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5 Reasons Why Apple Watch Is So Expensive


Apple Watch currently is the choice of smartwatch for all the iPhone users out there. But the watch carries a premium price tag that is priced higher compared to many of the competitor offerings. In this article, we discuss some of the reasons why the Apple Watch is expensive and is it worth spending the extra buck.

- Updated: 14th Jan 2023, 22:16 IST
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    Why Apple Watch Is So Expensive?
    • 1. Accuracy in Fitness Tracking
    • 2. Durability
    • 3. Access to Apps
    • 4. Apple Ecosystem
    • 5. Accurate Location Tracking
    • Should You Buy the Apple Watch or Not?

Among all the tech companies in the world no other company is valued at $2.5 Trillion and makes a profit as much as Apple. One of the ways through which Apple makes money is the reason why Apple Watch is so expensive. It is the only company that sells luxurious consumer electronics and gadgets that are somewhat expensive compared to other brands. But the extra price is totally justified with what Apple as a brand comes with.

We have had smartwatches since 2014, but since the first Apple Watch was launched in 2016, Apple has been ruling the smartwatch category for about 6 years now. The Apple Watch is a premium-built smartwatch and is quite a lot expensive compared to Wear OS smartwatches from Samsung. Having said that Apple Watch is still the best-selling smartwatch globally having a market share of over 30%.

So now let’s talk about why Apple watches are so expensive and why do people keep buying them despite the price hikes every year? In this article after deep research, we have found some unique things that separate Apple Watch from the rest.

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Why Apple Watch Is So Expensive?

1. Accuracy in Fitness Tracking

Accuracy in Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is one of the most used features and it is the most common reason why users choose to purchase a smartwatch. This is a feature that everyone needs, should be accurate and display correct data when they want to see it. But many brands have tried and failed miserably in this area. Only Fitbit was a pioneer in this department but their smartwatches were pretty bad in all other means.

Heart rate monitoring with apple watch

This is where Apple excels with its watches as they have insane fitness and health tracking sensors and algorithms in place that can impress any buyer. Along with real-time heart rate and step tracking features which are considered basic for every smartwatch. Apple watches can also track the calories you have burnt, your stress, how many floors you have climbed, your oxygen monitoring, your ECG, heart rate, health tracking for women, high heart rate alerts, irregular rhythm notifications, sports modes, and much more. 

This is the sole reason why people choose Apple watches over all the other smartwatches is because of their accuracy. For a real fitness lover, who wants to remain active throughout the day Apple watches offer a lot of value and this is why most of the buyers love their experience.

2. Durability

While Apple Watch is a master at tracking fitness, Durability and Build Quality is another aspect where Apple makes no compromise. And this is another reason why the Apple Watch is expensive compared to other smartwatches available in the market.

The different variants of the latest Apple Watch 7 are made from 100% recycled aluminium, polished stainless steel, or brushed titanium materials. All these materials are different prices where Aluminium is the cheapest, then steel and titanium is the costliest. All these materials are premium and with the Sapphire display, it is tough to scratch the display.

titanium apple watch

Compared to watches from companies like Samsung, Fitbit and Amaze fit it has been through one that Apple watches are made from premium materials only. This increases the sturdiness and durability of the watch and feels premium to wear.

You can undoubtedly wear the Apple watch to any of your activities like cycling, hiking, trekking etc. Apple watches are made to withstand any of the harsh environments without any significant damage with water and dust resistance ratings. This helps a regular user to use the smartwatch without any issues and the watch can survive 50m water resistance so you can take them even to your swimming sessions. 

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3. Access to Apps

apple watch apps

Apple offers enter selection of apps that are built specifically for the Apple Watch. Most of these apps are just a WearOS version of the primary iOS app and can show notifications for most apps using these. You can select and install any of the apps available on the App store. There are different apps available for different tasks such as ‘Time to Walk’, ‘Apple Fitness Plus’, and similar other apps for activity tracking.

The Apple Watch also comes with built-in storage of up to 32GB so you can download your favourite tracks from entertainment apps like ‘Spotify’ or Youtube Music. And having access to hundreds of apps from the app store is great, but the built-in apps by Apple are also of much use. You can use ‘Find My’ app to locate your smartphone, a camera app that can help you capture shots by having your Apple Watch as a viewfinder.

fitness tracking modes apple watch

Along with there, the fitness tracking app is amazing with dozens of different workout modes. And lastly, the built-in watch faces are beautiful and Apple keeps adding new watch faces regularly to match your style.

4. Apple Ecosystem

apple ecosystem

If you have used any of the Apple devices be it iPad, MacBook or iPhone you may be aware that there are certain features that work well with only Apple devices. This is the advantage of the Apple ecosystem that Apple can charge higher prices for all of its products as they work better with each other. Also, the company offers better safety of your data if you are locked into the Apple ecosystem.

But it also comes with some downsides one of which is the issues when you want to move your data to devices outside the ecosystem. It is a nightmare for many iPhone users if they won’t take all their data and put it in their new Android phone. Also if you are thinking about buying an Apple Watch make sure that you own an iPhone. This is because Apple Watches can only be paired and configured with an iPhone and no other device. This is because Apple doesn’t want to ruin its ecosystem and lower its profits by making its products too compatible.

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5. Accurate Location Tracking

Accurate Location Tracking Apple Watch

Garmin was one of the first manufacturers to include GPS in their smartwatches. Since then Apple is another company to provide accurate location tracking GPS in the Apple Watches. It comes in handy when you are out for an evening walk or just hiking nearby. You can even leave your phone at home and just take the watch with you. 

The GPS feature becomes very useful when your phone is about to run out of battery and you still need to reach your destination. You can easily use your Apple Watch and it will guide you throughout your journey. Also, you can use Siri which is included in all the Apple Watches even the Apple Watch SE to get direction using just your voice. 

Should You Buy the Apple Watch or Not?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch and iPhone make a perfect combination that you can use to increase your productivity. You get all the apps and latest features to use on the Apple Watch. Besides as per the current rate that Apple is adding features to the Apple Watch it will definitely get a bit expensive but the value you get will be worth it.

So if you are ready to buy a watch that provides accurate fitness tracking and plenty of apps to boost your productivity then Apple Watch will be a great option. If you are new to the Apple ecosystem and don’t want to spend that much money then you can choose Apple Watch SE. It includes most of the fitness tracking features and also has a cheaper price tag. 


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  • Apple products are generally expensive and Apple Watch currently rules the wearable market despite its expensive price tag.
  • But what kind of features does the watch offers that the buyer still wants to purchase, despite the premium price tag. 
  • In this article, we discuss a few points on why Apple Watches are so expensive.

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