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Vivo X60 Series To Feature Virtual RAM For Faster Smartphones

- Updated: 18th Mar 2021, 20:12 IST
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    What is ‘Virtual RAM’ to Feature on Vivo X60 Series?

Vivo X60 series is launching next week in India on March 25. However, it already launched in China back in December. Vivo has partnered with Zeiss this year to work on the camera experiences. We know quite a lot about the specs as it’s available in China. However, Vivo has now sent a press release to the media revealing a unique feature of the device called ‘Virtual RAM’.

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What is ‘Virtual RAM’ to Feature on Vivo X60 Series?

It is unheard of in the world of smartphones however, the concept is simple. It borrows some space from the storage and allots it to the RAM when the system needs more memory. Basically, the phone will take some storage space and use for “RAM functions” when the available DDR RAM is reaching its full capacity. Theoretically, it will ease up the system and boost performance.

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On the Vivo X60 series, the Virtual RAM function will provide an extra 3GB of memory to the RAM. Hence, if the phone has 8GB of DDR RAM, the Virtual RAM function can boost the total available memory to 11GB RAM. Furthermore, with this addition, X60 series smartphones can hold more applications in memory. This, in turn, will reduce the lag in smartphones.

According to Vivo, the Vivo X60 series can hold up to a maximum of 20 applications in its memory with an average figure of 16 to 17 applications. Since this technology decreases the time required to switch between apps, you get faster and smoother performance. The series has UFS 3.1 storage, which is currently the fastest type of storage in Android. However, it is worth noting that even the UFS 3.1 storage is nowhere as fast as RAM.

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Vivo X60 series are the first smartphones to use this memory optimization technology. As of yet, no other brand has this feature. c