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The 5 Most Beautiful Nokia Phones Ever

By Yeti - 
Thu, 27 Feb'20
5 Most Beautiful Nokia Phones Ever

Nokia, once known as the king of the phone industry is now making a comeback with its latest series of phones with new technologies.
Let us take a walk down down the memory lane and look into the 5 most beautiful creations from the ex-giant, which back in the day, gave us tons of beautifully designed and unique phones.

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Nokia Cityman (1987)

most beautiful nokia phones ever - nokia cityman

Image credit: Softpedia News

The Cityman was Nokia’s first ever creation back in the year 1987. This brick may not seem aesthetically pleasing to you, but back then, this was the most high-end and sleek looking product there was. Trust us! It deserves a spot here due its sheer legacy alone.

Nokia 1100 (2003)

Nokia 1100 is the best-selling smartphone in the world as it has sold more than 250 million units. It was targeted at developing countries and became a smashing success due to its price, features, and durability at the time. It was Nokia’s cheapest mobile when it was launched. Most Nokia fans still hold it close to their heart. PS. This was also designed in California!

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Nokia 7900 Prism

nokia 7900 prism Most Beautiful Nokia Phones Ever
image credit: technopat

The 7900 Prism hit markets in 2007, but came with specs distinctly ahead of the others – both in terms of design (it featured an untested prism-like keypad), and display (a pixel density of 200ppi!). The company even allowed you to change the backlighting on the key.

Nokia 6700

The Nokia 6700 is a complete stunner even today – and not just in terms of aesthetics. Launched it 2009, it featured a 5 megapixel camera along with LED flash, GPS and a WebKit browser. There were 2 variants of this model however. The one we’re describing to you is the 6700 Classic, a 6700 Slide also hit stores later.

Nokia 8800

Most Beautiful Nokia Phones Ever nokia 8800
image credit: Jeep Oy on YouTube

The Nokia 8800 was a luxury phone. Manufactured with stainless steel and using a premium sliding mechanism consisting of top notch ball bearings, this was a phone meant for the extravagant. It hit markets back in 2005, and featured an MP3 music player, bluetooth, and a scratch-resistant true colour display.

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(cover image source: IT Channel on YouTube)