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Apple Vision Pro Reaction: Netizens Responds In A Hilarious Manner


There have been several humorous takes that contribute to an overwhelming reaction to the Apple Vision Pro headset, which only adds to its traction on social media platforms. Priced at $3,499, check out what the Netizens are saying about Apple’s entry into a new segment.

- Updated: 13th Jun 2023, 15:46 IST
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    What is the Apple Vision Pro?
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    Netizen’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro
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    Summary: Apple Vision Pro Reaction By Netizens

Apple has finally announced its much-rumoured mixed-reality headset and has named it the Vision Pro. The company claims a level of immersion unparalleled in the technology world, and naturally, there is a lot of reaction to the Apple Vision Pro. Everything from its look to its feel to its utility can be termed inquisitive and glamorous. However, the thing that has people stuck up the most is its rather enormous $3,499 price tag which translates to roughly Rs 2,90,000. What is all the hype about, and what are the best reactions about the device on the internet? Let’s find out.

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What is the Apple Vision Pro?

As mentioned above, the Apple Vision Pro is a device that has a mixture of both AR and VR, a combination that is yet to be seen on any commercially available headset apart from Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

Apple is calling this Spatial Reality, which is just a fancy way of saying that you can view objects in three dimensions as opposed to the usual limiting two dimensions on devices like the iPhone or iPad.

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Features You Can Expect

The headset features a high-resolution display, eye tracking, hand tracking, and spatial audio. It also has a number of sensors that allow it to track the user’s head and hands in real time. Tech journalists that got an initial demo of the headset had a jaw-dropping reaction to the Vision Pro’s ability to track both hand and eye movements.

Vision Pro is powered by the new R1 chip, which is designed specifically for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. The R1 chip is said to work in conjunction with the Apple M2 chip to run the device. This increased performance allows Vision Pro to render complex 3D environments in real time.

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As gathered from early reactions, the Vision Pro is also the first headset to have perfected easy eye tracking. This allows the headset to track the user’s gaze, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as controlling the cursor, selecting objects, and navigating through menus.

It can be understood that the Vision Pro is a powerful piece of hardware that has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with computers. It is still too early to say how successful Vision Pro will be, but it is clear that Apple is serious about augmented reality and virtual reality.

However, as soon as the product was announced, there was a wave of hilarious and serious reaction to the Apple Vision Pro before it made headway into the market,

Netizen’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro

Remember the time when the iPhone 11 Pro was introduced, and netizens reacted by calling the device’s triple-camera module as being more akin to a gas stove? Or calling out the very first Mac Pro’s resemblance to a trash can and the more recent upgrade likened to a cheese grater? As with any Apple product, especially its foray into a brand new category, there have been tons of reactions to the Apple Vision Pro that are both hilarious and insightful. Here are a few unexpected reaction to the much-awaited Apple Pro Vision that will put a smile on your face.

twitter reaction

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One Twitter user related the Apple Vision Pro to super expensive snow goggles. It is easy to see why with the design and shape of the headsets, it could be mistaken for one.

Another Twitterati’s reaction to the Vision Pro was to liken it to the dystopian sci-fi TV show Black Mirror. The immersion in virtual reality and the futuristic operability of the headset is very much a theme for several episodes in the TV series. This much is clear in a demo that showed a father recording a 3D video of his child’s birthday party while wearing the headset. 

twitter reaction

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There was also a lot of discussion, jokes, and reactions about the Vision Pro’s eye-watering price tag. Many netizens cast aspersions on their ability to purchase this piece of equipment. The usual references of selling your kidney to purchase an Apple product were rampant on the micro-blogging platform. Some even went as far as to show how their bank balances will be shown taking a hit in full immersion once they wear the headset.


The front of the device is also made from a single piece of curved glass, which serves little purpose other than to relay a photo of the wearer’s eye movement when they are interacting with other people. People watching a demo of this feature had a jest about how the user will look more like the cartoon with a set of eyeballs being displayed on the outer screen. Hilariously one Twitter user strapped an iPhone, displaying a picture of his eyes, to his face to show the incredulity of the feature.


There has also been a reaction about Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose own company is currently leading the charge with its Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets. A few memes take potshots at Mark for letting Tim Cook and Apple steal the headset space even though Meta was an earlier pioneer of the field.


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Summary: Apple Vision Pro Reaction By Netizens

There have been several more humorous takes and an overwhelming reaction to the Apple Vision Pro, which only adds to its traction on social media platforms. It is worth noting that while many people are scrutinising the pricing of the Vision Pro, a mixed-reality platform in the way Apple has described the Vision Pro is not available on the market.

An important to note that the Vision Pro is a first-gen product and Apple is known to vastly improve its new products and release cheaper versions for the masses. 

We expect that you loved this hilarious set of reaction made to the Apple Vision Pro. Share us your thoughts in the comment below!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Apple Vision Pro is the company’s first mixed-reality headset, and it is priced at $3,499
  • While it is set to hit stores early next year, there is already a lot of buzz surrounding the headset.
  • Here are the hilarious reaction by Netizens to the Apple Vision Pro