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What Are Refurbished Phones? Is It Safe To Buy These?


Refurbished smartphones are becoming quite popular these days as more trusted resellers are emerging in the smartphone market. Here we discuss what are refurbished smartphones and how to buy these to save money buying your dream smartphone at a discounted price.

- Updated: 17th Apr 2024, 12:23 IST
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    Breaking Down The Refurbished Phone Meaning!
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    What Are Refurbished Phones?: Understanding The Process!
  • 3
    Which Refurbished Phones To Choose?
    • 1. Manufacturer Refurbished:
    • 2. Cashify Refurbished:
    • 3. Locally Refurbished:
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    Refurbished Smartphones Are Sustainable Too!
  • 5
    Is It Safe to Buy Refurbished Phones?
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    Wrapping Up

You might have come across the term ‘refurbished phone‘ while walking by some random mobile shop or browsing through smartphones online on Cashify, Flipkart or Amazon pages. Surprisingly, despite being the premium smartphone model, they seem to have a lower price tag than M.R.P. So exactly what are refurbished phones, and is it safe to ditch the brand-new box for a more budget-friendly option?

Today, let’s explore the meaning of refurbished mobile phone, their value, and the trust factor surrounding them. This will help you better understand these underrated phones in the smartphone world!

Breaking Down The Refurbished Phone Meaning!

When purchasing a refurbished mobile, you might encounter terms such as “renewed,” “pre-owned,” or “reconditioned” on the product page.

These terms all essentially convey the same meaning: the device has had previous owners. Typically, refurbished phones are not brand new, as they may have been returned by the original owner to either the store or the network carrier.

Interestingly, these devices are often in excellent condition, with some being returned simply due to buyer preference or minor cosmetic imperfections rather than any functional issues.

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What Are Refurbished Phones?: Understanding The Process!

A refurbishment process is involved in the restoration of these phones so that they get back to their optimal condition and performance. It involves:

  • Thorough testing: The phone undergoes rigorous checks to identify errors and fix any hardware or software issues.
  • Cleaning and repair: Any necessary repairs are made, and the phone is thoroughly cleaned, often removing any cosmetic blemishes.
  • Software updates: The phone is updated to the latest operating system to ensure smooth performance and security.

Typically, manufacturers handle the refurbishment process themselves, ensuring quality and authenticity. However, many now outsource this task. That’s where Cashify comes in. As a leader in the refurbished phone market, Cashify partners with brands and has its own facility to refurbish phones, giving them a second life.

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Which Refurbished Phones To Choose?

Refurbished mobile phone

The world of refurbished phones can be a bit confusing. The meaning of refurbished phone changes, especially when considering the different actors involved. Here’s a breakdown to help you better understand.

1. Manufacturer Refurbished:

This is the gold standard, where the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) handles the refurbishment process. They use genuine components for repairs, perform rigorous testing, and strive to deliver “like-new” conditions. Due to the manufacturer’s expertise and quality control, these phones are generally considered the most reliable and trustworthy option.

2. Cashify Refurbished:

Cashify understands the importance of trust and quality. That’s why even some brands outsource it to Cashify, as we mentioned earlier. Here, the smartphones go through 32 different checkpoints, and later, they are given a grade from three different quality grades. These high-quality refurbished phones meet strict standards and come with a six-month warranty period. To add more, they also come at much more affordable prices.

3. Locally Refurbished:

Local repair shops may also offer refurbished phones. However, the quality of these phones can vary significantly due to differences in expertise, testing procedures, and component sourcing. While cost-effective, they might not offer the same level of reliability and warranty as manufacturers or Cashify-refurbished phones.

refurbished phone process

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Refurbished Smartphones Are Sustainable Too!

Refurbished phone meaning

Buying a refurbished smartphone also makes the environment better. Let’s see how.

When individuals discard a smartphone due to damage, they typically dispose of it in landfills. However, by refurbishing and selling it, the device gets a chance at survival. Essentially, dumping any device with minor scratches or dents significantly impacts the environment.

Many phones include plastic parts, and we all know how hard it is to destroy those lithium-ion batteries. So it is a good idea to sell your old mobile phone.

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Is It Safe to Buy Refurbished Phones?

The answer to this is simple. Yes it can be completely safe to go for a refurbished phone rather than a new one.

check invoice for refurbished smartphones

However, here are some points that you can keep in mind while buying the phones:

  • Seller Reputation: Research the seller thoroughly. Look for established retailers, manufacturers’ programs, or reputable online platforms like Cashify with a proven track record and positive customer reviews.
  • Warranty: Ensure the phone comes with a warranty that covers malfunctions or defects. This gives you peace of mind and protection in case of any issues.
  • Phone Condition: Understand the grading system used by the seller. Grade A phones are usually in excellent condition, while lower grades may have slight cosmetic blemishes. Choose a grade that reflects your needs and budget.
  • Check the Specifications: Verify the phone’s specifications, including model, storage capacity, battery health, and network compatibility. Make sure it is as per your needs and expectations.
  • Inspect the Phone: If possible, thoroughly inspect the phone for any physical damage, scratches, or dents. Look for detailed pictures if buying online.
  • Consider Your Needs: Assess your individual needs and usage habits. Refurbished phones are ideal for budget-conscious users who don’t necessarily need the latest model or pristine condition.
  • Read Documents: Be acquainted with the terms and policies of the seller. Do you get a replacement or refund if you don’t like the phone? What are the other conditions? Be aware of it all.

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Wrapping Up

In the end, I am sure you are now clear about the refurbished phone meaning. Cashify is the best place in India to buy refurbished mobile phones. You can find a variety of brands and phones from different budget brackets.

Since there are three different conditions available for refurbished devices, you will have more control over what you buy. A six-month warranty ensures that you have peace of mind, and a one-month replacement window in the Cashify stores ensures that your purchase meets your satisfaction.

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Sell old mobile phone and use the cash to upgrade to a better one. You can get your old phone picked up right from your doorstep and get best price for it. Avail some of the best deals Cashify has. Sell old phone and buy refurbished mobile phone right away!


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