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You Can Share Your WhatsApp Contact Card, Know More!

- Updated: 26th Nov 2022, 13:43 IST
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    WhatsApp Contact Card Share Update

WhatsApp has been constantly working and developing to create a better beta native app on Windows. Recently it introduced a new feature to keep track of the call history within the app sidebar. Now meta messenger works on bringing contact card sharing on Windows beta! Isn’t it exciting?

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Earlier the app created polls within the chat share option. Well, this was a few days ago. WhatsApp is now rolling out a new update for some users on the Microsoft Store.

WhatsApp Contact Card Share Update

Through this new update, the users on Microsoft Store will now be able to share contact cards. It can be shared within the same chat share sheet. This has the option to create polls and share files.

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The entry point “Contacts” will pop up if the feature is already enabled for the WhatsApp account. With this feature, one can share a contact card so the recipient can easily add it to their address book.

WhatsApp Contact Card Share
WhatsApp Contact Card Share

Well, this comes as a minute change. But it gives the users an insight that WhatsApp cares about its users. So it has worked on developing all the missing features.

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After installing the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2247.2.0 the beta users will be enabled to share contact cards. This new update is available on Microsoft Store. Also, the new update rollout to more beta testers will happen in the coming days.