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120+ Ultimate Instagram Hashtags That You Can Use! April 2024


Hashtags are pivotal in expanding your Instagram reach and connecting with a broader audience. In this article, we have created 120+ best Instagram hashtags you can copy directly.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:30 IST
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    Ultimate Instagram Hashtags For 2023
  • 2
    Unique Instagram Hashtags That You Can Use
    • Instagram Hashtags For Fashion
    • Instagram Hashtags For Travel
    • Instagram Hashtags For Photography
    • Instagram Hashtags For Food
    • Instagram Hashtags For Study
    • Instagram Hashtags For Friendship
    • Instagram Hashtags For Office
    • Instagram Hashtags For Makeup
    • Instagram Hashtags For Likes and Follows
  • 3
    What are Instagram Hashtags?
  • 4
    Why are Instagram Hashtags Important?
  • 5
    How To Choose Relevant Hashtags For Instagram?
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In today’s digital age, Instagram hashtags have become a go-to strategy for businesses and influencers alike to expand their reach and connect with their target audience. Hashtags can be a powerful tool for optimising and targeting your social media searches and queries.

In this article, we’ll provide 120+ best Instagram hashtags to make your social media experience exciting.

Ultimate Instagram Hashtags For 2023

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #fashion
  4. #photooftheday
  5. #beautiful
  6. #art
  7. #photography
  8. #happy
  9. #picoftheday
  10. #cute

Using these hashtags in your Instagram posts can significantly increase your chances of visibility and engagement. Additionally, you will find all the latest and best Instagram hashtags in this blog, including fashion, food, photography, and more. Keep reading!

Unique Instagram Hashtags That You Can Use

Instagram Hashtags For Fashion

fashion instagram
  1. #fashionbabe
  2. #fashiontrend
  3. #ootd
  4. #fashiontoday
  5. #gotrendy
  6. #fashionmodel
  7. #ethnictoday
  8. #fashionista
  9. #goethnic
  10. #gochic
  11. #fashionstylist
  12. #summerfashion
  13. #springfashion
  14. #fallfashion
  15. #winterfashion

Instagram Hashtags For Travel

  1. #traveldiaries
  2. #travelwithme
  3. #natureandme
  4. #traveljourney
  5. #travelsojourn
  6. #zindaginaamilegidobara
  7. #girlswhotravel
  8. #traveligers
  9. #guyswhotravel
  10. #moments
  11. #mountains
  12. #beachbaby
  13. #beachdaytoday
  14. #weekendtravel
  15. #vacationing

Instagram Hashtags For Photography

  1. #sunrisephotography
  2. #photooftheday
  3. #landscapephotography
  4. #bnwphoto
  5. #photographer
  6. #sunset
  7. #naturephotography
  8. #photographers_of_india
  9. #photoshoot

Instagram Hashtags For Food

  1. #food
  2. #foodie
  3. #foodporn
  4. #foodblogger
  5. #foodphotography
  6. #foodstagram
  7. #streetfoods
  8. #foodies
  9. #healthyfood
  10. #instafood
  11. #foodgasm
  12. #cuisinesofindia
  13. #foodpics
  14. #foodography
  15. #foodart
  16. #khanakhazana
  17. #cuisinesofworld

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Instagram Hashtags For Study

  1. #diariesof(mention_your_college)
  2. #studentlife
  3. #examtime
  4. #readers
  5. #studyvogue
  6. #writerslife
  7. #studyvlog
  8. #studytips
  9. #studynotes
  10. #examssuck
  11. #studyenglish
  12. #studygrammer
  13. #upscaspirant
  14. #studyhard
  15. #studymotivation
  16. #studygram
  17. #collegelife
  18. #imissmycollege
  19. #collegememes

Instagram Hashtags For Friendship

  1. #friendship
  2. #frienshipquotes
  3. #friendsforever
  4. #dosti
  5. #dost
  6. #friendzone
  7. #childhoodmemories
  8. #friendstrust
  9. #tagafriend
  10. #friendshipgoals
  11. #dostisong
  12. #friendships
  13. #friendforlife

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Instagram Hashtags For Office

