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Do Not Miss Considering These 5 Best HP Monitor In India May 2024


Looking for some of the great HP monitors option for your personal computer? Fed up with the same old display that has been tiring your eyes a lot? This article will help you find an informed answer.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:28 IST
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    What to consider before buying a monitor?
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    Best HP Monitor To Look For
    • 1. HP X24c Gaming Monitor
    • 2. HP V20 Monitor
    • 3. HP M22f Micro edge LED Monitor
    • 4. HP M24f LED Monitor
    • 5. HP M27fwa Micro edge LED Monitor
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Hewlett Packard, better known as HP, is famed for its world-class computer hardware, software, and other accessories. When we discuss the HP monitor, we cannot discount the fact it is one of the best brands in the world known to offer quality devices with striking features.

HP monitor are manufactured considering different user consumption, and specifications are tagged according to it. For example, a gaming monitor from HP is well known for its resolution, screen size, and much more. At the same time, the features of other kinds of monitors vary accordingly. Even though there are multiple brands having different price-to-feature ratios and the market of monitors is filled with great competitors, HP is a trusted brand. This article looks at some of the best HP monitors these days, along with their takeaway specs in the news!

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What to consider before buying a monitor?

Before purchasing a monitor, make sure you are clear about its usage. You may ideally need it for gaming alone or streaming, and at times mix of both. Whatever the purpose, you need to select the monitor accordingly. Additionally, there are some other features too, that you need to consider before finalising the monitor. Some of them are described below:

  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate is the number of refreshes done by the monitor per second. This determines the clarity and smoothness of the picture which is displayed.
  • Brightness: The level of light that a monitor can exhibit impacts the quality. Even though this will vary for individuals, a good range of brightness is good for the right selection.
  • Resolution: The resolution of a screen is displayed in width x height format. With this, the higher number of pixels displayed, the greater is resolution. Henceforth, the image is shown with clarity.
  • Screen size: Depending on the use and comfort level, you can choose the screen size for a monitor. There are different sizes available for it these days, and you can choose accordingly.
  • Weight: A lightweight monitor may be easily portable if you have transferable work or you need to shift from time to time within a precinct. Hence, it is one important parameter to look for.
  • Reading mode: Monitors come with a large range of displays. Some are good for people who prefer to work in the dark, while some are intentionally built to protect the eyes of the user from the continuous rays emanating out of the monitor screen.

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Best HP Monitor To Look For

Here is the list of HP monitors that will grab your attention for all their amazing specs and quality.

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1. HP X24c Gaming Monitor

HP X24c Gaming Monitor

If you are specifically looking for a gaming monitor, then this may be your go-to option in a budget range. The refresh rate is extremely fast, ensuring no blurriness in the video. Besides, AMD FreeSync technology enhances the gaming experience by minimising any buffering that may occur due to differences in frame rate and refresh rate. The monitor is positioned perfectly to comfort your eyes, and the screen’s curvature does not lead to straining, even during long playing hours.


Resolution1920 x 1080pixels
Screen size23.6inch
Refresh Rate144Hz
Panel TechnologyFull HD LED-Backlit

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2. HP V20 Monitor

V20 model

The energy-certified HP monitor comes with the option of forward and backward tilt. Besides, it comes with VGA and HDMI cables as video and audio interfaces. The anti-glare screen and low blue light screen make viewing the screen with harsh light more comfortable. This kind of monitor is really good for office and personal work as it requires small space and is lightweight. One can even enjoy movies or games without any hassle.


Screen size19.5inch
Refresh Rate50Hz
Panel TechnologyHDMI

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3. HP M22f Micro edge LED Monitor

M22f Micro edge LED

The slim and modest-looking HP monitor adds to the overall look of your space. This can easily contain codes and wires within an inbuilt space. Besides, it has a low blue light that is considered safe for the eyes even after long work hours. The company suggests it is made of 85 per cent recycled material, a good choice for those who want to go sustainable even with their electronics purchases. The lightweight of the model makes it extremely portable and good for use.


Screen size21.5inch
Refresh Rate75Hz
Panel TechnologyIPS

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4. HP M24f LED Monitor

M24f LED Monitor

Composed of 85 per cent recycled materials and 5 per cent ocean-bound plastics, it is a perfect answer for those who want to integrate environmental consciousness with technology. The ultra-slim model with a frameless border on three sides looks good on your tale. Besides, the screen is medium-sized, making it ideal for official and personal usage. The response rate of 5miliseconds makes the monitor extremely fast especially for gaming and 3D movies. Additionally, it is powered with IPS technology to give it high definition feel.


Screen size23.8inch
Refresh Rate75Hz
Panel TechnologyIPS

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5. HP M27fwa Micro edge LED Monitor

M27fwa Micro edge

The ultra-slim three-sided frameless monitor can be the best for games, movies or even work. The large size of the monitor is especially good for gamers as it gives them more clarity on the screen and allows them to play with greater vision. Additionally, the cord clutter is lessened, and it keeps the area perfectly clean. The built-in speaker lets the user experience their gaming and entertainment seamlessly. Low blue light keeps the monitor safe for the human eye.


Screen size27inch
Refresh Rate75Hz
Panel TechnologyIPS

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HP monitor is available in different sizes, price ranges, and technology depending on your demand. While there are multiple options with many other brands, too, HP is always a go-to brand when it comes to technology. Our list of well-researched and spec-based articles will help you make a final and informed decision on the purchase.

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  • When you think of buying any hardware computer product in the market, the first few brands that come to your mind must have included HP already.
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