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Upcoming Changes To Guild Wars 2 Raid Rewards

- Updated: 13th Feb 2022, 13:50 IST
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    How do Raids work in Guild Wars 2?
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    Changes in the works

The media have extensively covered raids in MMORPGs. They’re harsh, need a great deal of concentration, and maybe treacherous for both novice and seasoned players. Getting into a Guild Wars 2 raid might be challenging since all guilds are devoting to conducting them.

Guild Wars 2’s impending End of Dragons expansion means that the dev team has opted to implement certain modifications to reward players. The one who participates in high-frequency raids with more fabulous prizes.

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How do Raids work in Guild Wars 2?

guild wars 2

Strike Missions and raids both need a ten-member team for PvE success. In contrast to Strike Missions, Raids.

Opponents’ Enrage mechanism is engaged once the Raid phase time limit has expired to make matters more complex. In addition, when a player is defeated in a Raid, there is no option to return, which means the team will lose a player.

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You can only find end-game treasure in raids. Also, they’re the only way to get the Legendary Insights and Divinations you need to build the Legendary Ring Coalescence.

Changes in the works

Raids will see the following changes with the release of End of Dragons:

  • Every ten days, you may exchange 1 Mystic Clover for 30 Magnetite Shards, 2 Mystic Coins, 2 Globs of Ectoplasm, and 2 Spirit Shards.
  • One may now purchase a total of 25 reduced Mystic Clovers every week across all end-game choices. Raid players will also benefit from this adjustment.
  • One fewer Glob of Ectoplasm but one more Mystic Coin will make Mystic Clovers more affordable. A Mystic Clover costs 150 Fractal Relics, 2 Mystic Coins, 2 Globs of Ectoplasm, and 2 Spirit Shards to acquire.
  • Challenge Mode bosses will no longer drop mystic Coins in 98, 99, and 100.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The upcoming Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will bring yet another chapter to Tyria’s history.
  • A new expansion for Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2 is underway, even though the game initially came out in 2012.
  • Your hero is the only one who can save Tyria from collapsing in the End of Dragons, a term that refers to the end of the current Dragon Cycle.

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