  1. #office
  2. #officememes
  3. #officewear
  4. #ootdoffice
  5. #peepsatoffice
  6. #officeparty
  7. #work
  8. #workfromoffice
  9. #officelife
  10. #corporate
  11. #officegoals
  12. #officedecor

Instagram Hashtags For Makeup

  1. #motd
  2. #makeupartist
  3. #makeup
  4. #lipshades
  5. #contouring
  6. #makeuplover
  7. #dolledup
  8. #makeupart
  9. #makeuptutorial
  10. #makeuplook
  11. #nomakeuplook
  12. #makeupreel

Instagram Hashtags For Likes and Follows

  1. #likes
  2. #likesforlikes
  3. #followme
  4. #followersinstagram
  5. #likesforlike
  6. #like
  7. #followforfollowback
  8. #follow
  9. #like4like
  10. #likeme
  11. #likeit

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What are Instagram Hashtags?

Whatever succeeds the symbol # is called Instagram hashtag or hashtag in general. Basically, it can be words, numbers, emojis, or a combination of all of them. This makes your content more reachable and discoverable.

Whenever someone searches for a keyword, they may discover your content in the form of an Instagram post(photo/video/reels) that is tagged to the particular hashtag.

You must first try to understand if you are a general user or a business/influencer trying to attract more people to your profile.

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If you fall into the former category, then all you need to do is to add hashtags to add meaning and relevancy to your post. Let’s say you are posting a picture of a dinner party with friends. Your hashtag can read something as #DinnerDateWithFriends / #dinnerdate.

Supposedly, you are a business or an influencer trying to tap relevant customers. Your hashtags should be based on the commonalities between you and your customer.

For example, if you are trying to market a beauty product, instead of simply going with the product’s name, try using a generic term that the audience can find. We shall discuss these tips and tricks in our special section below.

Why are Instagram Hashtags Important?

Considering the growing use of social media in daily life and its popularity, Instagram hashtags are really important. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Helps you reach the targetted audience on the social media platform
  • Makes your content relevant
  • Indexes your Instagram post based on the hashtags to make it discoverable
  • Gives a trendy look to your social media profile
  • Assists you in generating specific hashtags for your brand that can help you reach tagged people
  • Provides you with a global outlook on what other creators are creating for similar hashtags

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How To Choose Relevant Hashtags For Instagram?

At times you will find that people have intensively used Instagram hashtags and that does not look good with the post. To avoid it, you must follow simple tips and tricks to make your hashtags game more relevant on Instagram. This can help you to be on the point

  1. Check the usage frequency and look into how many times the given hashtags have been used before. To do this, go into the search option present at the bottom of your profile and type the hashtag you want to use. The higher the usage, the more may be the chances of getting discovered too.
  2. Create newer hashtags for your use that are specially curated for your post and make them unique. Alternatively, when you search for them, only the posts tagged to your new hashtag will pop up.
  3. Do not overdo hashtags by using hundreds of them. That does not look cool at all! Even though Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags, try to use five to seven best ones.
  4. Keep a tab on similar content by constantly checking creators’ posts and receiving good audience responses. You can use similar hashtags for your profile, too, if it suits your genre and brand.
  5. Segregate your hashtags into static and non-static ones. The latter changes as per the post, while the former remains the same. For example, if you have created a special hashtag to index posts from your profile, then you can use that as a static one.
  6. Look into the relevancy of the hashtags. Sometimes people tend to use anything and everything as hashtags. However, ensure that you use only those hashtags that are relevant to the content of your post.

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Through the use of these simple tips and techniques, your Instagram profile may reach a global audience. There are multiple hashtags generators, too, that can give relevant keywords to be used as hashtags. These include Instagram Hashtag Generator, Keyword Tools, that can help you get the hashtags in a jiffy.

However, as an avid social media user, you must try to use those hashtags that have worked best for you. Additionally, choose the ones that are relevant to you. This will serve your social media game in the long run.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram hashtags are a social media trend that people use to make their posts relevant and look cool simultaneously.
  • If you have been looking for some great hashtags and tips, here are the latest trending hashtags for Instagram right away.