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The Google Pixel Phone Screen Lock Is Just Not Enough

- Updated: 15th Nov 2022, 21:22 IST
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    The Claim Of Unlock The Google Pixel Phones

What do you think is your Android phone’s screen lock safe? As per claims of a cybersecurity researcher a vulnerability affecting Google Pixel phones may cause concern among Android phone users. He claims to unlock the Google Pixel phones.

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The Claim Of Unlock The Google Pixel Phones

David Schutz, the cybersecurity expert, has claimed that the vulnerability can let anyone bypass the screen lock feature. That may unlock the smartphone. According to Livemint’s report, Schutz has claimed, all the miscreant requires is a SIM card and access to the smartphone for unlocking it.

Schutz tweeted “I found a vulnerability that allowed me to unlock any Google Pixel phones without knowing the passcode. It may be my most impactful bug so far. Google fixed the issue in the November 5, 2022 security patch. Update your devices!”

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The cyber security expert even revealed how he managed to unlock the Pixel phone. He said to have forgotten his SIM PIN. After which he entered three incorrect codes.

Further, when the SIM card locked itself, he entered the PUK code. This was available on the SIM card to unlock it. Schutz claims that he ended up on the home screen of his phone. David Schutz referred to this incident as weird. He then again repeated the process but the result was the same.

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Lastly, he wrote in his blog post “As I did before, I entered the PUK code and choose a new PIN. This time the phone glitched, and I was on my personal home screen. What? It has lock before, right? This was disturbingly weird. I did it again. Lock the phone, re-insert the SIM tray, reset the PIN… And again I am on the home screen”.


Highlights of the Story

  • A report by David Schutz claims that your android phone screen may be unlocked.
  • He says that the smartphone may be unlocked using only a SIM card and access.
  • He has even demonstrated the process of unlocking his Google Pixel phone.

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