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5 Best Android Video Players To Have On Your Phone April 2024


While there is some inbuilt software that does all the video streaming task on the system, there are many others which comes as third-party software but makes the entire work of video playing easier. Here is our suggested list of the best Android video players that you can look for.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:40 IST
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    Best Android Video Players That You Can Download
    • 1. VLC Player
    • 2. Video Player
    • 3. Kodi
    • 4. Nova Video Player
    • 5. Video Player KMP
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Video players in earlier times denoted hardware components upon which the videotapes could run. However, with time there was a need for portability, and here we are with the best Android video players.

As we have begun using electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computer systems, or even a tablet, we need a video player for all of them. This is accomplished by the use of video players that come in the form of software for a particular operating system. These video players ensure that users can play the video in almost all formats. As Android is the market leader in terms of the world’s most-sold operating system for mobile phones, with a 71 per cent share, we discuss some of the best Android video players that can be used.

Video players add to the convenience of users. Since there are inbuilt apps to render videos shot from your phone but to play and use videos of other formats that have been downloaded or created in some software requires third-party video players.

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Best Android Video Players That You Can Download

Below is a list of some of the best Android video players that can be downloaded and used for video playing.

1. VLC Player

VLC Android Video Players

You might have heard this name before as it is one of the famed software that is well-known for rendering video on desktops. Preferably you might have even used it earlier. However, the software can also be downloaded on Android devices. The app can play videos and audio just the way it did for the computer systems. Besides, it can even network streams, network shares and drives of different file formats.

The app also lets you generate your personal playlist and use it for playing sets of your favourite songs and videos. Additionally, it categorises your downloads, videos, and songs into different lists, which makes it even more accessible. With the app, you can lock the screen, change the aspect ratio, hump to particular timing, and change playback speed, even while watching the video.

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2. Video Player

Video Player

It is one of the most convenient video players that does not have excess heavy-weight features that are not generally used. Besides, it can play almost all multimedia files and process HD videos. The Video Player app can be used to play audio files too. Besides, it takes care of your privacy by giving you the option of password protection. It can play videos from different formats like MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc.

Additionally, it allows you to do multiview browsing, which will help you view multiple video screens simultaneously. Named as one of the best Android video players app, it has easy access with simple features like precise cutting and equalising sounds. You can view videos in their original format without any quality compromises.

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3. Kodi

KODI Best Android Video Players To Have On Your Phone

Can you expect a video player to have video processing, audio and image streaming, along with weather forecasts? If your answer is no, then you might not have used Kodi yet. Because of the simple and easy inbuilt features, it is one of the best Android video players for users. All said, you could even download videos from the web to your dashboard on Kodi, making it easier for you to access them.

Besides, the app is also known for running on television sets or desktops, as it was originally made to. The app is free to use and does not need any purchase to operate the multimedia files.

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4. Nova Video Player


Nova video player can play videos from local media files, attached USB devices, the cloud and different servers. The open-source software is designed to run on computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices. All the files are classified in different listings, making it easier to access them. One can watch serials and movie shows on the app, along with the user rating and description, another plus point of streaming video from this app. It is one of the best Android video players to make your video streaming fairly simple.

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5. Video Player KMP

kmp video player

One of th most convenient and travel-friendly Android video players has to be KMP. With this app, you can bookmark audio and videos of your choice and access them all in a go. Additionally, you can Chromecast the videos on your devices like laptops and television directly via the app.

It can even act as a background player on your locked screen, and you will not have to keep it open all the time. The equaliser allows you to fine-tune the sound as per your choice. Besides, adding URLs and playing directly through the app is easily possible.


Video players are an excellent way to get your video buffering in process. Besides, it sorts the overall hassle of looking at the formats in which one downloads the video as it takes over that task and converts it. There are some light weighted and heavy weighted video players that may be present on your phone. Depending on the use, you can consider moving forward with it. With our well-sorted list of best Android video players, this task of choosing a final one becomes super easy.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The video players are an extremely useful set of software that helps one buffer videos of multiple formats and minor changes to the overall video while viewing it.
  • Some are inbuilt into the system, while others have to be downloaded.
  • Here we look into the best Android video players.