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How To Get Blue Tick Verification On Instagram?


Most people think that Instagram verification has been thought of as some sort of mar cation for the top tier of profiles. However, Instagram has made it pretty clear that everyone can apply for it, regardless of their follower count.

- Updated: 16th Nov 2022, 13:19 IST
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    Why one needs the verification badge?
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    Instagram verification requirements
    • Hire Digital Agencies or Publicists
    • Some other tips for you to know
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Have you been trying to get yourself verified on Instagram, but you cannot do so in today’s digital market? Generally, blue tick verification is a way for people to know that the accounts they are following or searching for are notable people with credible content to show under their name. In addition, it’s a way for people to know which accounts have a bit of an edge over the other Instagram accounts. In this article, we will be giving you tips and tricks on how to get blue tick verification on Instagram.

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Why one needs the verification badge?

There are 1.386 billion active users of Instagram. Blue Tick verification states the authenticity of an account and lets you amplify your reach to the next level. Instead of blending in with the other users of Instagram, you’ll’ stand out in your industry. Your ton of followers is proof of you having a broad reach on social media, but Instagram verification concretes the fact that you’re’ worth following. After all, people tend to follow who and what other people are following. If your profile has originality, legitimate content, and strong brand value, new followers will surely be swarming to your page.

Your followers will trust you more seeing you with that blue tick verification badge, which will also open a way for you to enter into an advertising model in which a company pays you to advertise their products and services and generate sales.

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Instagram verification requirements

According to Instagram, some prominent public figures, celebrities, and brands mostly get blue tick verification badges. However, there is no option to request or purchase a verified badge as of now.

We have compiled a few ways for you to help with the blue tick verification process-

  1. You should be famous for your work and the content that you are posting should show your zeal for it. Your account should have substantial followers and follow all the Instagram rules before applying for blue tick verification.
  2. Pay someone on Instagram directly to help out with the blue tick verification process.

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Hire Digital Agencies or Publicists

Many Instagram users and brands take professional help from digital agencies or publicists that help them get a blue tick verification on Instagram. This process is known as ‘Media Partner Support’ wherein you insert links in your content pointing to other sites. The aim of this is to stream visits between sites and increase your content’s reach.

Another option for getting blue tick verification on Instagram is to become the Aitarget client. Aitarget is an Instagram Marketing Partner. They offer technology and expertise that lets their clients solve any hiccups related to marketing tasks for Instagram. Their services can be helpful in the process of getting that verification badge.

Instagram also has digital managers who work with influencers. They have a specific form that they apply for the Instagram verification.

Instagram has some official partners that can help you get blue tick verification. One needs to be careful of scammers on Instagram who claim they can sell you the verification.

Some other tips for you to know

We have compiled three basic requirements your account needs to comply with to get verified. You need to be:

  • Authenticity Score: Your account should be under the name of a real person, legit business, or entity. Parody accounts or meme-makers have less chance of getting their blue tick verification.
  • Distinct user: According to Instagram, your account needs to be unique which means that you can’t have more than one verified account of yourself or your brand. Exceptions are there for language- and/or geo-specific accounts like Xbox U.S vs Xbox India.
  • Notability: You or your brand must be mentioned in various credible news sources and media outlets, have regular traffic under your name or your brand name on search engines, and be a well-known entity in the eyes of the general public to get approved for blue tick verification.

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There is no doubt of the fact that getting blue tick verification on Instagram gives you a new level of recognition on the social media platform and opens up a whole new world for you. I hope that your quest for getting blue tick verification on Instagram finally comes to an end through our insight on the whole process.

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