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    TCL Officially Unveils Rollable And Foldable Prototype Phones


    This definitely certifies that foldables have unique applications waiting to be explored.

    By Yeti - 
    6th Mar 2020

    Highlights of the Story

    • TCL has unveiled two unique prototypes utilising different foldable technologies
    • One of them has a “rollable” display that expands when extended
    • The other one is a triple folding display so your phone can turn into a tablet at your convenience

    TCL showed a couple of crazy “rollable” and triple folding prototype Android devices. While these devices might not make it to mass market anytime soon, they’re still interesting concepts.

    These displays had been leaked earlier. The first one has a display that normally measures 6.75-inches, but when you expand it, the rollable AMOLED panel slides out to reveal a 7.8-inch display.

    The phone is pretty thick at 9mm, hence there are no real use-case problems as a result of this design too. TCL says that this prototype will allow for split-screen multi-tasking when un-rolled. The biggest advantage of this particular design is that unlike a foldable, there isn’t a visible crease.

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    The other phone that TCL revealed is a tri-fold smartphone. Upon opening up the phone, the 6.65-inch display turns into a 10-inch tablet with a 3K resolution — although no details on if this is actually 3K or just 3000 horizontal pixels.


    TCL has utilised a unique DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge together to ensure that each fold is strong enough when folded and unfolded. The phone also looks pretty thick when in folded mode, but the technology is uniquely impressive there’s no doubt.

    No pricing or availability details have been provided by TCL, and we’re pretty sure its meant to be strictly a prototype till further testing unveils real world usage. However, this definitely certifies that foldables have unique applications waiting to be explored.


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