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    Smartwatch Features to Consider While Buying It


    Keep in mind these features while selecting any Smartwatch. It will help you to choose a good Smartwatch. Happy Shopping!

    By Nishva Gandhi | 
    Updated: 9th May 2022 18:17 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smartwatch
    • 2
      Smartwatch Features You Need to Consider
      • Locate Your Smartphone, Car & Key
      • Make & Receive Calls
      • Smart Compass
      • Gesture Control
      • Accept Verbal Commands
      • Play Music
      • Access Notifications
      • Emergency Call & Fall Detection
      • On The Spot Rating & Review
      • Sync Communication With Other Smartwatches
    • 3
      Factors That You Need to Keep In Mind While Buying a Smartwatch
      • OS & Compatibility
      • Display Technology
      • Touchscreen Vs. Touchless
      • Design & Personalisation
      • App Selections
      • Fitness Features
      • Calling & Mobile Payments
      • Battery Life & Charging
      • Price
    • 4
      Bottom Line

    Highlights of the Story

    • Nowadays, various smartwatches comes with a different set of features. So, it is difficult to select the one smartwatch that fits your requirements well.
    • If you are confused which features you need to consider, you are at the right place.
    • This article will shed light on a few Smartwatch features that you need to consider while buying it.

    Purchasing a smartwatch can be overwhelming sometimes as you need to look for the one that checks all these boxes – smartwatch features, compatibility, looks, and more. In the last two-three years, smartwatches have emerged as one of the most popular accessories. Its market has expanded. All credit goes to the launch of budget smartwatches by famous brands.

    Of course, when you compare smartwatches with smartphones, their evolution pace is slow, but they have gained more prominence because of the features they offer in a sleek, compact design. With every new model launch, new innovations in areas such as the battery, design, software, and other smartwatch features are introduced. In short, today, the smartwatch does not just tell the time but also offers additional features that Smartphone offers. With it, you can keep track of your health, communicate with your loved ones, and much more. They are easy to carry around and operate.

    Different Types of Smartwatch

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    However, here one question will undoubtedly pop into your mind – which smartwatch features do you need to consider while buying it?

    Read on to get its answer.

    However, before we deep dive into features and factors, let us first understand what advantages and disadvantages a Smartwatch offers.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smartwatch

    It provides you with excellent mobility. A Smartwatch is on your wrist, so it always moves with you.It has a small screen. Therefore, reading emails does not provide you with a good user experience.
    It always remains with you. All you need to do is strap it on, and it becomes a part of you. You even do not need pockets for it.Short battery life
    It provides you with excellent connectivity.Chances to get the wearable damaged are high as you wear it on your wrist.
    You will get the control centre on your wrist. It means you have a computer on your wrist to compute something. 
    You can focus on the data. It does not matter how your email looks; what matters is what your email is about. 

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    Smartwatch Features You Need to Consider

    Here are some Smartwatch features that, ideally, your Smartwatch should be able to do.

    Locate Your Smartphone, Car & Key

    You should invest in a Smartwatch that can help you find your Smartphone, car, and key quickly. Most of the time, people cannot find their phones. In such a case, the best way to locate a phone quickly is to tap on Smartwatch and trigger a phone to ring. This same logic applies to keys around the house and in the office. Also, if a Smartwatch can help you locate where your car is parked, it would be a nice thing.

    Various Smartwatch apps will let you connect your Smartphones, keys, and other electronic devices to your Smartwatch with the help of trackers. Therefore, you can find them whenever you want. This Smartwatch feature is quite helpful for senior people who live alone.

    Make & Receive Calls

    Make and Receive Calls

    Go for a Smartwatch that lets you connect with your Smartphone. It will allow you to make and receive calls from the watch. Even these days, users can use the Smartwatch without a phone. It means some Smartwatch can receive and place calls with the help of an in-built card.

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    Smart Compass

    You should buy a Smartwatch that will help you with navigation. Your Smartwatch should be a compass that would not just help you find North, East, South, West, but it would help in finding the way to your car, a good coffee shop, or a hotel in the town you are visiting, etc. It would be nice if you get the directions without looking at the watch or GPS navigational voices when driving.

    Gesture Control

    Gesture Control

    Purchase a Smartwatch that can be the command centre for your smart home. Your Smartwatch should have in-built gesture control so you can control your Smart TV, lights, fans, and other appliances with one gesture.

    Accept Verbal Commands

    When it comes to a Smartphone or a tablet, the touch screen is an advantage. However, with a Smartwatch, which is half-size of a credit card, there is some limitation. Therefore, pick a Smartwatch that accepts verbal commands whenever you want to dictate any message, emails, statutes, and verbally make appointments which automatically get added to the calendar.

    Play Music

    You should invest in a Smartwatch that can play music for you whether you have your phone with you or not. Therefore, whenever you want, you can tap into the phone’s music library directly without a smartphone connection.

