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    Top 5 Multiplayer Games To Keep You Entertained During The Lockdown


    With the coronavirus taking over the world for the last couple of days and most of the world under a lockdown it can quickly get boring. People are preferring to stay home, avoid any type of social contact with others and containing themselves to their homes. This could get difficult without something fun to do, here is a list of the best games that you can play with your friends online during this lockdown.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 5th Jan 2021 18:49 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Ludo King
    • 2
      8 Ball Pool
    • 3
      Psych! Outwit Your Friends
    • 4
      Mini Militia
    • 5
      Draw it
    • 6
    • 7
      Carrom Pool
    • 8
      Update(January 2021)
      • Among Us

    Highlights of the Story

    • LUDO king is an amazing digital online version of the popular LUDO game that most of us have played as kids, this comes with a host of features and comes with online multiplayer
    • 8 Ball Pool is one good online snooker game that can be played with friends online if you miss playing snooker at your favorite club with your friends.
    • Mini Militia is a very famous game that has been popular for over 5 years now, it is a simple shooter game with the multiplayer option so you could team up with or against your friends and have a nice online gaming experience

    With the government announcing a 21-day lockdown, offices being shut down, schools being closed and parents wanting their kids to stay indoors and avoid outdoor games, children can get very restless having nothing to do.

    If you are bored staying at home and have finished binging on your favourite web series and movies, here is a list of simple but interesting online multiplayer games for you and your friends. 

    Ludo King

    ludo king top 5 multiplayer games of lockdown

    Ludo King is a class board game that can be played with friends and family, this famous application has over 300 million downloads. The Ludo King game is a cross-platform multiplayer game and supports Desktop, Android, iOS platforms enabling all users to get together and play. There is also a local multiplayer option if you want to play offline, you can choose to play against your computer if your friends aren’t available to play at that moment. 

    The game comes with multiple themes including Nature theme, Egypt Theme, Pinball Theme, and others. You can also chat with your friends and challenge friends on Facebook. There is also a save and load option if you wish to continue playing the game at a later point, the Ludo King game comes with a very friendly UI and supports even low-end devices. 

    Download Ludo King on Google Play Store

    Download Ludo King on App Store

    8 Ball Pool

    8 ball pool top 5 multiplayer games of lockdown

    8 Ball Pool is a virtual Snooker Game and allows you to compete with individual players or as a complete 8 player tournament. Participating in tournaments gives you the opportunity to win trophies and exclusive cues that are restricted. You can play the game and compete for Pool coins and Exclusive items that can be acquired by winning matches and competitions.

    The game makes it very easy to play with your friends as you can sign in with your Facebook account and you can challenge your friends right from the game to show off your skills. 8 Ball Pool comes with a level system and allows you to take up challenges, you can play matches to increase your ranking and get access to more exclusive locations and play against the best players only. This is an intuitive game and can allow you to create tournaments and participate in them for entertainment. 

    Download 8 Ball Pool on Google Play Store

    Download 8 Ball Pool on App Store

    Psych! Outwit Your Friends

    psych top 5 multiplayer games of lockdown

    Psych is a very different game from the creators of Heads Up, it is an exciting party game that you can play with your friends. Psych allows you to set smart and witty wrong answers to common trivia questions that are real. You can choose from a range of fun categories and each player needs to make up fake answers to the real trivia questions, you need to select the correct answer among all the wrong answers.

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     You get points for each right answer that you give and also for each other player that you Psych into choosing your wrong answer. It is a perfect app for game nights, road trips, waiting times and makes it a great choice for the lockdown period to have fun with your friends remotely. Psych can be played online with your friends as a multiplayer and is a very simple concept with a lot of fun and excitement. 

    Download Psych! Outwit Your Friends on Google Play Store

    Download Psych! Outwit Your Friends on App Store

    Mini Militia

    mini militia top 5 multiplayer games of lockdown

    Mini Militia is an extremely famous game and has been around for a long time now, the game is a multiplayer combat game and allows you to team up as 6 players online to participate in the combat scene. Mini Militia is inspired by the original stickman Doodle Army and is a fun 2D cartoon theme-based game to pass the time. It supports 6 online players and comes with intuitive dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight. 

    There are over 20 maps to explore in the game to ensure that you never get bored. There is also a wide range of modern and futuristic weapon types so you can upgrade your skills and weapons to keep up with your enemies while gaming. There is also an offline survival mode if you wish to go online for a while and play, however, this game is best enjoyed when played as multiplayer with your group of friends.  

    Download Mini Militia on Google Play Store

    Download Mini Militia on App Store

    Draw it

    draw it top 5 multiplayer games of lockdown

    Draw it is a fun and interactive game that lets you compete against each other. You need to ensure that you are fast and quick to beat the competition as you only have a limited amount of time on the clock to draw as much as possible, this game is for a wide variety of audience and suits everyone from artists or basic novice. The game includes a simple and addictive pattern and comes with a variety of word packs to unlock and collect.

    There are a number of different objects to draw and sketch, the application allows you to compete with your friends fiercely as there is only limited time to draw. The application also comes with a subscription which enables VIP word packs, free coins every day and exclusive characters while removing all advertisements from the game, 

    Download Draw it on Google Play Store

    Download Draw it on App Store

    Apart from Ludo King, 8 Ball Pool, Psych, Mini Militia and draw it, here is the list of few other multiplayer online games for socialising with your family and friends and killing boredom.


    Attracting more than 125 million users in less than a year, Fortnite Battle Royale became a cultural phenomenon. This online multiplayer cooperative shooter-survival video game offers three different modes and allows four players to fight zombie-like creatures and defend objects to build defences. With attractive art assets, graphics and touch optimized controls, Fortnite has become quite popular. Developed by Epic Games this game is available on Android, Windows, iOs, Xbox One and PS4. 

    Carrom Pool

    Developed by Miniclip, Carrom Pool refreshes your childhood memories by keeping the carrom real and adding a multiplayer feature to tug against human opponents around the world. Log in with Google Play and Facebook or simply enter as a guest and two options will be provided to play Disc Pool or Carrom. Available for both iOs and Android devices, starting as a beginner your rank will increase after winning various stages. With pretty smooth and easy controls you can focus and hit without the complexity and the sound effect gives a real feel of carrom.     

    Update(January 2021)

    Among Us

    Among Us is one of the most played games during the lockdown. After the PUBG ban, this
    game was a lifesaver for many people.
    This game can be played in groups of 4 to 10 people. The goal of this game is to identify the
    impostors among the group of crewmates. There can be a maximum of 3 impostors in one
    The game map is of a spaceship where the crewmates have to also repair the broken ship.
    To win the game, the impostors need to kill all the crewmates or sabotage the spaceship. If
    the cremates want to win the game, they need to complete their tasks or eject all the
    With unique gameplay and online playing facility, Among Us became an instant hit.


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