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Nothing Phone 1 – Don’t Keep High Expectations


Nothing has created a huge hype for the Nothing Phone 1 but is it worth it? You might want to read this full article to know whether Nothing Phone 1 is actually a good phone or just another failure.

- Updated: 6th Jul 2022, 22:13 IST
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    1. Nothing Phone 1 Invite System was a Scam
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    2. Under-Powered Processor
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    3. Nothing Phone 1 Design
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    4. Nothing OS is Hyped
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    5. Quality Assurance
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Nothing Phone (1) has created so much hype that I wonder if any other phone will do. I am sure that every person in the tech community has heard about it and waiting eagerly to get their hands on it. However, is it going to be a star or just nothing, as the name suggests?

As you people have seen the title, I would suggest not to keep your expectations high for this phone. Now you might be wondering why I’m saying this? Read this article to find out why buying Nothing Phone (1) might not be a good idea.

1. Nothing Phone 1 Invite System was a Scam

The nothing co-founder Carl Pei is a master in creating hype for a product. He knows how to create a passionate community for any product. And the same was done before the launch of Nothing phone 1. Initially what I thought was that this pre-order pass and invite code system would be similar to that we saw on the OnePlus One which was only available on the invite system basis.

And that is why I just sat in one place and continued to refer to all my friends so that my ranking improves on the waiting list.

Nothing Phone 1 invite system

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Out of 2 lakh people, I had a ranking of under 200 on the waiting list, and after getting 70-80 referrals I finally got my code. I was super excited at this point however all of this was just a scam to create the hype. Everyone on the waiting list got the invite code and then it was available on Flipkart for literally everyone. What kind of invite system was it? Oneplus’s invite system was way better than this.

2. Under-Powered Processor

Now coming onto the specs, the processor on the Nothing phone (1) doesn’t justify the marketing hype created. You get to see Qualcomm Snapdragon 780 chipset inside almost all good phones under the 30000 price segment like iQOO Neo 6, Poco F4 5G, Realme GT Neo 2. Whereas the Nothing phone (1) comes with a Snapdragon 778G+ chipset which seems like a downgrade.

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It is a mid-range chipset and the only strong point about it is that it’s a new chipset for 2022. But still, I feel like a processor should always be tried and tested and fit for long-term usage. For example, the Snapdragon 870 used in the OnePlus 9R was a perfect choice which made it our favourite phone of 2021.

3. Nothing Phone 1 Design

Other than all that, I feel like Nothing is playing a big bet with this transparent phone design which we also saw with Nothing Ear 1. You’ll find over 900 LEDs making a pattern across the whole back of the phone, around the dual cameras, around the wireless charging pad in the middle, some on the top and some at the bottom by the charging port. What do you, think was it a must-have feature?

Nothing Phone 1 design

Most people these days including me use phone covers or cases on top of their phones and hence this design is totally unnecessary and not useful. However, you might find it fascinating and attractive.

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4. Nothing OS is Hyped

Nothing has been claiming a lot about their upcoming OS like there would be no bloatware, exclusive widgets and wallpapers, or dot matrix icons, and we have already seen a glimpse of this in Nothing Launcher. To be honest, I think it’s going to be like a launcher rather than a custom OS skin.

Nothing Phone 1 OS

No doubt some people will find this retro look very interesting and aesthetically pleasing but being a Tech enthusiast, I don’t find it feature-rich at all. There are no gestures, no exclusive customization options, and nothing different at all.

Nothing Phone 1 UI

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Moreover, we don’t even know how many software updates and security updates we will get and if the company would be consistent or not. I am saying this because even bigger brands like OnePlus has not been able to deliver Android 12 update on their popular phones like OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus Nord 2.

5. Quality Assurance

When Nothing Ear 1 launched in the market, it was a total hit and quite popular due to its unique design. However, after 7-8 months of long-term use, users started having problems with the earbuds.

Users started facing multiple issues like auto reset, not charging issue, one earbud getting disconnected, sudden battery drops, and hence many creators gave a clear red flag and said not to buy Nothing Ear 1.

Nothing Ear 1

On top of that, Nothing has just a single customer service centre in metro cities like Delhi, in fact, that is also a multi-brand service centre and not a Nothing exclusive service centre. I am not sure about their build quality and after-sale services. This makes me highly doubtful whether buying a phone from a new brand would be safe or not.

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Overall, many of you you would like the Nothing Phone 1 as a mid-range phone due to its unique design or maybe you also fell for the hype like others. However, the success or failure of this phone totally depends at what price it comes at. So you would have to wait till 12th July for the official launch and price release of the phone.

Either way, the Nothing Phone 1 definitely looks super different and unique, with cool LED lights on the back. But, we will have to wait and see how it goes.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Nothing Phone 1 will launch on  12th July.
  • The phone will feature tons of LEDs on its back.
  • Nothing Phone 1 will feature Snapdragon 778G+ SoC.

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