100+ Best Instagram Captions For Your Amazing Post


Captions are they way to open up a conversation between you and your Instagram followers. Here is a list of some of the best Instagram captions you can choose from:

By Sushmita Choubey - 
Updated: 10th Jan 2023 14:00 IST
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    1. Selfie Instagram Captions
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    2. Funny Instagram Captions
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    3. Witty Instagram Captions
  • 4
    4. Lyrical Captions for Instagram
  • 5
    5. Food Captions for Instagram
  • 6
    6. Romanctic Captions for Instagram
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    7. Sarcastic Instagram Captions
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    8. Best Friends Captions for Instagram
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There’s an old saying — a picture is worth a thousand words. But words help sell a picture. Such is the world of Instagram, but Instagram captions make it even more effective. Especially if you want to pique the interest of your followers, you absolutely cannot ignore your captions. In addition, they give your photos and videos some context. They help in understanding your posts and videos from your perspective — essentially conveying the essence of the post in just a few words.

Moreover, if you are somehow like me, meaning you take at most three minutes to choose which picture goes up but take hours and hours to decide which caption could go with it. Then, welcome to the boat, dear reader (friend, rather)! This article is just the answer to our problem. The best Instagram captions can add context to your posts, show off your brand’s personality, entertain the audience and/or compel people to take action.

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Technically, Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters in length and include up to 30 hashtags. Using Instagram captions can help you hook your audience, provide context, and build your personal brand. So, try using some of these Instagram captions and quotes to spice up your feed. We have finally put out the list with the best options.

1. Selfie Instagram Captions

Well, if there’s Instagram, then there always will be selfies. How can we forget the very important part of our millennial/Gen-Z life? Young, old, celebrities, and influencers — all Instagrammers are taking out their cell phones to take selfies of themselves.

Here are some selfie Instagram captions that you can post with your next selfie on Instagram:

Selfies IG CaptionAuthor
Self-love is the best love.Unknown
Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.Unknown
Why chase you when I’m the catch.Unknown
Did I wake up like this? ProbablyUnknown
I am why I smile every day – Self-loveUnknown
Cute as a button, but not quite as smart.Unknown
Today, I will be as useless as the ‘g’ in lasagna.Unknown
Dare to be a doughnut in a world of plain bagels.Unknown
Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.Unknown
Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.Unknown
Confidence Level: Selfie with no filter.Unknown
In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.Unknown
The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.W.B.Yeats
To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.Unknown
Less perfection, more authenticity.Unknown
I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.Unknown
Be a stiletto in a room full of flats.Unknown
Believe in your #selfie.Unknown
We age not by years, but by stories.Unknown
Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how.Unknown

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2. Funny Instagram Captions

Sometimes all you need is an Instagram caption that just makes your followers laugh out loud (for real). We are all aware of how just a little humour goes a long way. Here you have fun Instagram captions that will make your friends and followers laugh. Let’s start receiving ‘LOL’ messages!

Funny Captions for IGAuthor
I’m not lazy. I’m on energy-saving mode.Unknown
I never make the same mistake twice. I make it like five or six times, you know, just to be sure.Unknown
Handle every situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.Unknown
I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s 7 years in a row now.Unknown
How do I feel when there is no coffee? Depresso.Unknown
Confidence level: Kanye West.Unknown
The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe, eat cake!Unknown
Good thing I brought my library card because I’m totally checking you out.Unknown
My bed is a magical place I suddenly remember everything I have to do.Unknown
Dear sleep: thanks for trying, but you can’t beat surfing the net.Unknown

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3. Witty Instagram Captions

Out of all things we do to impress others… Wit is the best way to show off the amazing power of your brain. People love it when there is plenty of humour around. It never gets old —  as it makes it relatable to people, and also, it might even make their day! So we have made you the perfect list of witty Instagram captions for you to use:

Witty Instagram CaptionAuthor
What you seek is seeking you.Unknown
I’m not high maintenance, you’re just low effort.Unknown
I am not taking a selfie, I am just checking my camera quality.Unknown
Different doesn’t mean wrong.Unknown
Never on schedule but always on time.Unknown
Too glam to give a damn.Unknown
Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star.Unknown
Weekend, please don’t leave me.Unknown
Don’t be like the rest of them, darling. And also don’t be like me… that’s my job.Unknown
Single as a dollar but not looking for a change.Unknown

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4. Lyrical Captions for Instagram

Trying to find the best caption for your Instagram post or video is a task, but you find so many to choose from depending on the message you are trying to relay. But, sometimes, not words but lyrics to a song you like or just a single lyric from a random song you heard can capture the essence of what you are trying to say. Be it sassy, funny, reminiscent, lovey-dovey, confident, and so much more. Here are some of the best song lyric Instagram captions for all your fire posts.

