If you are trying to install WhatsApp updates without using the Google Play Store for whatever reason, you can download and install the most recent APK, which will also update your WhatsApp to the most recent version.

What could be the reason for your inability to update WhatsApp?

  • “There’s insufficient space on the device”
  • “This app is incompatible with your Android Device”
  • “This item isn’t available in your country”
  • Other error codes

If this is a problem for you, you can use these methods or workarounds to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android device. Here’s how to update WhatsApp to the latest version on Android without using Google Play Store.

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How can you update WhatsApp on Android using WhatsApp?

How to Update WhatsApp Without Play Store

So, if you’re having issues with Google Play Store, whether you’re having problems with updates, can’t access Google PlayStore, or can’t stand how slow the updates are, you may update WhatsApp using WhatsApp itself. Here’s how you can do this:

Open WhatsApp.

  • Select Options > Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Check for Update.
  • Install the update by following the prompts.

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How can you update WhatsApp on Android without Play Store?

Before we begin, if this is your first time installing something through APK, we recommend making a backup of your WhatsApp data, or if feasible, your entire smartphone, just in case something goes wrong. So, here’s how to use the APK installer to update WhatsApp on Android without using Play Store:

  • Go to APKMirror.com and search for WhatsApp on your device.
  • Choose the most recent WhatsApp version without the word beta at the end.
  • When you get to the download page, you’ll be asked whether you’re using ARM, ARM64, or x86 devices.These are the several types of smartphone processor architectures, and you’ll have to figure out to which one your device belongs. You can safely choose ARM for the most common devices. If it doesn’t work, try again with x86.
  • After you’ve downloaded the WhatsApp APK file to your phone, double-tap it to open it. If your device doesn’t show you where the APK file is, it’s normally in Phone storage > Download or DCIM > Download, which you can open with just an explorer programme.
  • When you initially start the installer (or if you get an install blocked error), you’ll be prompted to enable the Unknown Source setting, which allows you to install programmes from places other than the Play Store. To temporarily activate it, press OK. If you need to enable manually, go to the Settings app > Additional settings / More > Developer options.

By following this method, you can easily update WhatsApp without Play Store and have the latest version.

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Note: You can also use this technique of installing WhatsApp APK on Android for any other programme that you don’t want to install through the Play Store. However, be wary of fraudulent APK installers or APKs that don’t exist in the Play Store at all, especially if they come from websites that aren’t well-known.


The installation method via APK installer should always be the last alternative and not a recommended way! This method of installing or updating any software on your Android phone is not recommended since it risks your phone getting infected with malware from the source of the APK.

So, download APKs from well-known sites only, as these sites are unaltered, allowing you to update the app via PlayStore later without worrying about compatibility.

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