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Using UPI App? 8 Safety Tips You Must Follow


UPI is an amazing payment service that enables you to pay any amount to anyone without any hassle. However, as much as it is easy, it comes with certain security measures. Read our 5 UPI safety tips and ensure that all your UPI payments are safe.

- Updated: 11th Jan 2022, 14:02 IST
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    Always follow these UPI Safety Tips
    • 1. Always Have a Screen Lock:
    • 2. Don’t share UPI Pin with anyone:
    • 3. Try not to use multiple payment app:
    • 4. Do not fall prey to Scammers and click on any link:
    • 5. Keeps the UPI app updated:
    • 6. Disable screen sharing and recording
    • 7. Prefer UPI id over Number
    • 8. Check the registered identity on the UPI ID to make sure it is correct
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    Other excellent practises are as follows:
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    UPI Safety: Frequenstly asked questions

We all are making UPI payments every day, and though each transaction is secure, it is essential to follow some UPI safety tips and tricks while making those payments. Using apps like GPay, PhonePe, PaytmUPI, JioUPI, and WhatsApp Pay does have security concerns; most people don’t want to share their UPI ID with anyone else, and those who do are stuck in multiple payment applications and their functionality.

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Always follow these UPI Safety Tips

UPI with bank logo

Here are some of the steps you must take to have a safe UPI transaction.

1. Always Have a Screen Lock:

Having a screen lock on your smartphone is a crucial step; ensure that your smartphone has some password protection, even if it is as simple as a PIN code or pattern. iPhone users can easily use the face unlock feature. However, if you’re an Android user, you must have a password, pin, pattern, or the easiest fingerprint. This not just help you keep UPI payment safe but also ensures your smartphone’s safety as well.

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2. Don’t share UPI Pin with anyone:

The UPI PIN is an essential part of any transaction, so keeping it to yourself should be a priority. It is not advisable to note down the pin anywhere on paper or save it as a contact number on your smartphone. Instead, just memorise the pin and don’t share it with anyone. You must also not let anyone take a peek at your pin while you’re making a payment; ensure your secrecy. If you feel that your UPI Pin has been compromised, change it ASAP.

3. Try not to use multiple payment app:

Though there is no harm in using multiple payment apps, it’s advisable not to use too many even though you’re following all the UPI safety tips. Using too many apps, like Jio UPI, Airtel UPI, Paytm UPI, PhonePe UPI, BHIM UPI, WhatsApp pay, Google Pay, BHIM SBI UPI and many more. Using this many UPI applications will not just create complexity, but it will be tough for you to manage the payments and accounts. Try to use a maximum of two UPI payment services this will ensure the maximum safety of your transaction.

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4. Do not fall prey to Scammers and click on any link:

Scammers lure innocent people who are technically challenged and make them click on the random link that is generated to send payments. Once you click on these links, the scammer will ask you to input your UPI pin to get the money; however, the moment you enter the pin, the requested amount will be transferred to the scammer’s account. These sorts of scams are in trend, and you must take precautions while approaching any sort of link that looks suspicious. Stay safe and follow these UPI safety tips, don’t fall prey to spam calls. You can also report to the cyber police for these fraudulent calls.

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5. Keeps the UPI app updated:

Though automatic updates ensure that your UPI app is up to date, there is no harm in checking if the app is updated or not. An update will have fewer technical issues and will ensure that your UPI payment is secure. This UPI safety tip is vital since most of the payment gets stuck due to the app itself, so make sure that your app is the latest.

6. Disable screen sharing and recording

Accessibility to your UPI applications should not be granted to screen-sharing programmes. This is because some unverified applications may result in data breaches, putting your sensitive financial information, such as your passwords and one-time passwords, in danger. When using such screen-sharing applications, you can always go into the settings and turn off blanket access for them.

7. Prefer UPI id over Number

When transferring money to someone else, you should ask for the recipient’s UPI ID or the QR code for transactions when sending money. Sending the money using a mobile number is not always a good idea since there is a chance that you may mistype the number. As a caution, you may want to try sending a trial amount, such as Re 1, to the recipient to ensure that the transaction was successful before transferring the whole amount.

8. Check the registered identity on the UPI ID to make sure it is correct

You should verify the identity of the recipient before proceeding with the transaction. As soon as your UPI app detects the QR code or as soon as you manually enter a number or VPA for payments, the registered identity of the recipient appears on your device’s screen. Before allowing the transaction to proceed, it is usually a good practice double-checking if the registered identity is accurate by questioning the involved individual. In this manner, you may ensure that the amount is being sent to the correct recipient. UPI transactions are irreversible for which you must abide by UPI Safety Tips.

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Other excellent practises are as follows:

While utilising UPI, there are a few more precautions you may continue to ensure your money is safe:

  1. Know who you’re sending money to: Before making a payment, one must validate the person’s UPI ID. This will guarantee UPI Safety Tips and also that the funds are sent to the proper recipient.
  2. Keep an eye out for spam alerts, including Third-party applications now flag questionable UPI requests from an unidentified account as spam and display a spam warning next to them.
  3. Adhere to security best practices: Biometric security should be included for your UPI applications. Never, ever, ever disclose your device PIN or your UPI PIN to anybody else to ensure that you are following UPI Safety Tips.
  4. Keep an eye on your account frequently: You may be overlooking tiny red signals that may be detected utilising this approach.
  5. Avoid open Wi-Fi networks: Before connecting, look for a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  6. Maintain the secrecy of your UPI PIN: Your UPI PIN should never be shared with anybody and should only be entered on the UPI PIN page. This is similar to an ATM pin, which should be kept safe.
  7. On SMS alerts: Each time you make a payment, confirm the debit through the SMS you get — you’ll know exactly how much money was deducted from your account right away. An SMS also serves as a real-time alert for any money that has been removed from your account.
  8. When someone phones you up offering you gifts or money, it is better to ignore the call and hang up immediately.
  9. You may contact official customer service lines directly from the app you’re using if anything should go wrong.

Even though ensuring UPI Safety Tips are a must as it is relatively a new payment mechanism, it has already garnered a great deal of interest from all parts of the transactions ecosystem, in addition to some unwelcome attention from nefarious actors. However, as long as you follow the guidelines outlined above, you ought to be safe from the current and maybe even some future UPI scams that may come your way. So keep yourself secure, and keep your money safe!

UPI Safety: Frequenstly asked questions

UPI Safety QnA

1- What will happen if I enter the wrong pin?

Ans- In case you enter the wrong pin, the transaction will fail. However, if you’re multiple wrong pins, it will suspend your account from any further UPI payments for that day. (Number of wrong pin input may vary from bank to bank)

2- Does UPI work only during banking hours?

Ans- UPI payments is a 24/7 service and will work anytime you want.

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3- What happens if I forget my PIN?

Ans- You can easily generate the UPI pin by entering your debit card details.

4- Will UPI work offline?

Ans- UPI requires you to have internet access to make any payment.

5- MY UPI transaction failed, but my bank account has been debited?

Ans- Mostly failed transaction gets stuck with the payment gateway. The refund of an amount may take between 1 hour to 24 hours. If it exceeds more, you might need to contact your bank.

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Highlights of the Story

  • UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a payment system developed by NPIC, that enables you to make quick payments by a unique id.
  • However, it is important that we use it safely and in a secure way.
  • We have highlighted some UPI safety tips that you must follow to have a safe UPI payment.