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WhatsApp Began Testing Meta AI In India With Select Users: Reports

- Updated: 12th Apr 2024, 11:54 IST
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    What Is Meta AI In WhatsApp
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    How Will It Work?

Meta has started testing new AI-powered features in WhatsApp with select users in India. It’s taking an important step in making the app more than just a messaging tool, but a smarter, more interactive platform. According to reports, the Meta AI chat assistant is currently being rolled out to some users of WhatsApp in India. Moreover, it claims the icon that opens Meta AI is available to some users in the main chat list. Meta AI assistants can “interact like humans,” access real-time information, and provide image generation capabilities.

Meta AI

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What Is Meta AI In WhatsApp

Meta AI Assistant is an AI integration in WhatsApp that allows you to “interact like a human”. So, it will provide you access to real-time information in text-based chats via Bing and gives image generation capabilities.

WhatsApp’s built-in AI chatbot allows you to instantly perform tasks like fact-checking and translating messages without leaving the conversation window. This is part of a broader rollout in which Meta aims to integrate AI tools. So, it will simplify and enrich user interactions and create more dynamic forms of communication. Moreover, you can activate the chatbot by typing their request directly into the chat window by typing “@MetaAI”.

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Additionally, new AI image editing features allow users to edit images within the app creatively. So, you will have more options for expressing your media, including using artistic effects and changing backgrounds. These tools are currently available in the app’s beta version and are hinted at for future releases.

How Will It Work?

Currently, the Meta AI feature for some WhatsApp users allows them to answer questions, make recommendations, and talk about their interests. You can start chatting with AI:

You need to tap on the circular icon at the top right of the main chat list in WhatsApp.
Read carefully and agree to the Terms of Use (if requested).
Select the prompt suggested on the screen or type your own prompt.
Tap the Send button to start a conversation with Meta AI.

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According to WhatsApp’s Help Center, this feature only works in the English language. In group chats, Meta AI can only read messages that mention @Meta AI, and no other messages. Meta AI cannot be integrated into chats from Meta or WhatsApp. Interestingly, WhatsApp is also accepting feedback from users regarding Meta AI. So, you can tap and hold on to the AI-generated answer, then tap “Good Answer” or “Bad Answer.” You can also enter a reason and submit your feedback.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Meta has started testing new Meta AI features in WhatsApp with select users in India.
  • It simplifies the chatting and editing images within the app creatively.
  • You can activate the chatbot by typing their request directly into the chat window by typing “@MetaAI”.

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