As we all know that in the current situation of this world pandemic, all the yoga centres and gym`s are closed until the next update from government. Here in this article, we have discussed the top five fitness apps that will help you to maintain fitness at home. The best part about these fitness apps is that they all are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store; you can easily download them in your mobile phones and make your body fit and fine.

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Top 5 Fitness Apps

1. Fastic– In the present situation, it is quite important to maintain healthy body weight as it will help you to give some support to your body and your pocket as well. There are thousands of people who take the support of intermittent fasting and even most of them are using it to lose weight. However, at the same time, we all need to understand that these are some of those things, which need consistency, and it is quite difficult to maintain it.

Well, Fastic help you in solving this problem as now you can easily track the calorie burn. In addition, you need to enter your body weight along with the height along with the last meal that you had. Once you put all this information then it will automatically set an alarm and alert you about the timings of the next meal. Along with the meal, you can also track your water intake in a day.

2. HealthifyMe– This is one of the most recommended applications by nutritionalist, as it will also give you the calorie count of Indian food items, which helps you to lose your weight with them also. All you need to do is to add on the name of the Indian food item and the portion you take in your meal. You can even take the support of online home exercise tutorials but for that, you need to buy the premium membership of this platform.

3. Home Work out– There is most of the people who think that the day never completes until you do a little bit of workout. Therefore, here is the role of this platform comes into play, as you can easily get the free tutorial videos and with them you can easily do exercise even without the equipments. All you need to do is to enter the body part that you need to train and the level of workout you want and that`s all. For workout freaky people this application would create a boom.

4. Cure.Fit– It is one of the all rounder of fitness applications. As you will get all the information related with fitness whether it is the diet that you need to take or the exercise that you need to perform. You can also take the benefit of live workout session that is performed by the fitness coaches. For the trial basis, you can take the support of 14 days trial pack in which you can get access to all the features of the application and if you feel to continue then you can go with the premium membership.

5. Neou– This is also a video based fitness training application which helps you to do home workouts. All you need to do is to login in the application and select the level of exercise you want to perform. Once you complete the login process then there are some of the videos that are available on the platform from which you can take the help and perform the workout properly.