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Best 5 Hidden Features of iOS 14


Explore these hidden features on your new iOS 14 update and share the reviews with us for more exciting content.

- Updated: 26th Dec 2020, 22:09 IST

There are a lot of features that we can easily find out just by scrolling down on our iPhone. But along with them, there are some of the features that are highly useful but hidden inside the roots of our iPhone, not known by many. Surprisingly, iOS 14 opens up the door to get in touch with these features as this update would glorify most of the useful features with it. The first look of this iOS 14 update gives you a clean interface with some top-notch customization features.

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Hidden features of iOS 14

Are you still wondering for those hidden features? Well, we got that cover up as we have discussed about the hidden features of iOS 14 below:

  1. Sound Recognition – According to our opinion, this is one of the coolest and interesting features as you can get alerts for some specific voices like doorbells and fire alarms. For enabling it in your iPhone, you need to go to the settings menu where you will find out the accessibility option. After finding it, you need to click on the option and you will find out the voice recognition option from where you can easily enable it and select a different type of sounds that you need to be recognized. This feature is highly useful for those people who have some kind of hearing problems; they will easily get notifications or alerts on their iPhones.
  2. Mirror Front Camera – Photos or selfies become even more important when it comes to an iPhone because the camera quality delivered by Apple is unbeatable. But when it comes to selfies, the front camera of iPhone used to flip the photos as until now it did not have the mirror selfie camera. Not to worry anymore as this problem is completely solved and you will get the mirror selfie option in the new update which you can enable from the camera option in settings.
  3.  Back Tap – If you are an old iPhone user you can easily understand the hectic process involved for taking a screenshot as it takes some extra efforts and sometimes it will skip out the moment. But here Apple has finally solved this problem with this new feature in which you can perform different things with a double or triple tap on the back. For enabling this, you need to go to the settings and click on the accessibility option. In the accessibility menu, you will find out the touch option where you will find this feature in the end. Once you will reach to it then you can easily set up for features in double-tap or triple tap.
  4. Side Button Video Capture – Inspired from Snap chat, Apple has finally added the feature of side button video record in which you can simply record videos with a long press of side button. This feature would increase the accessibility of user over the phone as you can record the videos with a single hand and at any time.
  5. Add Caption to Images – This feature is highly beneficial for those people who have the habit of clicking a high number of photos as it would become very much difficult for them to find out a specific photo from a long menu. Not only this, but you can also add some memories that are linked up with the photo so that you can remember it anytime. Also, the process of implementation is very much simple as you need to go in the photos application and simply need to swipe up the photo for adding any caption. After adding the caption, simply click on the ‘Done’ option.


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