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This Made-in-India Game Crosses 300k Pre-Registrations for Squid Game Inspired Game Modes!

- Updated: 3rd Nov 2021, 04:19 IST
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    Super Gaming’s Silly World: What is it about?
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    Silly World’s Squid Game Inspired Squid Royale: What to Expect?

Silly World, a made-in-India game has surpassed a staggering 300,000 pre-registrations for its upcoming Squid Game modes. Free Fire recently introduced Red Light, Green Light events as well. Squid Game has taken the entertainment industry by storm. It makes sense for multiplayer games to get influenced by the high-intensity game modes from the show.

SuperGaming took to their official Twitter handle to reveal that over 300,000 players are looking forward to the Squid Game inspired game modes. From the looks of it, they will release the modes via a big update.

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They are terming their Squid Game-themed game mode as Squid Royale and is definitely something to look forward to for mobile gamers out there. The base game can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

What’s more, Super Gaming, the studio behind the game, has also developed Mask Gun, a multiplayer shooter. This game recently crossed a whopping 50 million in the player base. So, we can indeed see and say that Super Gaming is definitely a rising superstar when it comes to Made-in-India games. The developers are definitely going all-in with their upcoming Squid Game-inspired game modes in Silly World.

Super Gaming’s Silly World: What is it about?

Silly World Squid Game Modes

Silly World is basically a multiplayer game developed by SuperGaming. Moreover, it is a made-in-India online multiplayer game and can be played by up to 12 players. There are multiple game modes like Jailbreak, Murder Mystery and Hide & Seek.

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These game modes will allow players to either choose their own Silly Avatar. You can either play as a ‘silly’ or as the Devil in the Hide & Seek and Murder Mystery game modes. On the other hand, in the Jailbreak mode, you get to choose as either Cop or Robber.

Silly World will Offer Voice Chat Support and Emotes Too

Besides, the game also comes with an in-game voice chat alongside emotes. This maximises the fun when playing with friends. This particular feature will definitely make the game even more fun when the Squid Game inspired Squid Royale lands.

Silly World’s Squid Game Inspired Squid Royale: What to Expect?

SuperGaming has teased the popular Red Light, Green Light game from Episode One of Squid Game. Apart from this game, Silly World is also expected to introduce a bunch of other games from the show. These include Tug of War and Dalgona Cookie among others. However, these are mere speculations and official details about Squid Royale should be revealed soon.

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An important thing to note here is that since the game supports voice chatting and emotes, it will definitely be a delight for Squid Game fans to play the game. Squid Royale definitely seems like a unique approach to the show. Only time will tell how the new game mode pans out upon release.


Highlights of the Story

  • Squid Game is the most popular web series in the world right now.
  • Silly World is a Made-in-India game by SuperGaming that will bring Squid Game inspired game modes.
  • It has now crossed 300,000 pre-registrations in India.

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