Lyrical Inspired Captions for IGAuthor
“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”Bob Dylan
“You have every right to a beautiful life.”Selena Gomez
“Love me or hate me, I swear it won’t make or break me.”Lil Wayne
“And I love you like Kanye love Kanye.”Kanye West, “I Love Kanye”
“Shine on, diamond, don’t make me wait another day.”My My My! by Troye Sivan
“I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.”Chandelier by Sia
“If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.”Me Too by Meghan Trainor
“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.Cheers by Rihanna
“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.”Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) by Fall Out Boy
“I wear my crown, show it off, go on, girl.”Kelly Rowland, “Crown”
“I belong to nobody, try not to disturb, I mind my business.”SZA, “Go Gina”
I used to hold my freak back, now I’m letting go.”Demi Lovato, “Confident”
“Diva is a female version of a hustla.”Beyoncé, “Diva”
“They can’t leave us hangin’, no, no, not no more, best believe.”Logic, “Keanu Reeves”
“Hello, it’s me.”Adele, “Hello”

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5. Food Captions for Instagram

Got that perfect plate ready for Instagram or social media fame? Your photo is cropped, filtered and edited for your feed, but you just don’t know what to write. Well, I know I have also gone through with that phase. Here is a list of some of the best food or foodie Instagram captions:

Food and Foodies Instagram CaptionAuthor
Carbs are the answer. No matter the question.Unknown
I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.Unknown
Did you say exercise? Or extra fries?Unknown
Food before dudes.Unknown
My head says gym, but my heart says tacos.Unknown
The only clubs I’m interested in are sandwiches.Unknown
Diet tip: Don’t.Unknown
Breakfast. All. Day.Unknown
I’m just a girl standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a doughnut.Unknown
It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.Unknown
The best things in life are free*. (*Does not apply to pizza.)Unknown
First, we eat, then we can do everything else.Unknown
Lifehack #321: Keep the cake fresh by eating it in one sitting.Unknown
Abs are temporary. Chocolate is forever.Unknown
Sorry—I’m in a relationship. With food.Unknown

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6. Romanctic Captions for Instagram

It’s no surprise that sharing a couple’s pic with the internet can be stressful. There’s so much to think about! Looks, pose, and so much more. After getting that perfect shot you feel could make a great Instagram post or video, you need now is a caption.

Not a general caption — you need something that brings the picture or video perfectly in words. Be it funnily romantic or simply filled with love. Here are some of the best romantic/ couple/ love Instagram captions we could find for you:

Romantic Instagram Caption for CouplesAuthor
“Come on up here, darlin’. We could use a little sump’m around here besides the smell of lumber.”The Notebook
The four most important words in any marriage… “I’ll do the dishes.”Unknown
“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”Rita Rudner
“Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses.”Thomas Dewar
Forget the butterflies, I feel the entire zoo in my stomach when I’m with you!Unknown
He stole my heart so I’m planning revenge… I am going to take his last name.Unknown
Good thing I brought my library card because I’m totally checking you out.Unknown
Every day I fall in love with you more and more. Except for yesterday… yesterday you were pretty annoying.Unknown
“I love that you are my person, and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together.”A.R. Asher
“How sweet it is to be loved by you…”How Sweet It Is by James Taylor
“Cause all of me loves all of you.”John Legend, ‘All of Me’
“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do…”Yellow by Coldplay
She’s the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever possibly write.Unknown
Loving you is easy.Minnie Riperton
“True love stories never have endings.”Richard Bach
“Pick me, choose me, love me.”Grey’s Anatomy
You’re the cheese to my macaroni.Unknown
Together is my favourite place to be.Unknown
We’re definitely two of a kind.Unknown
It wasn’t love at first sight. It took a full five minutes.Unknown

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7. Sarcastic Instagram Captions

Sarcasm will always take over a conversation because it is fun wrapped inside attitude. There is absolutely nothing that takes away from a situation by being sarcastic. Not everyone will understand, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. After all, ironic comments and satirical remarks are often tempered by humour. Here are some very interesting sarcastic Instagram captions here:

Sarcastic Instagram CaptionsAuthor
You are not chocolate – so stop trying to please everyoneUnknown
“Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak.”Steven Wright
Unless your name is Google stop acting like you know everything.Unknown
Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often.Unknown
I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.Unknown
Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.Unknown
Think I am sarcastic? Watch me pretend to care!Unknown
Curing the world one sarcastic comment at a time.Unknown
Even the devil stops working just to admire my workUnknown
Not sarcastic. Just brutally honestUnknown

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8. Best Friends Captions for Instagram

As we always say, friends are the family you get to choose. If you choose wisely, you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of love, laughter, and a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Among those are your best friends, who are there for you no matter what. So, why not celebrate them with fun, witty, and wise best friend Instagram captions that capture your special bond with your BFF?

Best Friends Instagram CaptionsAuthor
Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.Unknown
If I send you my ugly selfies, our friendship is real.Unknown
Never let your best friends get lonely… keep disturbing them.Unknown
Friends are therapists you can drink with.Unknown
Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.Misty Copeland
“In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips.Unknown
I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than be alone in the light.Unknown
Family isn’t just blood – it includes those who love you without questionUnknown
The best friends do not let you do dumb things …. AloneUnknown
Friends are like pies – the best stuff is withinUnknown

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If you use one of the Instagram captions from this article or create your own, the final word is always with you. In this article, you will see a theme throughout – the best captions on Instagram come from an appreciation of your self-worth. Just find the one which defines your personality here – or make one caption that defines it.


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Highlights of the Story
  • Instagram limits captions to 2,200 characters or around 325 words.
  • The best Instagram captions can add context to your posts, show off your brand’s personality and entertain the audience.
  • Instagram is a medium where the main focus is on visual content.

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