Apple Watch is more than a fitness accessory and is a perfect companion for your iPhone. From mirroring notifications from your smartphone to Siri Voice Assistant to GPS tracking, the Apple Watch has got it all. Here is a guide that can help you decide the best Apple Watch to buy in 2022.2023-01-09 02:48:33Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2023

Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2023


Apple Watch is more than a fitness accessory and is a perfect companion for your iPhone. From mirroring notifications from your smartphone to Siri Voice Assistant to GPS tracking, the Apple Watch has got it all. Here is a guide that can help you decide the best Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

Updated: 9th Jan 2023, 02:48 IST
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    Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2022
    • Apple Watch SE (2022 edition)
    • Apple Watch Ultra
    • Apple Watch Series 8

Do you want help staying healthy? The Apple Watch is here to the rescue! It is a personal trainer that lives on your wrist. It tells you when it’s time to move, tracks your workouts, measures your heart rate, and so much more.

Apple Watch is a groundbreaking device that works seamlessly with your iPhone to help you stay fit and active. Apple has designed the Apple Watch to help you easily organize your schedule. Stay connected with your peers, and monitor metrics like heart rate, calories or workouts, and sports activities. It is helpful to unlock your Mac, reply to messages, attend calls, and access many apps straight from your wrist. Having said that, Apple Watch has been the most popular wearable device in the consumer segment because of its unmatched performance, versatility, accuracy, and feature set.

The Apple Watch is an excellent tool for updating our personal and professional lives. And Apple is on the verge of making it better and better with time; the Watch Ultra is just the gist of it.

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Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2022

The Apple Watch variants are currently divided into 3 categories, the budget series, the number series, and the Ultra series. Each of these categories of devices offers something better than its decenters. Thus, it makes it somewhat confusing for us consumers to decide which one is best for us.

Apple Watch SE (2022 edition)

Apple Watch SE

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch on a budget, the Apple Watch SE is your best pick. The Watch SE is a perfect entry gate for those looking to get into the Apple eco-system. Apple Watch features everything an average user would wish for in a smartwatch, from phone notifications to fitness and more.

Apple upgraded the watch SE in the year 2022 to match the upgraded standards. It is powered by the S8 chip, the same chipset as the latest Apple Watch Series 8. So, it is as snappy as it can be. The low-power mode is also now available on the watch SE, meaning it can last up to 36 hours on a single charge.

The Series 8 watch comes in an aluminium casing, and the front glass is of Ion-X which is similar to the Gorilla Glass used in many smartphone screens. The watch sports a retina display with 2 sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and it is equipped with sensors such as an optical heart sensor and cycle tracks. It is available to purchase in Midnight, Starlight, and Silver with a starting price of Rs. 29,900.

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Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra comes in a bold new design with an all-new Titanium casing, and the dial is sized at 49mm now. The digital crown is revamped with larger and more accessible spikes, making it easier to operate even while using gloves.

A new orange-coloured dedicated Action Button has been added on the left side, customizable to do your preferred actions in a blink. It features sapphire crystal glass with raised edges, making it the most rugged and durable Apple Watch ever.

Because of the flat display and thinner casing, the watch looks bulky. But in reality, the watch feels feather-light, thanks to the aerospace-grade titanium frame, which is 40% lighter than steel but just as strong. It is IP6X dustproof and WR100 water resistant, so you can count on it even in the hefty endurance.

The Apple Watch Ultra arrives in 3 new varieties of bands, such as Alpine green and Ocean band, and Trail loop. This makes the watch more durable and suitable for trekking and underwater surfing. The Watch also features a Depth Gauge sensor to measure the depth underwater. Dual-frequency GPS (with both L1 and L5) has now made its way to the Watch Ultra to provide more accurate data even in congested areas. Including features such as compass waypoints and automatic backtracking helps you not lose your way.

The display panel of Watch Ultra is capable of hitting 2000 nits of brightness, which is 2 times as bright as any regular Apple watch. The always-on Retina display now comes with some Watch Ultra exclusive watch faces; the “Way Finder” is one of them. It is quite helpful as it combines many useful metrics and feature sets on a single screen, such as an active compass, details of the workout, activity rings, message count, battery life, and sunset-sunrise times.

The Apple Watch Ultra features a dual speaker array capable of hitting up to 86 decibels to make the best out of the Emergency SOS and Siren features. The siren, when activated, can be heard up to 180 meters away. Along with this, the three-microphone array makes you sound crystal clear irrespective of the background noises. The watch has significantly improved the battery life of the smartwatch segment, equipping 3 times the battery of a regular Apple Watch and delivering 36 hours of usage on a single charge.

Being powered by the same S8 chipset as Watch Series 8, it also features a Crash Detection feature along with Fall detection, which we wish you’ll never have to use, but it gives a sense of reliability that it is there. You also don’t miss out on essential sensors such as heart rate sensing, temperature sensing, sleep tracking, and ECG.

The Apple Watch Ultra is available for Rs. 89,000 in India.

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Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 Review

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a year-on-year upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7. It is almost identical to the Series 7, apart from having a temperature-sensing module and crash-detection feature.

Series 8 comes in both all aluminium and stainless steel casings, and you can pick one according to your preference. The aluminium casing includes the Ion-X front glass, and the stainless steel casing provides us with sapphire crystal. It has a back casing of Ceramic, and the dial comes in 2 sizes, 45mm or 41 mm, with an edge-to-edge display and nearly 20% more screen real estate than ‌the Apple Watch SE‌. The Retina display is identical to the watch SE but comes with Always-On functionality as well.

It is equipped with ECG, blood oxygen meter, third-generation optical heart sensor, and a Temperature sensor (as mentioned earlier). The new temperature sensor enables Series 8 to track retrospective ovulation with cyclic estimates. The Watch is available in GPS or GPS + Cellular options, whereas the Aluminium variant is available in Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product (RED). In contrast, the stainless steel variant is available in Silver, Graphite and Gold.

The Apple Watch Series 8 pricing starts are Rs. 39,000with a starting price of Rs 39,000.


The Watch SE is made for you if you are a beginner, use an iPhone for the most part. And require an Apple Watch to stay connected or measure your workouts. If you’re an athlete or love adventure sports and require a watch that lasts as long as you, the Watch Ultra is your best companion. And if you’re finding a middle ground and want something that offers the best of both worlds at a reasonable price, the Series 8 is the way to go.

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  • Apple Watch is the most preferred smartphone amongst iPhone users and helps adapt to a healthy lifestyle
  • For Entry level users Apple Watch SE is the one and Apple Watch Ultra for professionals.

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