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5 Best 4K Gaming Monitors In India May 2024


Want to buy a new 4K monitor with the latest features in your budget? Check out our in-depth list to know more.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:27 IST
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    Best 4K Gaming Monitors In India
    • 1. Philips 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Computer Monitor
    • 2. LG 27 inches LCD 4K-UHD Monitor With IPS Panel
    • 3. BenQ 27 Inch 4K IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor 
    • 4. Asus 28 inches 4K TUF Gaming IPS Monitor
    • 5. LG 27 inch Ultrafine Ergo 4K IPS Monitor
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    Summing Up

Even though 4K televisions are already the industry standard in India, even for the budget price category, 4K monitors are only recently becoming more and more common. All monitors with QHD or 4K resolution have a lot to offer, whether you’re searching for a better way to multitask at work or want a more immersive gaming experience. While they were once quite expensive, they have recently begun to become more affordable. The growing adaptability to 4K resolution has also made it more common among the masses.

Also, the 4K monitors with gaming capabilities are more well-known and available as computers and graphics cards have advanced. There is no ideal monitor for everyone; your best monitor will depend on your usage and price range. Hence, this article will list the top five 4K monitors you can buy in India. So let’s begin.

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Best 4K Gaming Monitors In India

Below you’ll find our picks for the top 4K native resolution display monitors currently on the market after we have researched and evaluated many 4K monitors. Consider the best 4k gaming displays and best 4k HDR monitors we’ve recommended, and if you don’t want a lesser resolution at the best prices.

1. Philips 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Computer Monitor

Philips 4K Monitor

The first Ultra HD or 4K Monitor on our list is the Philips 27-inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor, which has a flicker-free 60Hz display. The monitor is ideal for most workstations and editors as it provides a much wider field of view. You also get two HDMI ports with this machine and a display port, ensuring you can attach many cabinets and gaming consoles with it.

Further, the IPS LED panel of this monitor ensures that you get an excellent color-accurate display. The IPS panel also ensures you can enjoy multimedia content on this device without much color bleeding. We get a long HDMI cable inside the box of this monitor and a multi-adjustable stand, with which you can tilt or swivel the display in any direction. The monitor is one of the cheapest 4K monitors out there, and for those looking for a cheap 4K monitor, this display won’t surely disappoint.

IPS LED panel
Dated 60Hz refresh rate
2 HDMI and 1 Display port
Easy-to-use buttons

X-factor: It’s one of India’s cheapest 4K monitors from a reputable brand like Philips.

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2. LG 27 inches LCD 4K-UHD Monitor With IPS Panel

LG 27 inch 4K monitor

The second 4K monitor on our list is the LG UHD Monitor with 4K resolution, and this monitor is compatible with HDR10 to represent details in bright and dark parts of high dynamic range content. The LG IPS display has exceptional color accuracy with a 98% coverage of the sRGB color space. Additionally, it has a broader viewing angle, making it much simpler to take genuine color images.

Further, in demanding games, the AMD Radeon FreeSyncTM makes it possible for smoother action and less stuttering by reducing the tearing and stuttering that happen between graphically intensive scenes. Users can choose FPS or RTS mode and customize it. The settings can be adjusted and optimized for any game. The monitor is available for less than Rs. 30,000 in India, which is one of the best 4K monitors with a great price from a brand like LG.

Multi-adjustable standNo inbuilt speakers
sRGB color-calibrated display
High-grade plastic build

X-factor: High-quality sRGB color-calibrated display ensures that you can easily do professional work where color accuracy is essential.

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3. BenQ 27 Inch 4K IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor 

BenQ Gaming Monitor

The third monitor on our list is the BenQ 27inch 4K IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor, which, as the name suggests, is a dedicated gaming machine and is also compatible with gaming consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X. It also comes with a remote control that lets you enjoy your games from the palm of your hand. It’s simple to adjust the settings to your liking from any location in your gaming area. Further, a top-tier integrated 5W woofer and 2W speakers provide true tone sounds for your games. Enjoy a variety of content with five preset modes for appropriate circumstances.

For a comfortable reading experience with clear words, the simulated e-book mode offers a clean black-and-white reading experience while reading documents or web pages. The monitor uses an infrared sensor to precisely identify if a user is in front of the monitor. Users don’t have to deal with any intrusive pop-up messages when they set a timer to remind themselves to take a break. You can buy this great monitor for less than Rs. 30,000 in India, which is one of the best gaming 4K monitors in India.

Immersive gaming experienceNo height adjustment
144Hz refresh rate
ePaper mode

X-factor: The 144Hz peak refresh rate of this monitor is really great for gamers.

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4. Asus 28 inches 4K TUF Gaming IPS Monitor

Asus TUF Gaming Monitor

The fourth gaming monitor on our list is the Asus 28 inches 4K TUF Gaming IPS Monitor, with DCI-P3 grade gaming monitor for stunning crisp and detailed visuals. The monitor lures you into vivid virtual worlds with highly detailed terrain maps and highly detailed landscape features. The brightest whites and the darkest blacks of this panel bring out details like never before. It also delivers DCI-P3 90% color gamut and contrast performance.

Additionally, it has flickerfree technology, which lessens flicker to reduce eyestrain for better comfort. We also get extensive connectivity options, including, DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports, earphone jack that support a wide array of multimedia devices. You can buy this monitor for less than Rs. 40,000 in India, and at that price is one of the best 4K monitors with so many exclusive features.

Easily wall mountableNo speaker support
Peak refresh rate of 165Hz
HDR 10 support

X-factor: The overclockable 165Hz refresh support is insanely fast for gamers and streamers.

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5. LG 27 inch Ultrafine Ergo 4K IPS Monitor

LG 27 inch monitor

The last 4K monitor on our list is the LG 27 inch Ultrafine Ergo 4K IPS monitor, which has a unique ergo swivel stand and a USB Type-C port with power delivery. With VESA DisplayHDR400 and sRGB 99% the LG UltraFine Ergo offers superb image quality. It also ensures that you get minimising colour shift from various viewing angles. The 27 inch(68.58cm) 4K IPS display provides a comfortable viewing experience, hence from all sides.

Further, LG’s technologically and ergonomically advanced stand helps to promote good posture through its high degree of adjustability, enabling each user to create a perfectly customized workstation or gaming setup. It also comes with multiple ports support, which ensures that you can attach many different types of PC or gaming consoles. The monitor has a price just shy of Rs. 40,000 in India, and is probably the best workstation monitor.

Unique Ergo Stand60Hz display
Multi-utility Type C charging port
350nits peak brightness

X-factor: Its unique ergo stand and USb Type-C port make it ajoy to use for professionals.

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Summing Up

In our opinion, our suggestions are based on the top 4k displays currently on the market. They have been modified to work or game for most people in each price bracket. Based on our research, these are good and feature-rich monitors, which should suffice the expectation of most users.

Here is a list of all of our 4k monitor evaluations if you would rather make your own choice. Be careful not to become bogged down in the particulars. The majority of monitors are sufficient for the majority of users, and the flaws we criticise them for are frequently invisible unless you actively seek for them.

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Highlights of the Story

  • 4K monitors are prevalent these days as they have become affordable because of increasing demand.
  • The best 4K monitors also have a really high refresh rate as well, which suits many gamers.
  • So here we have listed the top five 4K monitors that you can buy in India right now.