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How To Get Blue Tick Verification On Instagram Using 5 Easy Steps!


Most people think that blue tick verification on Instagram is some sort of mar cation for the top tier of profiles. However, Instagram has made it pretty clear that everyone can apply for it, regardless of their follower count.

- Updated: 21st Dec 2023, 19:45 IST
  • 1
    Needs For Instagram Verification Badge
  • 2
    Type Of Verification
    • 1. Verified Badges
    • 2. Meta Verified
  • 3
    Requirements and Eligibility Criteria
    • For Verified Badges (not paid ones)
    • For Meta Verified (paid ones)
  • 4
    How To Get Blue Tick Verification On Instagram In 2024
    • For Verified Badges
    • For Meta Verified Badges
    • Hire Digital Agencies or Publicists
  • 5
    Does Blue Tick Verification On Instagram Guarantees Increase In Follower Count?
  • 6
    Summarising Blue Tick Verification On Instagram

With the newly announced paid verification method on Instagram in 2023, things have taken a U-turn. You don’t have to wait for years or achieve a certain credibility to get a blue tick verification on Instagram. Generally, blue tick verification is a way for people to know that the accounts they are following or searching for are notable people with credible content to show under their name.

In addition, it’s a way for people to know which accounts have a bit of an edge over the other Instagram accounts and makes your account more visible to a general audience. In this article, we will tell you the process in detail to get blue tick verification on Instagram.

How to get blue tick verification on Instagram in December 2023

  1. Open your Instagram profile, tap hamburger icon in the top right.
  2. Open Settings and then click on the Account.
  3. Select Request Verification.
  4. Fill all the details in the application form.
  5. Click Send.

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Needs For Instagram Verification Badge

instagram blue tick verification

There has been over two billion active Instagram users in 2023. Here’s why one might need a verification badge:

  • Authenticates people, celebrities, and brands
  • To establish their huge social media status
  • Amplifies Instagram’s reach to the next level
  • Standing out when compared to other Instagram users
  • Gives a holistic idea about the legitimacy and originality of content posted on Instagram account
  • Increases trust in the account and differentiates it with respect to fake account
  • Provides credibility in the form of paid sponsorship and advertisements from other brands.

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Type Of Verification

There are two different types of verification that people or businesses can apply for:

1. Verified Badges

These are specific accounts on Instagram that emphasises presence of renowned brands, people, or organisation as demarcated from the regular ones once the verification request is submitted.

2. Meta Verified

It is a paid verification process by Meta that allows brands/businesses or people to get a blue tick on their account once they meet specific eligibility criteria (details in subsequent sections). Here’s the price breakup to get a blue tick based on the system you use:

  • For Android and iOS mobile devices: USD 14.99 per month
  • For Web: USD 11.99 per month

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

According to Instagram, some prominent public figures, celebrities, and brands mostly get blue tick verification badges.

For Verified Badges (not paid ones)

  • Account must be public/open to all.
  • The profile must be complete with information like a profile picture, bio
  • A person or business applying for verified badges must be renowned and popular.
  • Instagram account must be active and in working condition.
  • It must be unique and must represent a specific person or business. Generic accounts with wide purposes are generally not verified (for example, names like diamondringcollection)
  • Must represent an authentic person, brand, or organisation

For Meta Verified (paid ones)

  • It must be a public account
  • Must have minimum posting requirement and ongoing activity
  • Must be 18 years of age to apply for verification
  • Clear profile picture
  • Must meet Meta-naming standards as laid down in the guideline
  • Government ID that matched Meta-verified ID requirements
  • Two-factor authentication must be enabled
  • Must follow community guidelines and standards

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How To Get Blue Tick Verification On Instagram In 2024

For Verified Badges

  • Log in to the account for which you need to apply for verification.
  • On the bottom right section of the profile, tap on the profile picture
how to get blue tick on instagram
  • Tap the triple dash button on the top right section of the profile. Select Setting and Privacy
  • In the section ‘For Professionals’, select Business Tools and controls
Get Verified on Insta-Blue Tick 1
  • Select Request Verification
Get Verified on Instagram Blue Tick

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For Meta Verified Badges

Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Open your Instagram account and tap the triple dash symbol in the bottom left.
  2. Select Meta Verified
  3. Tap on the profile you want to verify and select Single Profile Subscription.
  4. Enter all the relevant payment details on ‘Pay to get benefit’
  5. Select Subscribe
meta verified paid blue tick instagram

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Hire Digital Agencies or Publicists

Many Instagram users and brands take professional help from digital agencies or publicists that help them get a blue tick verification on Instagram. This process is known as ‘Media Partner Support’ wherein you insert links in your content pointing to other sites. The aim of this is to stream visits between sites and increase your content’s reach.

Another option for getting blue tick verification on Instagram is to become the Aitarget client. Aitarget is an Instagram Marketing Partner. They offer technology and expertise that lets their clients solve any hiccups related to marketing tasks for Instagram. Their services can be helpful in the process of getting that verification badge.

Instagram also has digital managers who work with influencers. They have a specific form that they apply for the Instagram verification.

Instagram has some official partners that can help you get blue tick verification. One needs to be careful of scammers on Instagram who claim they can sell you the verification.

Does Blue Tick Verification On Instagram Guarantees Increase In Follower Count?

While getting a blue tick may sound enticing, you must understand that nowadays, verification does not involve accounting for multiple parameters like organic reach, follower count, and type of content. Anyone who is ready to pay a verification fee may get a blue tick on Instagram, irrespective of their content quality or follower reach. This directly suggests that relying on a blue tick may not yield a huge jump in follower count.

Obviously, the blue tick yields visibility to your account when compared to the other regular Instagram accounts. It may even increase your audience reach. However, you may not observe an increase in follower count until and unless your content is unique. After all, CONTENT IS THE KING!

So, if you want to go ahead with the blue tick to make a social network status symbol or try and test the regular content you post, the paid method of blue tick verification by Meta may be your go-to thing on Instagram.

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Summarising Blue Tick Verification On Instagram

There is no doubt of the fact that getting blue tick verification on Instagram gives you a new level of recognition on the social media platform and opens up a whole new world for you. I hope that your quest for getting blue tick verification on Instagram finally comes to an end through our insight on the whole process.

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