With 1.44 billion active users worldwide on Instagram, it is one of the most popular social media platforms. (Data by Datareportal, 2022). To up your social media game, here is a list of some amazing quotes for Instagram that you can consider using. We are well aware of the beauty of social media. It has…2023-01-10 15:46:1950+ Catchy Quotes For Instagram Profiles That You Should Not Miss!

50+ Catchy Quotes For Instagram Profiles That You Should Not Miss!


Who does not want a great social media profile these days? But you might be struggling to write a great caption for your profile. If this is the case, then this is the right place for you.

Updated: 10th Jan 2023, 15:46 IST
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With 1.44 billion active users worldwide on Instagram, it is one of the most popular social media platforms. (Data by Datareportal, 2022). To up your social media game, here is a list of some amazing quotes for Instagram that you can consider using.

We are well aware of the beauty of social media. It has connected the world like never before. Missing someone is virtually impossible! All thanks to the prevalence of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and whatnot. People can easily connect with each other through chats, call, and, most importantly, share updates from their daily life. However, a revolution in this field was brought about when sharing pictures, life updates, stories, and events became normal.

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Why are Quotes needed for Instagram?

Can you imagine life before sharing became this normal? People used to connect only with their near and dear family, friends, and relatives over phone calls. No video calls, no chats, nothing! If you have come across the popular 2006 movie by Mira Nair- Namesake starring Tabu and Irrfan Khan, it would give a glimpse of the times which just started witnessing the information technology revolution. After the birth of their child, the couple sent a family picture from the USA to their parents sitting in Kolkata via letter. Can you imagine the time taken to reach India? This is a mere example from a world-acclaimed movie. However, if you ask your family, sharing was never this easy.

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People used to share updates via letters, telegrams, and word of mouth to get the message to reach its destination. With the invention of social media, we have the advantage of sharing things instantly. You simply need to select the picture you want to post, and there it is! Besides, the world of social media has connected people they never thought about- distant cousins, long-lost friends, strangers from different geographical locations with the same passion, taste, etc.

When social media has become paramount, it is critical that we are always on the top-notch of the game. Instagram, for example, is known to act as a photo and video repository. Quotes for Instagram can be really helpful in adding some great captions or write-up along with the picture and video uploaded.

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50 Best Quotes For Instagram That You Can Use

Here, we bring you an exciting and comprehensive list of some best quotes for Instagram. These will improve your social media and help you gain a good reputation among friends, family, etc. Besides, it will help you gain followers too!

List of Quotes

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Generic Quotes

  1. A bad day does not mean a bad life.
  2. You matter more than anything else in this world.
  3. You are not alone. Always look around. You will find someone with an extended hand.
  4. It is okay to not be perfect.
  5. Do not do something to please someone. One thing you should look to satisfy is your soul.
  6. Charge like a storm- to bring change and appreciate the calm.
  7. Do not bother about the past; it’s gone now. Look for an optimistic future.
  8. I am everything and beyond!
  9. We cannot control what is in for tomorrow. But we can certainly have a wonderful today.
  10. Positive thoughts only!
  11. Struggle today, Enjoy tomorrow.
  12. Peace comes from within. Cleanse your soul and rip out the negativities around yourself.
  13. Keep striving. It gives you hope for a beautiful future.
  14. Don’t overthink miseries. They are bound to come and go. Look to brighter times ahead.
  15. No one can attain 100% peace unless you are enlightened.
  16. Life is a proper balance of positive and negative times. You cannot stay happy for always. Never run away from bad days.
  17. You cannot keep pleasing others. You are not vanilla ice cream, after all!
  18. Friends are good, but friends with chocolates are the best.
  19. Bad times reflect the true colour of the people around them. It is necessary to have these days too.
  20. Sundays are meant for sleep alone.

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Travel-Related Quotes for Instagram

  1. Bonjour Goa
  2. Travel like there’s no tomorrow
  3. Eat, travel, sleep, repeat.
  4. My travel = my zen
  5. Travelling provides me with a sense of independence from the clutches of life.
  6. I do not travel to fill my gallery. I travel to fulfil my soul.
  7. Travel is my therapy for a sound and happy mind.
  8. Money may come and go. Gather experiences you can use for a lifetime.
  9. Do not cage yourself. Set free and travel freely.
  10. When you travel, you never fall short of stories!

Love-related quotes

Here are some love-related quotes for Instagram that you can use to stand cool.

  1. You may not find a perfect partner always. What you will find is a perfect experience to cherish or not repeat again.
  2. You don’t have to be the same to qualify as partners. Haven’t you heard that “opposites attract”?
  3. Love is not life. It is just a part of life.
  4. It is as rare to find a true partner as a 25-paisa coin.
  5. Forgive but never forget those you trusted more than your life.
  6. Can you be my permanent option in this world of temporary choice?
  7. You are a perfect example of my manifestation getting real. Lucky to have you now and forever.
  8. It is not the negative comment that hurts. It is the people they came from that hurt.
  9. Live once, Love once.
  10. You are my silver lighting in the darkest clouds of the sky.

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Positive quotes for Instagram

  1. Positivity is the key to a happier mind and a kinder soul.
  2. You cannot expect everyone to be positive. It is necessary to weed out the negativities that come your way.
  3. A growing mindset ensures a flourishing tomorrow.
  4. Don’t regret what’s been done. Prepare the ground for a hopeful tomorrow.
  5. No one can guarantee someone else’s happiness. At least guarantee yours!
  6. You can change the aura surrounding you with positivity. Have it always.
  7. Inspire yourself to be more positive than the last day.
  8. Your body is your forever workplace. A healthy body is always rewarded with a positive mindset.
  9. You cannot just leave it. Try it before giving up.
  10. Cocktail of happiness is a happy soul, positive thoughts, a healthy body, and a smiling you.

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These quotes for Instagram will surely help you build a nice profile. Some of the quotes mentioned here are generic that will help you write a nice caption anytime. If you have a private profile, adding quotes can do. However, if you have a public profile, you can also add relevant hashtags too to get a better reach. We hope our involvement in your social journey might have been helpful.

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Highlights of the Story

  • It’s not an era of letters. It is the time of sharing via social media.
  • You must build a great social media profile to look good among your companions.
  • For this, our repository of some amazing quotes will help you a lot.

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