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All BSNL Data Plans And Net Pack List April 2024


BSNL recharge data plan offers you up to 3G speeds with packs starting at just Rs. 13! With the upcoming 4G data plan rollout, you can get more recharge options in future. Take a look at the complete list of BSNL plans here!

- Updated: 29th Mar 2024, 13:15 IST
  • 1
    BSNL Data Plan Details 2024
    • Minipack Rs. 16 Plan
    • Rs. 98 BSNL Data Plan
    • Rs. 198 BSNL Net Pack Plan
    • Rs 151 WFH Plan Data Details
    • Rs 251 WFH Data STV
    • Annual STV Rs. 1498 BSNL Plan
  • 2
    BSNL Work From Home Plan List
    • WFH Data STV Rs. 151 Pack
    • WFH Data STV Rs. 251 Pack
  • 3
    BSNL Prepaid Data Plan: How to Recharge?
  • 4
    BSNL Data Recharge Plan FAQs
    • How can I recharge my BSNL pack?
    • What are some salient features of BSNL services?
    • How do I use the BSNL 3G data card?

We’ll talk about the BSNL data plans. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, popularly known as BSNL, has a pretty broad catalogue of plans. The BSNL data plans list is quite impressive as well, considering the fact that it has now begun a selective rollout of 4G SIM along with complimentary upgrades for the existing user base. However, the Indian Telecom service provider offers 2G and 3G plans primarily. While it plans to complete the 4G dispersal in the country by 2024, it has plans to work on 5G soon.

Although, these BSNL data plans start at a meagre Rs. 13 and go all the way up to Rs. 1,498. There are quite a few plans to choose from in between. In addition, we also get to see two Work From Home packs. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, multiple telecom operators have started introducing these Work-from-home packs. We have included these packs along with all the BSNL data recharge plans you get to choose from in this list!

Keep reading to find out.

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BSNL Data Plan Details 2024

Minipack Rs. 161 Day2GB Total Data
Rs. 9822 Days 2GB/day, EROS Now Entertainment Services
Rs. 19850 Days2GB/Day Data, Lokdhun
Rs. 151 WFH Data STV28 Days40GB, Zing
Rs. 251 WFH Data STV28 Days70GB, Zing
Annual Data STV Rs. 1,498365 Days2GB/Day
**STV- Standard Tariff Voucher for prepaid users

Minipack Rs. 16 Plan

The Rs. 16 BSNL prepaid data recharge pack offers 2GB of total data. Moreover, the plan lasts for just a day. So, you would want to consume the 2GB in a day or else it will get expired. At that price, 2GB of total data is super handy to have if you have run out of your daily quota. Once the data expires or is consumed, you will be charged 3p for every 10KB.

Rs. 98 BSNL Data Plan

The Rs. 98 BSNL data recharge plan offers 2GB/day data to work with. In addition, it also offers an EROS NOW Entertainment Services subscription. The plan lasts for 22 days, and upon consumption, speeds will drop at 3p per 10KB like the other plans.

Rs. 198 BSNL Net Pack Plan

Next up, the Rs. 198 data plan offers a daily data quota instead of total data. Users of the plan will get 2GB data on a daily basis. In addition, they will also get access to Lokdhun services. This plan will last up to 50 days. Once you consume the daily 2GB data quota, you will be charged at 3p every 10KB.

Rs 151 WFH Plan Data Details

Since there are many employees who still prefer to work from home, there are specialised packs for them, too. With the Rs 151 BSNL data pack plan, you can stay clear for the next 28 days. The 40GB data plan is valid for the entire 28 days and gives you a free Zing subscription, too. Once the plan gets utilised, the network provider charges you 3p per 10KB.

Rs 251 WFH Data STV

The Rs 251 BSNL plan provides a data pack on the same line as the Rs 151 standard tariff voucher for the ones who require work a work-from-home plan but on an extender version. Unlike the previous one, this plan gives you 70GB of usage for 28 days time period. Additionally, one also gets Zing subscription to the users.

Annual STV Rs. 1498 BSNL Plan

While the final and most premium standard data plan costs Rs. 1,498, this particular plan offers 2GB per day. Moreover, this plan is costly because it comes with a validity of 365 days. Also, the data is unlimited. Even if you run out of your daily 2GB data quota, instead of being charged 3p/10KB, your speeds will drop to 40KB/s.

BSNL Work From Home Plan List

WFH Data STV Rs. 151 28 Days40GB Total Data, Free Zing Subscription
WFH Data STV Rs. 25128 Days70GB Total Data, Free Zing Subscription

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WFH Data STV Rs. 151 Pack

This BSNL Work From Home Data pack costs Rs. 151. At that price, the pack offers 40GB of total data to work with. In addition, this particular plan offers a free ZING subscription as well. Lastly, the plan offers a validity of 28 days.

WFH Data STV Rs. 251 Pack

The next and last Work From Home Data plan by BSNL costs Rs. 251. Indeed, this BSNL data recharge pack offers 30GB more data at Rs. 100 more than the other plan. In total, users of the plan will get 70GB of data. The complimentary ZING subscription is also available with this data pack. The data pack also comes with 28 days validity period like the Rs. 151 plan.

BSNL Prepaid Data Plan: How to Recharge?

BSNL Prepaid Recharge

In order to carry out a BSNL prepaid data pack recharge, you need to follow just a few simple steps:

1: Head over to the official BSNL recharge portal.

2: Here, fill in your details, which include your mobile number, E-Mail ID and the rest.

3: Once that is done, enter the captcha code. Then, tap on the Submit button.

4: Here, you will see the plans listed. Head over to the Data Plans section.

5: Select a plan and click on buy. You will then be redirected to the Payments Gateway site. Here, select your mode of payment and voila! You have successfully recharged with your BSNL data recharge plan of choice.

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BSNL Data Recharge Plan FAQs

How can I recharge my BSNL pack?

Recharging your BSNL data pack is easy! You can recharge it from your mobile phone or visit a nearby recharge store. Simply follow the instructions provided by BSNL to recharge your pack conveniently.

What are some salient features of BSNL services?

BSNL offers a range of services, including reliable wireline connections, mobile services with value-added features, high-speed internet and broadband services, enterprise data services, national and international long-distance services, as well as data centre services.

How do I use the BSNL 3G data card?

Using the BSNL 3G data card is simple. Plug it into your laptop or computer to enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection. The compact design of the data card allows for easy portability, making it convenient to use on the go.

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We hope this list helps you in choosing your desired BSNL data plan as per your needs.


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