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Spotify New Widget Now Rolling Out For Android Users

- Updated: 29th Aug 2023, 14:55 IST
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    New Spotify Widget Now Available in Two Sizes

Widgets are the easiest way to quickly interact with an app on your home screen. Spotify is rolling out a new and refreshed widget that allows users to control music playback from their home screen.

New Spotify Widget Now Available in Two Sizes

Spotify has released new widgets for its Android after a long period of 2 years. The refreshed widget is available in two sizes and shows information related to music playback. The first one is a basic widget that shows only the name of the song, its album art and media controls. This compact widget should suffice most user needs. It has a grid size of 4×1 and doesn’t take up much space on your screen.

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However, if you need a bigger widget that can display more information, then the second widget is more beneficial for you. It also displays personalised recommendations besides showing basic information like track name, album art and media controls. Based on your listening preferences, these recommendations can range from songs to podcasts to audiobooks. This widget has a grid size of 3×2 but can expand up to 5×2 to display five song suggestions at once.

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The new widgets rolled out with version 8.8.50 and users will need to update the Spotify app from the Playstore . This update was released for users in July

The new widgets also signals the intention of the company to adapt to larger screen such as folding phones and tablet. Google has promised better support for the new form factor with its upcoming Android 14 update. It is also updating all of its apps to take better advantage of larger screen sizes.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Spotify has added two new widgets for users on the Android apps
  • The first widget shows basic information such as track info, artist name and media controls
  • The second widget takes this further by showing personalized song recommendations as well

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