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A Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Mobile Back Cover


Most smartphones today feature metal or glass builds so it is important to keep them safe and free from any damage. Here’s a guide that will help you choose the best possible mobile back cover.

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 13:09 IST
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    Guide To Choose The Best Mobile Back Cover
    • 1. How much protection do you need?
    • 2. Choose features that can come handy in day to day use
    • 3. Read reviews Online

When it comes to buying a case for your smartphone there are a lot of things that you should know about. Just like buying an outfit to dress up yourself, buying the best mobile back cover is also a fashion statement provided the cover provides the desired protection. So if you are looking to buy a mobile cover and are curious about what kind of cases are around there and which one is best for you we have created a guide that will help you with the best answer for this process.

We purchase smartphones worth thousands but when it comes to accessories especially cases we choose the cheapest ones. While some of us don’t even consider buying a case because it makes our smartphone bulky. But you may know how important is to protect your device if you have ever lost your grip and watched helplessly your device about to hit the ground.

Guide To Choose The Best Mobile Back Cover

There is a wide variety of cases available in the market for each smartphone. So we have some slim cases that fit perfectly, another variety is the rugged cases that offer the utmost protection. Here we have created a guide that will make it easy for you to select a case that matches your style and also protects your smartphone.

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1. How much protection do you need?

If you are very clumsy the first thing you need for your phone is a tough case. If you want it to survive drops on concrete surfaces these covers will provide solid protection. If you are careful and your phone doesn’t require much protection you can go for the less pricy options. This includes thin and lightweight cases. There is a huge trade-off between the level of protection provided by bulky tough cases and lightweight cases. 

Here are the two types of cases available in the market right now:

Rugged cases 

rugged mobile cover

Rugged cases are a great option to look into if you want some extra protection for your smartphone. But do keep in mind that they are going to be bulky and heavy. The inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners dramatically reduces the risk of any damage. But it also adds some noticeable bulk. It is easy to grip them even with wet hands but you might also find it harder to slide them in and out of your pocket. Also due to their big size, you might need extra pocket space to accommodate your device.

Rugged cases cover every angle including the buttons and the touchscreen of your phone. It can also make the buttons a little harder to press. Overall rugged cases offer the best protection but they also make it a little harder to actually use your phone. Some case manufacturers have gone further and put their cases through military standards. You can look for MIL-STD-810 certification that covers everything from pressure and temperature to impact and vibration. 

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Basic cases

basic mobile cover

Most expensive smartphones often provide gorgeous designs and sometimes it feels like a shame to cover your beautiful phone. If the style is your priority over protection then you can go for a slim or basic case. It will safeguard against scratches on the areas it actually covers. The cover also boosts your phone’s survival chances if it happens to fall from your hands. Manufacturers are making more and more translucent cases which means it is easier to get your hands on something that allows you to showcase your phone’s awesome design. Also, basic cases do not need that much investment; plus they can provide decent protection which is enough for most users

These cases are typically made of TPU which is highly durable and very flexible. They also are easy to fit and offer some shock protection as well. You will find hard slim cases too in the market but they can be tough to fit on your device. But they won’t provide much protection if you drop your device. This category does offer the biggest range of styles and colours in the market. Some of the cases in this category offer decent drop protection. This is possible with a combination of a thin hardback with a thicker malleable bumper 

2. Choose features that can come handy in day to day use

kick stand phone cover

Think about what kind of additional features you might want in your mobile cover. If you are using your phone more for entertainment you might want a case with a landscape stand that can offer you the possibility to keep your phone on any surface and watch content. For most cases, you will generally find kickstands that pop out of the back but make sure they are secure because it can be often annoying if it pops out uninvited.

3. Read reviews Online

Reviews are important when you buy something especially if it is expensive. Even if you can’t find a review about a smartphone case for your particular model you can go to reviews of different products from the same manufacturer to get a general sense of the quality they provide. You can go to platforms like Amazon and Flipkart if you are purchasing your cover online and see what people who have bought the product think about its quality. You can also find various Reddit forums online where people discuss cases and post photos related to your smartphone model.

It is important to confirm that the smartphone case has precise cutouts for your various accessories and charger. Sometimes manufacturers make a rush and miss the charging port, power button cover or there are some problems with the camera flash cutout. If your phone supports something like wireless charging and it is important for you or you want to be able to dock your phone with the case then check whether the case supports this function before you buy it.

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7 Months ago
Yes, Rugged Mobile cases are very protective. It has protected my phone many times.

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