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YouTube Shorts Expands to Web and Tablets: Know More Here

- Updated: 18th Apr 2022, 20:14 IST
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    More On YouTube Shorts!

YouTube is introducing new capabilities to empower Shorts makers with even more creative possibilities in their work. YouTube Shorts, a video-on-demand service owned by Google, is now available on the Web (on mobile and desktop browsers) and tablets. With the current update, a unique Shorts tab will arrive across all platforms over the next several weeks, enabling users to navigate through Shorts vertically while viewing them. As an additional feature for the makers of YouTube Shorts, the company allows them to remix video segments from qualifying YouTube videos in their new Shorts.

Previously, YouTube only let creators use audio from that other videos on the site as inspiration. Following on from Meta’s recent addition of Sharing to Reels on Facebook, which allows users to post films from third-party applications to their Facebook accounts immediately, this next move comes as a welcome surprise.

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The latest update makes the Shorts player available on more devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Users will also see a Shorts shelf on the Home page, similar to the YouTube app, and a Shorts tab.

They might locate more content by vertically swiping through clips, exactly as on TikTok’s newsfeed. Regardless of where the views come from, the corporation says they count towards the creator’s Shorts Fund enrolment.

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More On YouTube Shorts!

YouTube shorts beta begins in the US

Users may soon remix 1-5 second video clips from eligible long-form films and Shorts to create new original Shorts content on YouTube. This works like TikTok’s Stitch function. To use the new remix tool, click Create and choose Cut from the list of potential remix options.

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Users would be able to choose a youtube clip from any video using the drop-down menu. When viewing a Short, you may pick the appropriate section by clicking the three-dot button and selecting Cut.

If a Short is created from a user’s channel, a link to the original clip will be supplied in the Shorts player. According to YouTube, linking to the original footage allows current users to locate and engage with older content more meaningfully.

According to the company, the YouTube video mashups tool will be available to iOS users in the coming weeks. In the second half of this year, it to be available for Android devices.

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YouTube Shorts, coming in September 2020, will enable creators to upload video chunks no longer than 60 seconds. Google has been adding new features to fight with TikTok and Meta’s social network competitors.

Users of third-party apps may now submit short videos directly to Facebook Reels using a new Reels button integrated into the apps. Also, the social media platform’s short video feature, currently available in over 150 countries, has a new Reels showing at the top of user feeds.

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Highlights of the Story

  • YouTube Shorts was formerly exclusively accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Later this year, it is predicted that Android smartphones will come with a video remix capability.
  • YouTube’s latest tool is comparable to TikTok’s Stitch feature, allowing users to stitch together videos.

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