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    5 Best Monitors Under 10000 In India January 2023!


    Want the best monitors under 10000? Check out our list for some amazing options!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 29th Dec 2022 15:36 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Acer Ha220Q 21.5 Inch Monitor With Stereo Speakers
    • 2
      BenQ Gw2283 22-Inch Full HD LCD Monitor
    • 3
      MarQ 22 Inch Full HD LED TN Panel Gaming Monitor
    • 4
      Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch Full HD Monitor
    • 5
      LG 24Mp400 24 Inches Full HD IPS Monitor
    • 6
      Summing up

    Highlights of the Story

    • The best monitors under 10000 provide a good balance between features and build quality.
    • LG, Acer, and BenQ are a few of the manufacturers that offer monitors in this range.
    • We’ve carefully curated the best monitors in this price range to make your purchase decision easier!

    Monitors form an essential part of your entire computer setup. Whether you’re working, gaming, or using your computer for watching movies and shows, a dedicated and decent monitor is very much necessary. Moreover, plugging in monitors to create a dual or triple monitor setup increases your work efficiency and productivity. You no longer have to switch between multiple windows on the same monitor. Nonetheless, there are plenty of good monitors available on the market. So, choosing the right monitor for yourself can be a complicated affair. We’re here to make your purchasing decision more straightforward, though. In this article, we’ll look at the best monitors under Rs. 10,000. At this price segment, you get some decent options.

    Below, you’ll find the entries for some of the best monitors under INR 10000. Let’s take a look at them!

    Acer Ha220Q 21.5 Inch Monitor With Stereo Speakers

    Acer Ha220Q Monitor

    This monitor from Acer has some impeccable features and comes with built-in stereo speakers. While the product is marketed as a budget monitor, you could use it for work or tools such as editing or Photoshop. The monitor comes with a 21.5-inch screen supplemented with an IPS panel. Furthermore, it has a frameless design and a 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth viewing experience. The bezels are pretty thin, giving the screen an edge-to-edge feel. Moreover, Acer has been sincere enough to add a flicker-free display to supply power to the display. Lastly, the monitor also has stereo speakers to enjoy any media content.

    Edge-to-edge screen designSlightly outdated specs for enthusiast gamers
    Wide viewing angle
    2x2W stereo speakers

    X-Factor: If you want a budget monitor, with speakers, this offering from Acer is worth your investment.

    Buy on Amazon

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    BenQ Gw2283 22-Inch Full HD LCD Monitor

    BenQ GW 2283 Monitor

    BenQ, although not wildly popular in the Indian market, offers some decent products in specific price segments. This 22-inch monitor from BenQ might not cost you a premium, but you’re getting good build quality and plenty of added features. The slim bezels significantly increase the screen area, and the monitor offers wide viewing angles to ensure maximum visibility. Moreover, BenQ has provided Low Blue Light and flicker-free technology that prevents eye strain and protects your eyes. Further, it also comes with two speakers to enjoy multimedia experience.

    Multiple features to reduce eye strainIncluded speakers aren’t very loud
    Excellent viewing angles
    Decent build quality

    X-Factor: For those of you who want to spend on a premium monitor for your workspace, this BenQ product provides the best bang for your buck.

    Buy on Amazon

    MarQ 22 Inch Full HD LED TN Panel Gaming Monitor

    MarQ Gaming Monitor

    If you want a monitor that will be primarily used for gaming, the product should have excellent colour reproduction and should have higher refresh rate support as well. Fortunately, the MarQ 22 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor provides all that and more. This monitor has a 22-inch FHD screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Moreover, if your laptop or PC comes equipped with an AMD graphics card, you can tune in to the monitor to use the in-built AMD Freesync for a seamless gaming experience. The 144Hz peak refresh rate is just a boon for gamers. It also helps that the monitor has plethora of high-performance ports, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and more so that you can have the flexibility to connect with compatible devices . You can’t go wrong with this monitor if gaming is your priority.

    NearEdgeless design for a higher screen-to-body ratioDoes not come with USB ports
    Comes equipped with AMD Freesync for gamingNo speakers
    Blaxing fast 144Hz refresh rate support

    X-Factor: This MarQ product can handle all the tasks for all your gaming needs, whether you are playing any type of game.

    Buy on Flipkart

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    Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch Full HD Monitor

    Acer 220Q Monitor

    This is another monitor from Acer that’s been doing quite well with consumers of late. While it isn’t meant for gaming, it’s perfect for people who want a monitor for their home workstations without burning a hole in their pockets. It comes with a Full HD panel paired with a 21.5-inch screen. Additionally, there are HDMI and VGA ports for multiple connectivity options. The fast 75Hz refresh rate also ensures a smooth and fluid operation. Other features include Acer’s Bluelight filtration and Comfyview to reduce eye strain.

    Decent 75Hz refresh rate for a fluid workflowScreen size is not that big
    Satisfactory build quality
    Provides good value for money

    X-Factor: If you’re looking for an excellent value-for-money monitor to add to your workstation, check out this Acer monitor.

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    LG 24Mp400 24 Inches Full HD IPS Monitor

    LG 24Mp400 Monitor

    Finally, we come to the best pick of monitors under 10000. LG makes some quality products with their excellent service network. This is the case with the LG 24Mp400 24-inch Full HD IPS monitor. Considering its price, the monitor has some good features. You get an IPS display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The impressive 24-inch screen size complements this. The monitor also features good viewing angles and a crisp 75Hz resolution. There’s also a built-in reader mode to help lessen eye fatigue and provide eye comfort while reading documents or web pages on this monitor. Overall, if you want a monitor with best in class features, this is a great option!

    75Hz refresh rateBuild quality is slightly lacking
    Colour accurate IPS display
    Great viewing angles

    X-Factor: The LG 24Mp400 is one of the few monitors at this price to come with 3 side borderless design.

    Buy on Amazon

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    Summing up

    What did you think of our choices for the best monitors under 10000? You cant get a broad range of products with plenty of features at this price point. We’ve tried to pick products that provide a good bang for your buck without compromising on the latest features. There are products based on variable budgets as well. Hopefully, this will make your purchasing decision much easier!

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