red Light, Green Light will get a leverage. They will be getting 1,000 in-game gold alongside a couple of exclusive skins as well. Silly World’s Squid Game inspired Red Light, Green Light game mode can be played with up to 12 players.

All you have to do is reach the finish line by tapping on the walk button when the doll is not looking. If the doll suddenly turns and you are walking, you are eliminated. What more, winning games in the Squid Royale mode of Silly World offers Squid Game-themed character skins. These include Frontman, Old Man Nam and more!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Silly World is a Made in India game which has now received Squid Game inspired Squid Royale game modes.
  • The first game to roll out is the Red Light, Green Light game mode from Season 1 Episode 1 of the series.
  • In the coming weeks, more games for the series will roll out in the game, including Tug of War, Dalgona Cookie and others.

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