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4 Best 30000mAh Power Banks in India May 2024


Want to buy a new big-capacity power bank? Check out our list of the top 30000mAh power banks available in India right now.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:19 IST
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    Best 30,000mAh Power Banks You Can Buy Right Now
    • 1. URBN 27000 mAh 65W Ultra Fast Charging Power Bank
    • 2. Syska P-3002 30000mAh Power Bank
    • 3. Mi 30000 mAh Power Bank 
    • 4. Callmate 30000 mAh Power Bank With 23W Quick Phone Charge 3.0
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    Final Words

Power banks are no longer limited to charging your tablet or smartphone only. For those who travel frequently, they are now an essential commodity as they also provide emergency power backup to all types of electronic devices. The ability to charge our electronic items, when needed is really useful. Your smartphone, cameras, laptops, headphones, tablets, and other devices that require constant charging can be easily charged via a power bank.

Hence the best 30,000mAh power banks are helpful for travellers and office-goers as they provide emergency backup. You also don’t need to search for a power socket or outlet all the time to charge your smartphones or other accessories. Hence, in this post, we take a look at some of the best 30000mAh power banks you can buy right now. So, I think we should begin.

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Best 30,000mAh Power Banks You Can Buy Right Now

Every brand has a distinct weight distribution and design. Most buyers would prefer power banks with lighter weight. You also unquestionably need support for fast charging in order to recharge a 30000 mAh power bank. Additionally, it must have a two-way fast charging capability for quick device charging. Multiple charging ports are also necessary for any power bank with such a big capacity. Hence, each power bank on our list is secure and risk-free to use as they come with multiple layers of protection. So let’s begin with our list.

1. URBN 27000 mAh 65W Ultra Fast Charging Power Bank

Urbn 30000mAh power bank

Although the URBN 27,000mAh power bank falls short of the 30000mAh battery capacity, it certainly provides the required battery backup you can expect. This power bank from URBN has two USB A ports and one type C port, which outputs a peak of 65W power. A normal smartphone with an average battery pack of 4500mAh can also be charged up to five times with this power bank. It also has a compact design and weighs under 500 grams. It also has PD charging support, which means you can charge compatible laptops. With a 65W PD charger, the power bank also charges under five hours, which is an added bonus. With all of these features, it’s still priced under Rs. 5,000 in India and can be easily purchased on all leading online portals.

Supports 65W PD chargingThe two type A ports have a slow charging output
Multiple charging ports
Lightweight design

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2. Syska P-3002 30000mAh Power Bank

Syska 30000mAh power bank

Next, we have the Syska P-3002 Power bank, which has a 30000mAh battery capacity and six different charging ports. The box package of this device comes with one type C cable and a user warranty card. It also can output a maximum power of 22.5W, which is helpful for charging your smartphones or tablets. The power bank is also lightweight and can easily carry inside a pouch or a big pocket. The robust design and strong build make it a great travel companion without worrying about frequent falls or drops. You can buy it for Rs. 4,000 from popular shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

22.5W charging outputOnly comes in two different colour options
Robust design
Quick charge 3.0 support

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3. Mi 30000 mAh Power Bank 

Mi 30000mAh power bank

Next, we present you the Mi 30000mAh power bank which has an anti-skid finish and triple charging output ports. It offers quick charging with a maximum 24W (9V-2.6A) USB Type-C input and 18W output as well. You also get a low-powered mode that enables charging of the Mi Band devices or other accessories, which require low-power current. The lithium-polymer battery in this power bank is equipped with special resistance-capacitance sensors to ensure effective and secure functioning. You can charge up to three gadgets at once thanks to its three output connectors. Thanks to its dual-input recharging capabilities, you can simply charge this power bank using the micro-USB or USB Type-C connection. The Mi power bank is available for Rs. 3,300 in India.

Anti-skid finishWeighs more than 600 grams
Triple charging output ports
16-layer circuit protection

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4. Callmate 30000 mAh Power Bank With 23W Quick Phone Charge 3.0

Callmate power bank

Lastly, we have the Callmate 30000mAh power bank, which can deliver 20W output and also has dual USB A ports. The power bank also has a unique LED-numbered battery indicator, which shows the device’s exact battery level. This portable charger uses an Import Intelligent Controlling IC to guard against short circuits, overvoltages, overcurrents, and overcharging of power banks. It also supports Power Delivery (PD) at 23W, with compatible charging devices as quickly as feasible. You can also take this 30000mAh power bank to comply with the international aviation standard flying restrictions. Its little size makes it simple to pack and light to carry. It’s also the cheapest power bank on our list with a price of less than Rs. 3,000 in India.

Unique battery indicatorOnly has a peak charging output of 23W
Can be taken inside flights
Universal compatibility

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Final Words

The best 30000mAh power banks come with big battery capacities, multiple charging ports, and also support PD charging. Hence all the power banks mentioned in the list are great travel companions and can be used to charge all of your electronic gadgets multiple times. All the power banks also mentioned in the list come with all the safety measures and can withstand minor bumps or falls.

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Other power banks are also available in India with bigger more enormous capacities, heftier weight, and slower charge. So the 30,000mAh power bank category is the sweet spot if you want a power bank with multiple charging ports, without spending much.

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  • We often need a big capacity power bank for our long travel days.
  • For that purpose, a 30000mAh power bank is easily the best solution as it can charge your electronic devices multiple times.
  • Hence, we now take a look at some of the best 30000mAh power banks in India.