    Access Notifications

    With this Smartwatch feature, you can access the phone’s notification directly on your wrist. You will be able to receive notifications for social media, apps, and messages once linked to a Smartphone. Therefore, you will always stay up to date.

    Emergency Call & Fall Detection

    Emergency Call and Fall Detection

    Buy a Smartwatch that can do fall detection and do an emergency call for help when the wearer does not respond to a Smartwatch alarm within a short period. If you have older adults living with you who are more prone to falling might find this feature quite useful.

    On The Spot Rating & Review

    If you want to visit any nearby coffee shop or a restaurant, you certainly want to check its star ratings and reviews. When such a feature you have on your Smartwatch, it really helps you to narrow down your search for the particular place easily.

    Sync Communication With Other Smartwatches

    Last but not least on this Smartwatch feature list is synchronized communication with other Smartwatches. Imagine a scenario where you get a notification on your watch that your husband has picked up your kid from school without either of you having to call each other. Sounds amazing, right? It is an excellent way for you to stay on top of three schedules: your husband’s, yours, and your kid’s. Therefore, invest in a Smartwatch that can easily detect another Smartwatch by proximity connection.

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    Factors That You Need to Keep In Mind While Buying a Smartwatch

    OS & Compatibility

    OS and Compatibility

    Featuring the first factor on the list is OS & Compatibility. Smartwatches are designed to serve as a companion to your Smartphone. That’s why device compatibility is vital. For example, if you have an Android phone and you are planning to buy Apple Watch, it is a BIG NO. It is because the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone, not with Android phones. It runs watchOS whereas other Smartwatches like LG, Fossil, etc., runs on Google’s Wear OS. So, check OS & compatibility before investing in a Smartwatch.

    Display Technology

    Generally, most Smartwatches provide LCD or AMOLED displays. It allows you to view photos, apps, and other content in brighter and richer colours. However, if a slimmer design is your preference, you should go for watches that have OLED displays instead of LCD displays.

    Touchscreen Vs. Touchless

    It is a personal preference, and having either of them works fine. Keep in mind that some Smartwatches use physical controls, so their screen will be touchless. Of course, touchscreen Smartwatches are simple to use, but sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to use fingers on a tiny screen. However, if you do a lot of activity on your watch, touchscreens are more convenient.

    Design & Personalisation

    If you love to personalize the look for your device, choose a Smartwatch such as Apple Watch or Fossil smartwatches that let you pick the band colour, material, face colour, finish, and size.

    App Selections

    Smartwatch is a small device, but it has thousands of apps designed for it.

    App selection is a vital factor that you should never overlook while selecting the Smartwatch. Go for a Smartwatch that offers support for the apps that you use the most.

    Fitness Features

    Fitness Features

    You should buy a Smartwatch that is high on fitness and health-related features. Settle down on a watch that offers fitness features, step counting, heart rate, ECG, SpO2 monitoring, and GPS tracking. So, consider investing in Smartwatches like Fitbit Charge 5, Garmin Forerunner 245, Fitbit Inspire 2 that have such Smartwatch features.

    Calling & Mobile Payments

    NFC in Smartwatch

    You should consider NFC and built-in LTE features in your Smartwatch. If you buy a Smartwatch with an NFC chip inside, you can use your Smartwatch for payment. When you select a Smartwatch, choose the one with AT&T’s NumberSync and Verzion’s NumeberShare feature. It will let you use the same number on your phone and the watch.

    Battery Life & Charging

    Battery Life and Charging

    You should never overlook these factors while buying a Smartwatch. You should consider your primary use of the watch and how much battery it will consume, then decide the Smartwatch that suits you the best. For example, Apple Watch will provide you with a maximum of 18 hours of battery life on a single charge. Also, you do not need to plug in your device for it. It uses wireless charging. So, you can lay your watch flat on a charging puck.


    Nowadays, there are many brands manufacturing Smartwatches. Therefore, users have more options than earlier. Display plays a vital role in Smartwatch buying decisions because if you go for an LCD display, the price will come down. For an OLED display watch, you need to spend some more money, but it is definitely worth the investment.

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    Bottom Line

    In summary, your wrist deserves the best, and your Smartwatch should be the extension of your Smartphone, which is easy to access, keep you connected on the go, and make it easy for you to access apps. Therefore, do your homework regarding smartwatch features and choose the best one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Smartwatch features can enhance the overall customer experience. It can function as a tracker for a concerned parent who wants to keep an eye on a child that is out of their sight. A smartwatch can also serve as a fitness device that can track distance and time spent on a particular exercise or a hike. It can simplify your smartphone usage when tethered to it. It lets you answer calls without reaching your phone.

    In short, this smart device can do a lot of things – all packed into portable, compatible, and wearable gadgets. In addition to this, it also serves its basic function of telling the user what time it is. Therefore, you should invest your hard-earned money into a smartwatch that helps you manage your time and life events by keeping you hands-free yet connected.

    Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information that you wanted to know before buying a smartwatch. Still, if you have any confusion, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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