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Top 9 New Features of PUBG: New State


Overall PUBG New State is a decent improvement on BGMI and is worthy of the hype it’s been gathering.

- Updated: 15th Dec 2021, 21:00 IST

PUBG has released their much-awaited PUBG NEW STATE game for Android smartphones. We thought it would be a good idea to play it on the OnePlus 9R, this year’s most popular smartphone. Watch our video to know all the new PUBG NEW STATE features in a single video and meanwhile, you can read this article as well to get a gist of the new features.

1) New MAP

The first feature of the PUBG NEW STATE game is the new map – TROI. The Map is set in 2051 thereby giving it a futuristic approach. 

2) Newer Graphic settings Menu

You can now tweak the frame rate graphic settings all up to Extreme if you have a high-end phone and unlike BGMI Graphics and performance are now separate. You can change the graphic in a similar way to the ‘performance’ setting unlike the ‘balanced, realistic, colourful’ etc. 

3) Introduction to electric cars

PUBG NEW STATE does justice to its futuristic setting and introduces electric cars which you can find throughout the map. Further, you can even find electric cells that act as fuel to these cars. 

4) Team up squad mode

One of the biggest introductions in PUBG new state is the team up squad mode earlier you could only revive your friends or your squad that you’re playing with but in PUBG new state, you can even team up with your enemies and revive them. For us, this is the coolest feature in the yet game yet. What do you think? 

5) Drone store 

Another new feature is the Drone store where you can order a drone from your location by either using in-game currency or using drone credits that you find throughout the map.

6) Green flare gun 

The green flare gun is a great addition to the game which can be purchased in the drone store and can be used to revive dead teammates. All you have to do is buy the gun from the store and you can revive a squadmate within 90 seconds of their death. 

7) Trams 

Another take on the futuristic setting is the addition of Trams. They can be used to travel across the city (map) and they have been designed looking like straight out of a science fiction movie. 

8) Viper-a-spec sight 

PUBG NEW STATE has added a new gunsight that you cannot find in BGMI. Without a doubt, this gunsight looks very cool and futuristic and you’d be lucky to find it in-game. 

9) Search drone 

Last but not the least, the search drone is an addition to the PUBG new state that can make your gaming experience even better. You can use this to find enemies on the map with a bird’s eye view. It’s very interesting as you can control a drone in-game as you would do in real life. 

Some additional interesting features in the game are functional doors in cars and more focus on textures to really give you the feel of a new game.


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