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Ryzen 9 vs Apple M2: What’s The User’s Favourite?


What factors should you consider in the fierce battle of Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9? What makes each of these terrific processors special? Let’s read the article and find out!

- Updated: 22nd Jan 2024, 12:06 IST
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    Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9: The Specs Face-Off!
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    Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9: The Super Advantages!
    • Performance Analysis
    • Multithreading and ECC Memory Support
    • The Power Of big.LITTLE Technology and HMP
    • Security on Top
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    Final Verdict: Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9

In the ultimate showdown of Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9, we may find a clear win looking at the specs. But the question on everyone’s mind is, which one is right for you? In this article, we’re breaking down the complexities into simple terms. Read the article as we explore the strengths of these processors, helping you find the perfect fit for all your computing needs.

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Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9: The Specs Face-Off!

Before we dive in deep, let’s go through the basic specifications of each of the processors, followed by a detailed comparison of other features:

SpecificationApple M2AMD Ryzen 9 7590X
Core/Thread Count8/816/32
Clock Speeds (Base/Boost)2.4/3.5 GHz4.2/5.7GHz
Memory BandwidthUp to 24MBUp to 128MB
Cache L220MB16MB
CPU ArchitectureM2Raphael (Zen 4)
TDP (Thermal Design Power)20W120W
Integrated GraphicsApple M2 GPURadeon Graphics (Ryzen 7000)

These specifications lay the groundwork for understanding the fundamental differences between the Apple M2 and AMD Ryzen 9.

Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9: The Super Advantages!

Each of the processors has some advantages over the other. We have analysed them and given an overview in the below section.

Ryzen 7950 features

Performance Analysis

Coming down to the single-core and multi-core performances of the rival processors, we can say that the AMD Ryzen 9 demonstrates consistent excellence in both aspects. But the Apple M2 can come as far as the AMD Ryzen 9 only in terms of Single-core performance. But it easily beats the AMD Ryzen 9 in terms of power efficiency. This efficiency advantage contributes to a well-balanced overall performance, positioning the processor at a commendable level in Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9 face-off.

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Multithreading and ECC Memory Support

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X doesn’t just stop at raw power. It leverages multithreading and supports Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory, unlike the Apple M2. Basically, what it means is that multithreading enhances parallel processing, while ECC memory ensures data accuracy and reliability, which is crucial for professional workloads.

apple m2 vs amd ryzen 9 compare graph

Let’s have a concise overview of the strengths of each processor, allowing users to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

AdvantagesApple M2 AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
CPU SpeedSlower compared to Ryzen 9Faster CPU speed for quick responsiveness
MultiplierNot unlockedUnlocked multiplier for overclocking
Maximum Memory AmountSmaller maximum memoryLarger maximum memory amount for multitasking
Memory BandwidthHigher memory bandwidthLess memory bandwidth
L2 Cache SizeBigger L2 cache sizeSmaller L2 cache size
MultithreadingDoes not support multithreadingSupports multithreading for parallel processing
ECC Memory SupportNo ECC supportSupports ECC memory for data accuracy and reliability

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Now that you have a better glance at the advantages of both processors, here are a few things to understand:

Memory Matters: A bigger L2 cache would translate to smoother performance, especially in scenarios requiring rapid access to frequently used data. More memory bandwidth means a substantial boost in multitasking capabilities.

CPU Speed: A faster CPU speed means users get a snappier and more responsive computing experience. This is particularly beneficial for tasks that demand quick processing.

Unlocking Multiplier For Overclocking: When the multiplier is unlocked for overclocking, it gives the user a free hand over increasing the clock speed. One can optimise using this feature according to specific needs. The system’s performance becomes much more flexible when this feature is present in the CPU.

Without a doubt, the AMD Ryzen 9 surpasses expectations in delivering a remarkable user experience. It offers utility within a reasonable price range. Nevertheless, there are compelling reasons to think opting for the Apple M2 chip.

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The Power Of big.LITTLE Technology and HMP

The Apple M2 leverages big.LITTLE technology. It allows dynamic switching between high-performance and energy-efficient cores based on workload demands. Also, Apple M2 is coupled with Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP), which results in optimal power efficiency and performance balance, ideal for versatile functions.

Security on Top

The Apple M2 equips strong device security features like TrustZone. This technology creates a secure environment for sensitive operations, contributing to a robust defence against potential security threats.

M2 overall features

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Final Verdict: Apple M2 vs AMD Ryzen 9

The neck-to-neck battle of the Apple M2 Vs AMD Ryzen 9 can put any user into a fit about which one to go for. The Ryzen 9 excels in raw processing power, overclocking potential, and versatile memory handling. On the flip side, the M2 Max shines with its advanced cache and memory management, coupled with innovative technologies for power efficiency and enhanced security.

In the end, the user’s specific needs and preferences are what matters most. As you weigh the factors mentioned in this article, consider the tasks at hand and your performance expectations. You will figure out how these processors align with your desires.

What are your thoughts on these two powerhouse processors? Share them in the comments below!

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