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Twitter Reportedly Working On New Features: Tweet Reaction Picker and Unmention Yourself

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:24 IST
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    Tweet Reaction Picker
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    Unmention Yourself

Twitter could be working on a tweet reaction picker that allows users to choose from a variety of emojis to respond with. Twitter reactions have been in development for a while and will function similarly to Facebook’s emoji responses. There is no confirmation on when this feature would be open to the general public. 

Twitter is also experimenting with new privacy tools to keep unwanted attention at bay. These features are still in early development, and the Twitter team is asking for feedback.

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Tweet Reaction Picker

Reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong posted an image on Twitter of a reaction picker with many emoticons to pick from. There appear to be five emojis on the screen at once, and picking one reveals what it means.

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Last month, Wong revealed the five reactions users will be able to choose from: ‘Like,’ ‘Cheer,’ ‘Hmm,’ ‘Sad,’ and ‘Haha,’ all of which are symbolized by animated emojis. Users will be familiar with the emojis for “Hmm” and “Haha,” but the other three are merely hearts, implying that they are placeholders for now. It is still uncertain when this feature will be available to the general public.

Unmention Yourself

Aside from the tweet reaction picker, Twitter is also experimenting with a new privacy tool. This feature will allow users to ‘unmention yourself’ from a tweet in which they have been mentioned.

Tweet Reaction Picker

Dominic Camozzi, a Twitter engineer, explained the new privacy feature in a series of tweets. If you are not following the person who mentioned you, you will receive a specific notification, according to one of the tweets. From there, you can “unmention yourself.”

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However, after you’ve done so, the author of the tweet will be unable to mention you again. According to the stated source, this feature is a prototype for helping people manage unwanted attention on Twitter. The “Unmention Yourself” feature will appear in the three-dotted menu. It will basically delete the link to your account from that particular tweet.