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    Top 5 Smart Watches You Can Buy In India Right Now!


    Smart Watches is a segment of the technology and wearable space that has seen a massive rise in the past few years,  we’ve seen multiple iterations of the original Apple Watch over the years and also several Android Wear watches that have good integration with the Android smartphones. Here are the top 5 smartwatches available in the market right now.

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    Updated: 10th Sep 2020 19:31 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      1. Apple Watch Series 5
    • 2
      2. Samsung Galaxy Watch3
    • 3
      3. Fitbit Versa
    • 4
      4. Oppo Smart Watch
    • 5
      5. Huami Amazfit GTS

    Highlights of the Story

    • The SmartWatch segment has grown massively in the past few years with some of the best smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and more
    • Other brands including Amazfit, Fitbit, Huawei, and more have stepped into the race with their own offerings
    • We currently have several amazing offerings based on different operating systems that offer real value and features

    While having a Smartwatch was more of a novelty item of a luxury add-on to your smartphone a couple of years ago, the scene has changed now and for a lot of people, a smartwatch is a basic necessity.

    Smart Watches come in all brands, types, forms, and sizes. In the earlier days, most of the smartwatches either ran on the WatchOS by Apple or Android Wear, however, this has changed over the years and we increasingly see manufacturers use their own custom software on their smartwatches.

    We have also seen Samsung make their shift to TizenOS for their smartwatches, other brands including Fitbit, and Huami Amazfit also use their custom software on their smartwatch and connect them to the compatible smartphones.

    While having a unified operating system for these type of wearables allow developers to develop amazing applications as in the case of Android Wear, most of the brands do not seem to mind the lack of third party applications and are striving to deliver Watches with their custom software.

    If you are looking to buy a new Smartwatch in India then there are multiple options that you can choose from, this list shows you the top five options that include the best smartwatches in India.

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    1. Apple Watch Series 5

    The Apple Watch Series 5 is perhaps the best smartwatch you can currently buy in the Indian market, however, this comes with a massive limitation. The Apple Watch Series 5 only works if you have an iPhone, this is a very limiting factor and means that Android smartphone users cannot consider this as an option.

    However, for those who have an iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 5 is perhaps the best option, the watch comes in a few variants and you can choose between a 40mm or a 44mm dial, you can also choose between a GPS or GPS + Cellular variant. The GPS + Cellular variant of the Apple Watch Series 5 is compatible with an eSIM and can perform a lot of functions even without your iPhone.

    Apple Watch

    Even the basic GPS variant allows you to go for a jog or a cycle ride and track all the statistics with or without iPhone. The smartwatch from Apple has a 30% larger screen and is now Swim proof allowing you to take the watch for even more adventures.

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    The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with Electrical and Optical sensors, it also has an ECG app giving you details on your vital stats. The watch comes with an Always-on display and supports multiple first and third-party applications for the best possible experience.

    2. Samsung Galaxy Watch3

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is yet another amazing smartwatch for a price, this watch has also gone through multiple iterations from Samsung and has now finally landed in its current form.

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    The Galaxy Watch 3 combines the smartphone level connectivity and leading health technology in one premium piece art that you can carry along on your hand. The Galaxy Watch3 is the most capable and premium smartwatch experience you can get on an Android smartphone.

    This watch comes in 41mm and 45mm dial variants and you can choose between the Bluetooth and the Cellular variants similar to the Apple Watch 5 based on your choice.

    Galaxy Watch

    Getting the LTE variant allows you to leave the smartphone at home while going for a jog while still being able to track your workouts or stream music to your Bluetooth headset.

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    While the watch doesn’t run on Android Wear, it comes with multiple customizable watch faces and applications that you can easily download and install, the Galaxy Watch3 also has a very premium design with the choicest of materials to add to a premium experience. The Galaxy Watch3 can measure your Heart Rate, SpO2, Sleep Cycle, and more using the multiple sensors that are integrated into the slim design.

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    3. Fitbit Versa Fitbit Versa 2

    If you are a fitness enthusiast then Fitbit is a brand that you surely recognize, while Fitbit was mainly into fitness trackers for a couple of years the brand has now recognized the potential of the new and rising Smart Watch market and has introduced their second generation Fitbit Versa.

    The Fitbit Versa 2 is a massive step ahead of the previous versions and now also comes with Alexa integration, the watch also comes with fitness-oriented features and 24/7 heart rate tracking while you are wearing the watch. The watch communicates with the smartphone over Bluetooth and there is also a Fitbit pay option allowing you to use the Tap to Pay feature at supported POS terminals. The Swim proof mode, excellent fitness tracking options, and more making a perfect choice for new smartwatch buyers.

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    4. Oppo Smart Watch

    Oppo Smart Watch

    The brand new Oppo Smartwatch is powered by WearOS which means that you can get all the delightful apps that are available on the Android Wear operating system. The watch comes with a square design and uses a dual-curved AMOLED display. The watch supports VOOC Fast charging and comes with Google Assistant for hands-free usage for when you need it.

    The Oppo Smart Watch is a very capable wearable with all the basic features that one would look for while buying a new smartwatch. It comes with heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, fitness activity tracking, and more allowing for an overall amazing experience.

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    5. Huami Amazfit GTS

    Huami Amazfit GTS

    The Huami Amazfit GTS is for those who are absolutely on a budget but want the best possible experience at the price. The watch has an AMOLED display with a slim metal body design. It comes with 5ATM water resistance and has a 14 Day battery life allowing you to go days and days without having to worry about the battery.

    The watch comes with a PPG Biological Tracking Optical sensor for collecting the Vital stats and supports multiple fitness activities including swimming. This watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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