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    Time To Sell Your OnePlus 6 Now

    By Akhil Kapoor - 
    31st Jul 2020

    Highlights of the Story

    • Low RAM and Storage
    • Battery and Charging Issues
    • IP Rating

    Are you still using your OnePlus 6 mobile phone? Well in our prospective ‘Old is Gold but only when timely sold’. Here, with the help of this video, we tried to list 5 reasons why you have to change your old OnePlus 6 with a brand new phone.

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    5 Reasons to Sell Old OnePlus 6

    • RAM and Storage – As we all know that OnePlus 6 is one of the flagship phones in 2018 and in that time it comes up with 64 GB internal storage variant. However, if we compare this storage capacity with the current phone of this price range then you will get some higher storage capacity phone like OnePlus Nord in which you get 12 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage capacity.
    • IP Rating – If we talk about the IP rating in OnePlus 6 then the company does not provide you with any kind of IP rating in this mobile phone which means your phone does not get protection from scratches, dust and splashes. At the same time if you consider the mobile phones of higher price range or even the low price range then you will surely get a good IP value in them, which protects the outer body of the phone. Some of the companies who provide you with good IP rating mobile phones in low range models are Redmi and Realme. So according to our perspective, it is the best time to sell your cranky phone and replace it with a brand new mobile phone with great IP value.
    • Camera – Camera is one of the most important aspects of a mobile phone. If we talk about the camera quality of OnePlus 6 the company offers you dual camera setup in which you can click good photos. However, at the same time if you compare it with Samsung S10 plus, Samsung S10 or OnePlus 8 then you will surely feel the difference that takes you away from better and even more camera options.
    • Battery – If you have a bit of knowledge about mobile phones then you are much aware of this fact that the battery of the phones starts to degrade after two years. If you compare it with other models like OnePlus Nord, it will always give you a clear picture of the things that you are missing in this phone. However, in OnePlus 6 you will get the support of dash charger which is one of the fastest chargers of our time; but its 2020 and you need to move forward with some better fast charging options.
    • Wireless Charging – The whole world is moving towards innovations and advancement in technology. If we compare OnePlus 6 with Samsung or iPhone then they come up with wireless charging support. Therefore, if you are an innovation-loving person then it is the time to move towards new technology.


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